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Is user experience important for good organic search count in 2019?



The paradigm of SEO is in the process of constantly changing and keyword presence on the pages is not the only component making a difference. However, in the initial days, keywords were kings. The rank of a website depended mainly on the frequency of related keywords used. This strategy has changed and these days, stuffing keywords is the worst thing that can happen to your content. User experience is surely a very important factor because it convinces the users. For example, some websites have a hard to use interface. To locate a particular option, users have to search through several links and windows. This obviously gives a bad impression in terms of user experience. The only way to improve your organic search results is by using quality SEO tools.  You can get help form prepostseo in getting more organic search traffic in 2019.

Getting conversions and improved sales volumes depend on the user experience offered by a website. Apart from visitors, search engines also prioritize websites on the basis of the user experience they have.

Make UX easy for the user

Every human being likes to select things that are easy to operate. Consider that you need to develop a software program and there are two programming languages which you can use. You would choose a programming language that you know and has an easy syntax. Same is the case with the user experience. People like to browse websites that have easy interfaces and offer the finest user experience. A website does not attain success if it offers commendable content but the user experience is not up to the mark.

There is a relationship between direct proportionality between user experience and SEO ranks. Websites that have better user experience are able to hold the top positions on search engines. Websites are not ranked anymore on the basis of keyword frequency. Quality presentation is very important for any website to hold a high SEO rank.

  • Users prefer websites that are very easy to access and operate. On these websites, you can obviously move between pages easily without a lot of assistance. Websites with lack of user experience can hamper the traffic coming on your website. People would not visit a website because it offers quality information and has the most advanced interface. For them, the key is how beneficial the website would be for them. If a website is hard to use, a user would have to spend time on understanding how it works and locating the respective links. Websites that have a simple user interface are actually more valuable according to Google. Thus, if you go through the top websites listed on Google, you would see that they have a simple user interface. This actually helps them grow in terms of traffic and organic searches as more people visit them.
  • People seek convenience and ease of use. A website that has quality user experience actually offers them. For instance, consider that a website has all the links displayed in a simple manner. Someone searching for the “FAQ” tab would obviously be able to locate it without much of s struggle. In other words, it can be said that the website has an impressive user experience. If you want your website to grow without any barriers, make sure that it offers an easy to adapt under experience.

Quality functionality is essential

The key impression of a website is created when the user browses it. For users, websites that load at a fast pace without any pauses are the best. Even before the quality of content, the loading speed is noticed. If you have quality content on your website but the loading speed is slow, most people would not wait. Customers do not have the patience to wait for a website to load. If you have implemented the best digital marketing strategies but the user experience is substandard, your effort would go in vain. Here are some key user experience factors which you should pay attention to.

  • Once the user visits your website, he should be able to surf around without any struggle. The interface should be simple with all the links organized in a proper manner. If you are using a drawer for links, it should be smooth and not slow down the overall performance of the website. Traffic is automatically attracted to websites with the high standard user experience.
  • When it comes to designing the user interface, try to test multiple technical options. Professional brands get multiple templates for user interface designed. This helps them in picking the best option out.
  • It is good to test a tool that can test the interface of the website. One of the best options is the Google Optimize Tool. It basically distributes the interface of the website into different chunks. Each of these chunks represents a different form of the same website. In other words, you have multiple versions so that you can compare them and select the ideal interface option. For getting customers, it is mandatory to have a good technically sound user interface and the user should be able to maneuver between pages easily.

Using a user Flow Diagram

There is a key tip for all business owners to have the finest user interfaces. Make a flow diagram that shows how users would enter your website and move from one page to the other. This is a simple process which would include the following steps.

