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What Does a Solution Architect Do



In the modern-day business environment where competition is cutthroat with no quarter given or taken it becomes imperative that your organization in general and individual profit centers, in particular, operate at optimum efficiency. If it does not, whatever technologies that you would incorporate would not have a bearing on the final objective, which is to maximize return on investment (ROI).

solution architect

Timely advice

Interestingly it has been disclosed in findings recently published in a book co-authored by Thomas Pisello and Paul A. Strassmann, titled “Maximizing the ROI from IT Investments” that all is not well within the business community. This observation by Thomas and Paul is authenticated would enlighten the fact that businesses are losing more than they are gaining due to their inherent issues.

Another very disturbing fact that is contended by them is that only 15% of all businesses meet their final objectives, especially inefficient product delivery. Though they may have the best-streamlined information technology systems along with other traditional marketing and other auxiliary support in place, they do not deliver their product efficiently. This is food for thought for all businesses, and they would need to take a careful look deep into their operations and to find out where the issues are.

The book further enlightens the business community that only 60% of all software development initiated to increase productivity and hence profitability succeeds, while the rest is money down the drain. They state further that though expensive information technology systems may be installed the probability of them performing to optimum efficiency is just 50%, with delivery schedules not being met, often exceeding budget limits and other operational endeavors being hampered causing the problems. It is imperative that companies deliver on time and most customers look at tardiness as inefficiency, which is true.

This brings out a very pertinent question that has been lingering in the public domain, especially within the business community to rectify this issue and if so, as to how they could manage it. They would have to pull a rabbit out of the hat if not which they could be looking at a very gloomy end of year financial closing. The rabbit that they could pull out of the hat would be a solution architect who would be in effect a troubleshooter.

A troubleshooter

Then the question arises, which would be in everybody’s lips as to, what does a solution architect do, which could be explained in a nutshell, as one who every business would need if they are to ensure that planned strategies are effectively implemented and executed to meet the final objectives and maximize return on investment from the information technology investments. A solution architect is a troubleshooter in its colloquial sense, who would need to ensure all loopholes are plugged and that too very efficiently. It would be the trouble shooter’s responsibility to sift through the complete system of the business, from the information technology delivery to marketing and the final execution to meet optimum productivity levels.

To achieve such efficient levels, the need is to formulate a solution architecture document that would spell out everything that the business needs to do from inception to final delivery. If this document is followed to the letter, there would not be any doubt that the business would create the right environment to reap in optimum return on investment. The information technology aspect is only a single cog in the wheel of business, and there is more to it if positive results are to be achieved. Effective marketing strategies, sales, distribution, and even after-sales service, are important factors, which would drive a business forward and on the road to efficient productivity.

To encompass all this and ensure that the right mix is brought forth with efficient software systems in place the troubleshooter or popularly called a solution architect should be commissioned to oversee all aspects of the business. This would bring out most of the anomalies that would exist in the business, and when they come to light, they could be efficiently identified and addressed by the solution architect.

Competition in the modern business environment has increased manifold and with technology also peaking with time the need to ensure optimum efficiency is gradually surfacing. There is no room for anything especially intricate business decisions to be left to chance. They need to be addressed and if issues are found they should be rectified. Boasting of the best information technology systems would not suffice, they need to deliver on their promises and that too, efficiently. You could be employing the most modern and state of the art software solutions but if the end does not justify the means the whole purpose of the system would be lost.

In every business, they should quantify their operations and know exactly as to what does a solution architect does? Only then could they employ such expertise to ensure their strategies are implemented and executed efficiently. The solution architect would work closely within the organization ensuring that every nitty-gritty aspect of the business is addressed and answers found. There would be many such issues, and it would be the responsibility of the solution architect to ensure they do not come to the fore and disrupt the flow of the business.


Organizations big or small need to take a good hard look at their information technology systems in place along with the other supported auxiliary aspects and ensure that they all deliver efficiently. Once implemented these collective systems would need to perform at optimum efficiency.

The solution architect would be the key element in the organization acting like a troubleshooter who would dig up every positive and negative aspect assimilate them and ensure the right solutions are found to rectify them. There is no room for complacency and tardiness as the business community needs to stay alongside the times and only when they do so could they increase efficiency, productivity, and above all profitability.

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NYC – The City Where the Fun Never Stops



New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. There’s no denying that the city is truly one that never sleeps with almost every event around the corner.

And with over 8 million people living in New York, how much busier can it get? Aside from being popularly known as the Big Apple, its dense population makes it one of the most significant metropolitan areas in the world. So, when it comes to leisure and enjoyment, one can always look in every corner of the city.

