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What Does a Solution Architect Do



In the modern day business environment where competition is cutthroat with no quarter given or taken it becomes imperative that your organization in general and individual profit centers, in particular, operate at optimum efficiency. If it does not, whatever technologies that you would incorporate would not have a bearing on the final objective, which is to maximize return on investment (ROI).

solution architect

Timely advice

Interestingly it has been disclosed in findings recently published in a book co-authored by Thomas Pisello and Paul A. Strassmann, titled “Maximizing the ROI from IT Investments” that all is not well within the business community. This observation by Thomas and Paul is authenticated would enlighten the fact that businesses are losing more than they are gaining due to their inherent issues.

Another very disturbing fact that is contended by them is that only 15% of all businesses meet their final objectives, especially inefficient product delivery. Though they may have the best-streamlined information technology systems along with other traditional marketing and other auxiliary support in place, they do not deliver their product efficiently. This is food for thought for all businesses, and they would need to take a careful look deep into their operations and to find out where the issues are.

The book further enlightens the business community that only 60% of all software development initiated to increase productivity and hence profitability succeed, while the rest is money down the drain. They state further that though expensive information technology systems may be installed the probability of them performing to optimum efficiency is just 50%, with delivery schedules not being met, often exceeding budget limits and other operational endeavors being hampered causing the problems. It is imperative that companies deliver on time and most customers look at tardiness as inefficiency, which is true.

This brings out a very pertinent question which has been lingering in the public domain, especially within the business community to rectify this issue and if so, as to how they could manage it. They would have to pull a rabbit out of the hat if not which they could be looking at a very gloomy end of year financial closing. The rabbit that they could pull out of the hat would be a solution architect who would be in effect a troubleshooter.

A troubleshooter

Then the question arises, which would be in everybody’s lips as to, what does a solution architect do, which could be explained in a nutshell, as one who every business would need, if they are to ensure that planned strategies are effectively implemented and executed to meet the final objectives and maximize return on investment from the information technology investments. A solution architect is a troubleshooter in its colloquial sense, who would need to ensure all loopholes are plugged and that too very efficiently. It would be the trouble shooter’s responsibility to sift through the complete system of the business, from the information technology delivery to marketing and the final execution to meet optimum productivity levels.

To achieve such efficient levels, the need is to formulate a solution architecture document which would spell out everything that the business needs to do from inception to final delivery. If this document is followed to the letter, there would not be any doubt that the business would create the right environment to reap in optimum return on investment. The information technology aspect is only a single cog in the wheel of business, and there is more to it if positive results are to be achieved. Effective marketing strategies, sales, distribution and even after sales service, are important factors, which would drive a business forward and on the road to efficient productivity.

To encompass all this and ensure that the right mix is brought forth with efficient software systems in place the troubleshooter or popularly called a solution architect should be commissioned to oversee all aspects of the business. This would bring out most of the anomalies that would exist in the business, and when they come to light, they could be efficiently identified and addressed by the solution architect.

Competition in the modern business environment has increased manifold and with technology also peaking with time the need to ensure optimum efficiency is gradually surfacing. There is no room for anything especially intricate business decisions to be left to chance. They need to be addressed and if issues are found they should be rectified. Boasting of the best information technology systems would not suffice, they need to deliver on their promises and that too, efficiently. You could be employing the most modern and state of the art software solutions but if the end does not justify the means the whole purpose of the system would be lost.

In every business, they should quantify their operations and know exactly as to what does a solution architect do? Only then could they employ such expertise to ensure their strategies are implemented and executed efficiently. The solution architect would work closely within the organization ensuring that every nitty-gritty aspect of the business is addressed and answers found. There would be many such issues, and it would be the responsibility of the solution architect to ensure they do not come to the fore and disrupt the flow of the business.


Organizations big or small need to take a good hard look at their information technology systems in place along with the other supported auxiliary aspects and ensure that they all deliver efficiently. Once implemented these collective systems would need to perform at optimum efficiency.

The solution architect would be the key element in the organization acting like a troubleshooter who would dig up every positive and negative aspect assimilate them and ensure the right solutions are found to rectify them. There is no room for complacency and tardiness as the business community needs to stay alongside the times and only when they do so could they increase efficiency, productivity and above all profitability.