  • Use a professional tool to develop a detailed chart for user flow. It should show the landing page and how you expect the user to advance to other pages. You can also place yourself as an end user and see how you are browsing the website.
  • When you are done with the flow diagram, go through the real-time analytics of your website. See the actual flow of the users. Some of the key areas would be pages where the users’ land, pages where they spend maximum time and pages where they exist without spending long time frames. After this information is collected, compare the actual flow of the users with the expected flow established in the diagram.
  • When you compare these two flows, the present gaps and flaws would be identified. For instance, if you see that the traffic on a particular screen is zero or very low, check its user interface. Does the screen provide confusing information? Is there lack of mobility on the screen? Are there too many images? These are some questions which you should focus on. By following this comparison strategy, all the deficiencies in the user interface would be identified in due course of time. As a result, you would be able to stop the traffic count from falling.
  • By viewing the analytics of your website, it would be easy for you to see the behavior of users. This also helps in identifying the changes that your website requires. For instance, if you have a very low user count on the “Home Page”, examine the components of this page and check the improvements that have to be made.

Clear defined hierarchy of pages through Sitemap

New users would want to know about the structure of your website and hierarchy of pages. This can be done by creating a sitemap. A sitemap helps the user in checking what the website offers. The sitemap of your website would be made after you are done with the flow diagram.

  • Having an organized hierarchy is important as it prevents the user from getting confused. How can a sitemap prove to be helpful for the user? A better understanding of this can be attained through an example. Consider that you have a website which has the “Home Page” as the first page and the “About Us” page as the second page. As a website owner, you would want the user to land on the Home Page and then move to the About Us page. If you have a proper sitemap, it would be easy for the user to move according to the correct content flow. In a nutshell, a sitemap gives a systematic and organized look to the website. It is an essential component for quality user experience.
  • A sitemap is made before you even start working on the main design. It actually highlights the correct layout of the website.

Summing It Up

Websites turn into a complete failure due to various factors. One of them is missing an important preference that users have. For instance, when you talk about user experience, it cannot be compromised at any level. A website would only be popular and attain success if people feel good about visiting it. Most website owners do not understand this point properly. To get traffic, it is important for your website to be liked by the targeted audience. For instance, if your website is related to a college education, students studying the respective courses should find your website informative and useful.

Brand owners expect that customers would be patient enough to handle basic website issues. This statement is not true in any manner. Most customers do not even wait for a minute to exit the website even if it has basic user experience issues.

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How Long does PMP Certification Usually Take to Complete the Training?



PMP certification overview

PMP Certification refers to project management professional qualification certification. It is initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which strictly evaluates whether the knowledge and skills of project managers have high-quality qualification certification exams. Its purpose is to provide a unified industry standard for project managers. As a project management qualification certification exam, it has established its authority internationally. Since 1984, the Project Management Institute (PMI) of the United States has been committed to comprehensive development and maintains a strict, examination-based expert qualification certification program in order to promote the project management industry and confirm personal gains in project management achievement.

There are two ways for certification to assess applicants to determine whether to issue a PMP certificate to PMP applicants.

The PMP certification exam is sponsored by the American Project Management Association PMI. PMP training in China is conducted by PMI’s REP global authorized organization and the organization authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

If you plan to take the exam, you must first understand the relevant content of the PMP.

The PMP certification is the qualification certification for project management professionals. It includes pre-exam training, exam registration, exam preparation, score query, and certificate receipt, PDU accumulation, PMP certificate renew.

PMP exam registration

First of all, after we understand the PMP certification, all we need to do is to sign up for PMP training.

Complete the PMI registration with the assistance of the training organization, also known as English registration.

Registration in English is the first step to PMP certification. Register with your real name on the PMI website and begin to accumulate PDUs to prepare for the qualification for the PMP exam.

After we signed up for the SPOTO PMP training class, we started the project management PMP learning journey. PMP certification exams are conducted four times a year, in March, June, September, and December. I took the exam in September last year.

I personally think that the registration of the PMP certification exam is a little bit troublesome. There is no time limit for the registration for the PMP certification exam.

Chinese registration is registered on the official website of the Training Center of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Chinese registration usually starts two months before the test. The test time is about half a month. The registration fee is USD 606, which is a bit expensive.

