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Best Root Apps : Hey guys, today i am gonna share a guide for best root apps for androidIf you have a rooted android phone then its a must read article for you. I am gonna tell you best android root apps which you must have for a rooted android device. Earlier when android rooting was not discovered, we were not have so much control on android which today we have. But today android is the most customize able android operating system. Android developers are developing new ROMs and new themes etc for android. By root of the android we have whole control on our android device. So if you want to get most out of your rooted android device then you should have all the best root apps which i am gonna tell you in this article. So keep reading ahead to know all the best root apps which you must have if you owns a rooted android device and if you want to get most of your rooted device. In case, if you are looking for alternative of playstore then you can download blackmart from here.

best root apps

Top 42 Best Root Apps For Android 2017

I have researched and picked up a bunch of rooted apps which you must have if you have a rooted android device. Go ahead for the list.

1.Lucky Patcher

best root apps

Lucky Patcher is one of the best app for rooted android device. Why ? This app has various awesome features like removing the license verification from any app and you can remove any type of advertisements which appears in various apps. By this app you can patch any app which you have in your device. You can also remove system apps from your android device if you want to. This app is very popular among rooted users that is why we have placed this app at first position in our best root apps for android guide. Once you will download and check this application, you will dill find there are number of settings in the app.

Download Lucky Patcher

2.  Xposed Framework

Best Root Apps

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If you are aware of customization of android by using Custom ROMs then you must be heard of this application. Custom ROMs allows you to bring your phone to a new customization level. But since Xposed Framework has been developed, this app has made the use of custom ROMs less famous because installing custom ROMs require several geeky process that’s why many people try to stay away by this process. This app is also one of the best root apps for android.

Xposed Framework allows you to customize your android device without installing various custom ROMs. This application has hundreds of modules. Only the thing is that you have to find modules which are compatible with your device. Download Xposed Framework from below button.

Xposed Framework

3. Greenify

best root apps for android

If you are looking for a app which saves battery and increase battery life of a android device then greenify is for you. Greenify is best battery saver app for rooted android device. Recently developers has released new version of this app for non rooted device too but that has many limitations. It will show you all the information about your apps like how many times it wakes up your phone and which app is consuming more battery in background. This application allows you to freeze that application which is consuming battery in the background. Greenify saves you RAM and battery juice simultaneously. Download the app from below button.

Download Greenify

4. Titanium Backup

Best root Apps

Many times you need to backup all the data of your android device. Or if you have important data in your device then you must have take backup of all the data so that if you loose your data by any mistake then you dont regret 😛 By this app you can take backup of all the data available in your android device like files, contact etc. Titanium Backup is one of the best root apps available for android.

You can take backup of your device by just going to the settings of the device and then backup and restore and then backup. But this is process is sluggish and not up to the mark.  For this you need a third party application for taking backup of android device. Before flashing your android device and installing custom rom, you can take backup of your data and all apps.  Download the app from here.

Download Titanium Backup

5. Super Su

Best root apps for android

Most of the time when you rot your mobile, you will see that Super Su is already installed in your device. This application allows you to give permission to root the application. You can also unroot your device by super su in one click from the settings of Super Su. By using this application you can giver root permission individually to apps. Like which app you want to give permission and which app you want to deny to root. This is the best way to granting permission to apps. Download app from below button if its not installed in your rooted device.

Download Super Su

6. Root Explorer

best root apps 2017

Root explorer can mange your system folder. Es file explorer is meant for all android user but root explorer is only for rooted devices. By using this app, you can edit any system file. More you can do is that if your phone giving error that not supported app or game error then you can simply edit Build.prop and change its value to any popular phone which is supported. Then you can download those apps from play store without any error. Root explorer show you all the system files of your device and helps you to change them easily in one click. Root explorer also allows you to access zipped folder, open text documents etc. Download the app from below button.

Download Root Explorer

7. Terminal Emulator

android root apps

Different operating system has different way to get command like windows PC has CMD (Command Prompt). Similarly you can give commands to your android device using Terminal Emulator. This app is mainly for developers and much advanced user who like to work via commands. You can use full Linux emulation and launcher shortcuts in it. Terminal emulator is not for normal android user. Download the app from here.

Download Terminal Emulator

8. Xmod Games

best apps for rooted android

If you are a hard core gamer then this is a must have application for you. Why ? Because this app allows you to patch online games like clash of clans, 8 ball pool etc. By using this application you can fool your friends and can make them surprise by yor various games score which you patched by this application 😛 Download the app from here.

Download Xmod Games

9. Full Screen

best rooted apps

Sometimes we want to use any app on full screen but soft keys or we can say navigation bar does not allow to run the application on full screen. Many times we play any video or any game there is navigation bar which irritate us. For example in nexus mobile phone navigation bar take a lots of  space. To hide this space we can simply use Full screen app. By using this app you may enjoy playing games much better. Download the app from below button.

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Download Full Screen

10. Link2Sd

best rooted apps

Link2Sd is very popular app for android users. This app is helpful for every android user. If all the apps are installed in your system memory then you can move all the apps to your SD card by using this apps and can free your phone memory. Also you can batch apps to SD card by using this app. That is why we have added this app in our best root apps guide Download the app from below button.

Download Link2Sd

11. Set CPU

rooted apps

Set CPU is meant for advanced android users. This app helps you to boost your phone’s performance, all you have to do is that set your CPU profile to maximum performance. Or if there is low battery remaining in your phone then it helps you to lower the speed of your CPU and helps you to save battery life of your android device. Download and try this app from below button.