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First Step to Your Design Career: NID Exam



The National Institute of Design, also known as NID, is a Design Institue located in Ahmedabad. The institute works as an autonomous body under the Industrial policy and promotion department, GOI. In order to get admission in NID, candidates need to appear for an entrance exam that is conducted every year.

nida exam

Candidates who possess an interest in learning design like design in pottery, fabric or ceramic can enroll themselves in the NID. Moreover, they also offer Bachelor Degree course on Film and Video Communication, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, and Animation. Like every year, NID will be conducting its entrance exam for 2020, and so, candidates who have to make up their mind to appear for the upcoming exam should go through the following important points:

  • Candidates appearing for NID 2020 exam first need to go through the Design Aptitude Test. (DAT)

  • NID will provide its admit card for the exam through their online website which candidate needs to printout and needs to carry the copy of the same while appearing for the exam.

  • The time, date and address of the exam centre for the NID exam will be given on the admit card.

  • NID will conduct its 2020 exam across 21 cities in offline mode.

  • The cut off marks for getting admission in Bachelor degree course of NID is that the candidate has to secure the minimum cut off out of 100.

  • For getting admission in NID the candidates need to go through two-phase of the NID DAT exam that is preliminary and main.

  • Candidates who have qualified in the first part can appear for the second round.

  • The second round of the NID DAT exam includes studio test and an interview round.

  • Candidates who will be able to crack both the preliminary and the main test of NID will be selected for the Bachelor Degree course in NID.

  • The bachelor degree course on Design from NID is for four years.

Courses offered by NID

The National Institute of Design offered courses on both Bachelors and Masters level. It has five faculty streams. Also, it offers twenty diverse domains. Moreover, NID has established its network with over more than 55 overseas institutes, where it provides its education through collaborative facilities.

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NID Career Prospect

In recent days animation and designing has got a lot of popularity in India. And the career prospect is also vast. Candidates qualifying with a bachelors degree or master degree from NID is equivalent to conventional courses like engineering or medical in terms of preference and salary package. Also, candidates who will qualify with good marks from NID will get the opportunity to work with renowned companies like Samsung and Microsoft.

Candidates must work on Developing their Skils

So, if candidates want to crack the NID DAT exam on the first attempt, then they should be well aware of their skills and at the same time go through the following information that is given below:

  • Candidates preparing for NID DAT 2020 exam should focus on improving their knowledge on product development.

  • The imagination and the thought process of the candidates need to be fast as they scribble their pencil. The whole thing should be done in the speed of light. Also, focus on your time management.

  • The best way to formulate your plan is by first sketch the thumbnail and then work on the lighter part and give it a finish with ball pen, pencil or crayons.

  • When it’s about making a plan for cracking the NID DAT exam prepare section wise.

How can One Prepare for NID DAT 2020 Exam

If you have the ability of good imagination and can also channelise the same through your artwork then cracking NID DAT exam will get very easy for you. Basically, if you go through the question paper of the previous years, then you will find that NID framed the test to determine the creativity, imagination and visualisation skills of the candidates. It also focuses on problem-solving capabilities. So candidates should prepare themselves accordingly in order to do well in the exam.

Candidates must be Creative

Candidates should have the ability to design and create something original and new on their own. The perspective for the applicant appearing for the NID 2020 exam should be this that they should create something new every day. While preparing for the NID exam, keep in mind that candidates should design something that will amaze yourself.

Working on Time Management

These are an important factor for all candidates that will be appearing for the NID exam. Candidates need to be well-prepared in order to present their thoughts through this short span of time. Also, focus on maintaining an average speed will help candidates to crack the exam in a better way.

Solve past years NID exam question paper

In order to score well, candidates should go through the past years NID exam question paper. These will help them to cope up with the time limit. Also, while practising choose A4 page instead of A3 as it is the standard size used for the exam.

The Future Depends Upon Your Preparation

Candidates willing to make their career in Designing and want to join NID should go through the given information discussed above. From enrollment to preparation, this article covers almost every important detail for making the first step to your design career in NID exam.