PMP learning stages

There are about four stages of learning and a total of about two months of training and learning. Face-to-face classes have 5-7 days of class time, which are held on the weekends of the two months before the exam.

The long-distance network class has a validity period of more than three months, and you can watch the teaching videos continuously during the validity period.

The first stage: Familiar with the framework and theory of the “PMBOK Guide”, and understand the key points of the PMP exam. The official textbook for the PMP certification exam is the PMBOK Guide. In addition, you can actually choose one or two other tutorial textbooks, such as the “PMP Exam Guide”.

This textbook focuses on the detailed and deepening of the content of the PMBOK Guide on the basis of reference and analysis of the past examination questions.

The overall situation of the PMP exam is analyzed to help the exam physiology clear how to apply for the exam, exam review points, exam process, exam experience and skills, precautions, and other issues, which can be said to provide the most comprehensive guidance for PMP candidates.

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Of course, it depends on the individual’s way of learning. But “PMBOK GUIDE” must be prepared. Then there is the training. One of the conditions for applying for the PMP certification exam is that the applicants must have more than 35 hours of project management experience training covering the ten knowledge fields in the project management knowledge system.

In short, students who apply for the test must have a 35-hour training certificate, but this certificate is generally only available for participating in the PMP training of an authorized institution, so you must participate in the PMP training before the test, otherwise, the candidates cannot refer to it. SPOTO is a very nice PMP training institution.

Then there are some things to pay attention to when applying for PMP training courses. Candidates need to pay attention to: the qualifications of the organization, teachers, pass rate, training methods, and after-sales service. Of course, they still need to make a reasonable choice based on their own circumstances.

In the first stage, pay attention to preview before class, mark questions, take notes in class and communicate more with teachers and classmates.

Long-distance PMP students can communicate and learn appropriately on social software, and write down the key points in the video courseware.

The second stage: deepen the understanding of the details of the textbook, and be familiar with the style of the PMP exam.

In the second stage of learning, it is necessary to formulate and implement a learning plan, listen to classroom recordings, and effectively use leisure time to learn.

Learn the five process groups, ten knowledge fields, and 47 process groups in detail.

Cooperate with homework questions to find out the style of PMP questions.

Summarize the wrong questions and the reasons for the error after the mock exam.

The third stage: comprehensively sort out the weak links of PMP learning and make up the remaining knowledge points.

The third stage is a very important process.

Finally, I wish everyone a smooth completion of the PMP exam.

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NYC – The City Where the Fun Never Stops



New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. There’s no denying that the city is truly one that never sleeps with almost every event around the corner.

And with over 8 million people living in New York, how much busier can it get? Aside from being popularly known as the Big Apple, its dense population makes it one of the most significant metropolitan areas in the world. So, when it comes to leisure and enjoyment, one can always look in every corner of the city.

A renowned spot in New York is Central Park, one of the famous shoot locations for several movies and TV series. You can never go wrong with this town, as it provides both audio and visual entertainment.

And speaking of audio and visual entertainment needs, companies that have AV rentals in NYC are scattered everywhere. This is because New Yorkers are known for their love of good fun and parties. Can we even call it a party if there’s no good music and dancing?

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New York’s Need for Party Supplies

Be it for weddings, anniversaries, parties, or other celebrations, you name it, and suppliers can provide it for you. These suppliers or service providers have all the necessary equipment that can cater to one’s needs.

Some of these devices are, but not limited to, hand-held or wireless microphones, speakers, and even laptops or iPads. Not only can they provide the necessary tools, but some entertainment companies also offer different products and services.

Getting the Right Av Rental Services

The services offered by some event production companies vary depending on their specialty or chosen projects. Audio and video packages are usually available upon customers’ request depending on the type of event.

One great example is a musical accompaniment for wedding receptions, so married couples can dance the night away. There are also DJ equipment and services for parties, as this ensures that everyone will have a good time raving to awesome music.

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People in business can also request for a Polycom conference phone for business meetings. This setup is especially helpful for attendees who are abroad as it enables them to join urgent conferences and conventions without spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets and accommodation.