A renowned spot in New York is Central Park, one of the famous shoot locations for several movies and TV series. You can never go wrong with this town, as it provides both audio and visual entertainment.

And speaking of audio and visual entertainment needs, companies that have AV rentals in NYC are scattered everywhere. This is because New Yorkers are known for their love of good fun and parties. Can we even call it a party if there’s no good music and dancing?

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New York’s Need for Party Supplies

Be it for weddings, anniversaries, parties, or other celebrations, you name it, and suppliers can provide it for you. These suppliers or service providers have all the necessary equipment that can cater to one’s needs.

Some of these devices are, but not limited to, hand-held or wireless microphones, speakers, and even laptops or iPads. Not only can they provide the necessary tools, but some entertainment companies also offer different products and services.

Getting the Right Av Rental Services

The services offered by some event production companies vary depending on their specialty or chosen projects. Audio and video packages are usually available upon customers’ request depending on the type of event.

One great example is a musical accompaniment for wedding receptions, so married couples can dance the night away. There are also DJ equipment and services for parties, as this ensures that everyone will have a good time raving to awesome music.

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People in business can also request for a Polycom conference phone for business meetings. This setup is especially helpful for attendees who are abroad as it enables them to join urgent conferences and conventions without spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets and accommodation.

Moving With the Times

Those days where all meetings are usually face to face are over. For VIPs or other prominent personalities who often give lectures or presentations, LED projectors and speakers are available at their convenience.

Giving a speech can be unnerving, and it certainly doesn’t help if audio or visual presentations are not delivered properly. Another thing that’s great about services that offer AV rentals in NYC is their hands-on maintenance personnel to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If a device isn’t working right or something needs changing, these people will be there in a snap to straighten things up. That’s convenience and efficiency right there.

Whether you’re someone who enjoys parties or you’re looking to find services tailored-fit to your needs, these events production and audio-visual rental companies can inevitably tend to everything that tickles your fancy. From the latest music to state of the art equipment, they have it all and more.

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Guide To Promote Oneself As An Interior Designer



Every year, thousands of students take admission in many reputed institutes for the course of interior designing. The breeding interior designers get to learn about the fundamentals and various aspects of interior designing in such fields. Each of them has a different taste of designing and planning the decor of a room. The laymen, mostly hire those companies or interior designers who are extremely popular and are known by all. To become popular in this field, one has to promote his or her ideas extensively.

Given below are some of the ways by which one can promote himself or herself  as an interior designer:

1. Make an attractive portfolio

The portfolio should consist of all the ideas, style and taste, which   you use in your projects. The portfolio should not be monotonous and should reflect variety. It should consist of all the project, be it of a small-scale or large scale that has yourself instead. If possible, college projects can also be added. It is always advised to prepare the portfolio all by yourself instead of hitting someone else for the task. , will make the portfolio more genuine and attractive. This isn’t enough. You also have to make it visible to the entire world so that people would come to know about your talents and works. Try registering it in different portals, online and offline sites. This is the first step to market oneself as an expert interior designer.

2. Advertising in social media

Those days are gone when advertising or interacting with the clients was done through emails and phone calls. The world has digitalised a lot and the most effective platforms of marketing anything are the social media networks. Try to make a page on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Try to add all the detailing of your work in those pages starting from some of the sample works to different ideas which have been used in the projects, etc. An interior designer can make it more interactive by sticking to a particular theme or collection for a certain number of posts. The theme based posts act as a brownie point. It will help to attract a lot of clients and suggestions which would help you improve your projects.

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3. Pitch and network

Networking is critical for an interior designer to market his ideas in the industry. Try to connect with as many people as possible who are engaged in the same field. This will help to you get different kind of ideas which you can apply in your work. Try to attend most of the design conferences, product launches, exhibitions, workshops, etc. which take place in the city. This will also help you to know about the trend which is followed nowadays or which is being liked by people more. Networking also helps to bring more amount of clients.

You can also organise several types of events which can showcase your ideas and where several students and designers can participate. Always remember that other’s work will still help you to learn something new. Experts say that pitching is very important in the field of interior designing. In this, you need to put forward your ideas or sample models and call several clients who might be interested.