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Never go Out of Style With Cute iPhone Cases



Now that you have gotten a new iPhone, the next on your list should be accessorizing it. What better way can there be to personalize your phone than to look for a case that shows the kind of person you are without sacrificing durability? There are cute iPhone cases everywhere, but you need to have a keen eye for the one that will provide maximum protection and ensure that your valued possession is safe from damages.

Some stores will exactly cater to your preference. Regardless of the model that you are looking for, some cute iPhone cases are made with soft TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane, so you do not have to worry about denting your phone if it accidentally gets dropped or bumped. This rubber-like material is comfortable to hold and does not give a slippery feel like many metal covers.

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For added protection, the cases are also designed with a raised lip to protect the screen. Likewise, there are signature cases that feature a soft press button and an open port to help you control your phone with ease. With the diverse collection available, there will be something that will catch your attention. Here are some bestsellers that you might fancy:

Mystical Flare

Cases with mystical designs are timeless because the elements on them will never go out of style. If you want cute iPhone cases that will remind you of healing and spreading love, then the store’s Hoodwitch collection is for you. This collection gets featured with stylish cases designed with rose quartz, onyx, and copper luxe, among many others that are not just catchy but revealing of your taste for a magical life as well.

Made by Stylish Designers

You would know that a company is doing a great job when a famous person chooses to collaborate with it to create a work of art. There are brands showcasing works of celebrated designers like Alana Hadid. One of her designs is a slogan ‘I would be lost without you,’ which shows how indispensable her phone is to her life.

Meanwhile, her other design has the words ‘iPhone (noun): A device used for everything but calling people.’ Though seemingly simple and straightforward, these cleverly crafted designs are made with hopes of helping strangers strike up a conversation with one another.

Cases That Give Back

This case believes in giving back to others. That is why, for every iPhone case that gets sold, a certain amount of money gets donated to a particular organization. For instance, if you buy the Bare case, part of its proceedings will go to the Skin Cancer Foundation. And, the proceedings of the Naked case will go to Born this Way Foundation. Other organizations that will be receiving donations from the profits of other cases from this collection include the American Burn Association, National Psoriasis Foundation, and Vitiligo Research Foundation. By buying cases like this, you will not just take home something trendy, but you will also be making an impact on those who are suffering from skin conditions.

Quality need not suffer when you are looking for cute iPhone cases. There is surely something out there for everyone at the Fifth & Ninth online store.

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Deatiled Review of TheChecker | Best Cost-Effective Email Verification Service



Do you send thousands of promotional emails daily to reach more customers then you must give a try to TheChecker. In this article, we are giving a review of TheChecker. You can read the review and know how it helps to improve your campaigns ROI.

Who we are


We designed TheChecker software that is used to finding all about the email. You can easily determine that your email is belonging to the right domain or you used some fake domain for your email. You can find all information about your save data. This software tells you that your email is used by you or any other person is involved in your email.

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The checker

This software tells you that your information is safe on your email or not. You can use the right store information platform. Most of the time you can use some fake account but you don’t know about that. But now don’t need to worry about that we are here and we give all the information what you want from us.


We tell you that you are the only user of the email that you give to us or others. There are many hackers in our society that want to leak peoples information or use your email for terrorism purpose. So if you want to avoid these problems so, join our team and connect with us.


How you perform email verification

There are so easy steps we don’t want you to send us any filling application or you fill any form online for just rechecking your email.  You just need to go to the site and write your email address there.


1-     Write your email address

2-     Don’t do any spelling mistakes

3-     In case of spelling mistake the software show you error

4-     When you write the email address so press enter

5-     You can also click on the OK button

6-     After that, you can receive a notification  to check your email

7-     Then go to your email and check you can receive an email from the verification service

8-     Click ok on the verification so your verification is started

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How Finished Verification?

There is so easy procedure you never send any message to the mail server but yes when you are done the email verification procedure that discussed above so the email connects the MX report to the mail server SMTP. So the SMTP fined all issues and problems. When the procedure is done you can get a notification (verification completed)


Don’t worry about your privacy

We always care about your personal information.  We never want your information is leaked in any situation. Once you use our service so we give you always reminder when your email is opened from other servers.


Use it free

This is a free email verification service you can use it free but you can use it 4 to 5 times from one system or laptop. You don’t need to pay a single penny for it. We tried to save your time and money. So, don’t waste your time in finding any other site because we are free.

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