Moving With the Times

Those days where all meetings are usually face to face are over. For VIPs or other prominent personalities who often give lectures or presentations, LED projectors and speakers are available at their convenience.

Giving a speech can be unnerving, and it certainly doesn’t help if audio or visual presentations are not delivered properly. Another thing that’s great about services that offer AV rentals in NYC is their hands-on maintenance personnel to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If a device isn’t working right or something needs changing, these people will be there in a snap to straighten things up. That’s convenience and efficiency right there.

Whether you’re someone who enjoys parties or you’re looking to find services tailored-fit to your needs, these events production and audio-visual rental companies can inevitably tend to everything that tickles your fancy. From the latest music to state of the art equipment, they have it all and more.

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Guide To Promote Oneself As An Interior Designer



Every year, thousands of students take admission in many reputed institutes for the course of interior designing. The breeding interior designers get to learn about the fundamentals and various aspects of interior designing in such fields. Each of them has a different taste of designing and planning the decor of a room. The laymen, mostly hire those companies or interior designers who are extremely popular and are known by all. To become popular in this field, one has to promote his or her ideas extensively.

Given below are some of the ways by which one can promote himself or herself  as an interior designer:

1. Make an attractive portfolio

The portfolio should consist of all the ideas, style and taste, which   you use in your projects. The portfolio should not be monotonous and should reflect variety. It should consist of all the project, be it of a small-scale or large scale that has yourself instead. If possible, college projects can also be added. It is always advised to prepare the portfolio all by yourself instead of hitting someone else for the task. , will make the portfolio more genuine and attractive. This isn’t enough. You also have to make it visible to the entire world so that people would come to know about your talents and works. Try registering it in different portals, online and offline sites. This is the first step to market oneself as an expert interior designer.

2. Advertising in social media

Those days are gone when advertising or interacting with the clients was done through emails and phone calls. The world has digitalised a lot and the most effective platforms of marketing anything are the social media networks. Try to make a page on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Try to add all the detailing of your work in those pages starting from some of the sample works to different ideas which have been used in the projects, etc. An interior designer can make it more interactive by sticking to a particular theme or collection for a certain number of posts. The theme based posts act as a brownie point. It will help to attract a lot of clients and suggestions which would help you improve your projects.

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3. Pitch and network

Networking is critical for an interior designer to market his ideas in the industry. Try to connect with as many people as possible who are engaged in the same field. This will help to you get different kind of ideas which you can apply in your work. Try to attend most of the design conferences, product launches, exhibitions, workshops, etc. which take place in the city. This will also help you to know about the trend which is followed nowadays or which is being liked by people more. Networking also helps to bring more amount of clients.

You can also organise several types of events which can showcase your ideas and where several students and designers can participate. Always remember that other’s work will still help you to learn something new. Experts say that pitching is very important in the field of interior designing. In this, you need to put forward your ideas or sample models and call several clients who might be interested.

4. Get featured in sites

Try to get yourself featured in some of the popular journals and magazines. It not as difficult as you might think of it. There are many sites, journals and influencers who look for such people who would want to market any their product through them. Try to make use of their advertising skills and promote your ideas and skills. It also helps to increase your popularity in the digital world which is very important in this tech-savvy world. Whatever happens, make your promotions exciting and interactive; it should never be monotonous.  Get yourself engaged in all the competitions and functions to increase your popularity. People might turn up all by themselves to promote you.

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5. Collaborate with companies

Another way of marketing or developing ideas is collaboration. You can get to work with other people who would also help you to know new things and get new ideas. You can also become a member of a particular project. You can also collaborate with several designer portals which are quite popular in the industry today. Try to be active on these sites of the time.

These were some of the ways which one can promote his skills and ideas to garner more number of clients. But one thing which you should keep in mind is that you should still be good at your work. All these ways will fail if you are not up to the mark. The initial thing which you should do is that try to be a good designer first and simultaneously work on these strategies.

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