4. Get featured in sites

Try to get yourself featured in some of the popular journals and magazines. It not as difficult as you might think of it. There are many sites, journals and influencers who look for such people who would want to market any their product through them. Try to make use of their advertising skills and promote your ideas and skills. It also helps to increase your popularity in the digital world which is very important in this tech-savvy world. Whatever happens, make your promotions exciting and interactive; it should never be monotonous.  Get yourself engaged in all the competitions and functions to increase your popularity. People might turn up all by themselves to promote you.

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5. Collaborate with companies

Another way of marketing or developing ideas is collaboration. You can get to work with other people who would also help you to know new things and get new ideas. You can also become a member of a particular project. You can also collaborate with several designer portals which are quite popular in the industry today. Try to be active on these sites of the time.

These were some of the ways which one can promote his skills and ideas to garner more number of clients. But one thing which you should keep in mind is that you should still be good at your work. All these ways will fail if you are not up to the mark. The initial thing which you should do is that try to be a good designer first and simultaneously work on these strategies.

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Top 5 Watch Shopping Sites You Can Use to Buy Best Watches



Although it is quite natural not to be spoiled for choice among so many watch companies offering new models, price tags, sizes, materials, techniques, and features in a wide range of watches, the buying watches can be a bit confusing for first-time buyers.

We provide a guide to buying watches for beginners in shopping and presents a practical overview of the five main features of a good watch so that buyers know what they should look for in a timepiece quality.

Some new developments in the watch industry

Doing research on the current watch industry and discovering available brands and corresponding price tags for the models you prefer is a smart way to start your watch buying plan.

Top 5 watch shopping sites

Changing trends, new materials, the latest watch styles, and celebrity choices for luxury designer watches are all decisive factors for most buyers who want to make an informed choice on their quality watch purchases.

You can also read Zenith Watches Review if you are a zenith watch fan.

Characteristics of a good watch

Personal shopping experts recommend that first-time buyers of branded watches seek out the best combination in terms of determining the quality of the watch, namely budget, aesthetics, materials, shape, and lifestyle.

Although it is quite natural not to be spoiled for choice among so many watch companies offering new models, price tags, sizes, materials, techniques, and features in a wide range of watches, watches, and purchase can be a bit confusing for first-time buyers.

Custom shopping experts recommend that first-time brand-name buyers look for the best combination to determine the quality of the watch – its budget, aesthetics, materials, shape, and lifestyle.

Here we discuss Top 5 watch shopping sites.


How could we discuss online watch purchases without mentioning We can not only find just about anything on Amazon, but also a great selection of incredible watches, including many brands and prices. Not only is the selection of watches almost endless, but Amazon greatly facilitates the search for watches. You just need to go to the

Jomashop is an excellent online retailer website. You can find, on this site, many fabulous fashion items such as jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses and of course watches. With a distribution center based in New York, you can count on easy international shipping. The selection of watches on Jomashop is quite impressive, as are the discounts they offer on their watches. They have a wide range of watches.


Do not pretend we do not know and love! Go directly to the Watches category, select the brands and styles you like and get ready to see countless options on your screen. is really a nice place to discover when you want to buy a watch. They present more than 60 brands of watches that you can shop by color, brand, style, etc., which allows you to reduce your options and meet your specific requirements easily. They offer a great variety of styles, from classic to super funky.

Bob watches

Created in the mid-’90s, Bob’s Watches decided to do something different: create a website where customers can not only buy but also sell and trade used Rolex watches. For over three years, Bob’s Watches has been one of the largest watch resale sites in the United States.

There are various advantages to buying watches online from different sites compared to buying in a traditional store, but there are also disadvantages and things to consider when buying a watch online. The main advantages are the price, the range, and the ease.

First, you can find an online watch for any budget, whether it’s a $ 2,000 prestige watch or a $ 2 children’s watch that you can find online. The Internet lies in the fact that it is a global market, and you can browse watches from all over the world.

Second, since the range of watches available online is virtually limitless, you can find all types and styles of any material imaginable. From luxury watches in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum to cheap plastic watches, you can buy it online. You can use shopping apps too.

Third, the ease and convenience of buying watches over the Internet are one of the main advantages of a traditional store. You can buy a watch online from the comfort of your home in one click and have it delivered to your door.

You must consider the shipping when buying a watch on online websites. Unlike a traditional store, you will have to wait for a while before receiving it after buying it online. You will also have to pay the shipping costs when shopping for watches online, but this cost should be relatively inexpensive, especially with the size and weight of the watches that are quite small.

One of the major drawbacks of buying watches online sites is that you cannot physically see and touch the product before you buy it. This means that you have to be extremely careful when selecting your watch online, knowing exactly what you want and what you have bought.

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