Download Set CPU

12. ROM Toolbox

rooted android apps

This app is for rooted android users. By using this app you can do lots of tweaks in your rooted phone. You can install custom ROMs, install custom recoveries with this app. Also you can get more features like kernel tweaks and much more. You can discover more features by yourself too. Download the app from below button.

Download ROM Toolbox

13. SDFix

best android root apps

Sometimes kitkat or or lolipop android user face an issue that some apps cant write data in your SD card. By using SDFix you can fix this issue in your phone so that third party apps can access your SD card and write data over there.  Download and checkout this app from here.

Download SDFix

14. Tasker

apps for rooted phones

Tasker is a paid app but its very useful application for android users. Tasker can do anything for you automated like if you plug in headphone into your phone then music will play automatically. This app will make your phone smart rather then previous. You can create any task in this app so that later tasker app will do those tasks for you. This app is for rooted android user but you can use its many feature in non rooted android device too. Download the app from below button.

Download Tasker

15. SCR Screen Recorder

app for root android

If you have a rooted android device then SCR Screen Recorder is a must have app for you. By using this you can record your android screen very easily. This app also record audio from your screen recording. This is one of the best screen recorder app fro android users. Download the app from below button.

Download SCR Screen Recorder Pro

16. Chainfire 3D

rooted apps apk

This is also another app for optimizing the performances of games. Sometimes when we play games then phone start lagging due to low graphics of the phone. By using this app you can reduce size of the rendering graphics. So if you are using low end device then this is a must ave application for you. Download the app from below button.

Download Chainfire 3D

17. Flashify

apps rooted

If you don’t have any PC and you want to flash recovery or custom kernel images files then this app is for you. By using this app, you can flash custom recovery like CWM or TWRP or any other custom recovery. Before flashing you can also backup your original recovery kernel images files without any issue. So if you want to flash custom recovery or kernel image file without PC then you can use this application. Download the application from below button.

Download Flashify

18. DPI Changer

rooted phone apps

If you have small screen size rooted android device and you want to make it look like tablet then this is a must have app for you. As we can change screen resolution in PC, similarly using this app you can change screen resolution of your rooted android device and look like big screen size device.  Download the app from below button.

Download DPI Changer

19. Soft Robot

Most of the time when we reboot our device then we see it take too much to reboot. So if you are rooted android user then you can download this app and reboot your device in 15-20 seconds. App will soft boot your device. By using this app you can reboot your device in recovery mode or fastboot more in one click. So if you need to reboot your device regularly then this app is for you. Download the app from below button.

Download Soft Robot

20. Network Spoofer

top apps for rooted android

Do yo love to do prank with friends ? I am sure you love to do :p Everyone enjoy it. By the help of this app you can redirect tour friends website to any website which he is surfing. But both you have to connected on same WIFI network. More you can do various things with this app. So download and just try this app from below button and have fun.

Network Spoofer

21. AdBlock Plus

best rooted apps for android

Sometimes we visit any website they irritate us with lots of advertisements like pop up ads and floating ads. If you want to get rid off all those ads then you can download AdBlock Plus app. This app let you block ads on your phone. You can block and allow any ads. Download the app from below button.

Download AdBlock Plus

22. Boot Animation Changer

root apps store

When we boot our device then while booting we see a animation on device’s screen. This animation is same all  the time. If you are bored with the same animation again and again and you want to change the boot animation then you should check out this app. You can use the app for changing boot animation. Download app from below button.

Download Boot Animation Changer

23. Dumpster

cool apps for rooted android

Have you ever deleted any important file by mistake and after that regretting on it. If yes, then you dont have to be sad from now because Dumpster app restore the data for you. You can restore music, videos and images, documents by using this app. Actually this app works like a recycle bin in your android device. After installing this app in your phone, you cant delete any file permanently in single click. You have to open and delete the file from dumpster too. Download app from below button.

Download Dumpster

24. Pimp My Rom

best root apps

This app allows you to tweak your device to advanced level. You can enhance performance of your android device by using this app. Also you can increase multi tasking performance of your phone with this app. You can also protect your phone from SYN attacks. More tweaks you can do with this app in your smartphone. Download the app from below button.

Download Pimp My Rom

25. Root Firewall

root apps

If you have limited data and you want to disallow some apps for using extra data then this app is for you. By using this app, you can disable data usage from any specific app. But you must have a root access for using this app. If you want to disable data usage from mobile network only not from WiFi or only from WiFi then also you can use this app for this task. Download the app from here.

Download Root Firewall

26.Donkey Guard

Have you ever used Xprivacy ? and you wan an alternate of it ? Then this is the best app for you. This app is same in terms of function. By using this app you can hide IMEI number of your android device, android ID and mobile no etc. Also you can spoof any app and give that app fake IMEI and android ID. So if you dont want to reveal your real IMEI and android ID then you can use this app to change them. This app only works in Kitkat android version. Download app from below button.

Download Donkey Guard

27. Screen Standby 

best apps for rooted android

Sometimes when we turn off screen of our phone, it losses connection into phone and stop background apps. Then this app helps you to turn off screen of your phone without turn off any background app.  For example if you are playing a video in mx player and you turn off your screen then video also stop playing but if you use this app, video will be playing in background even the screen is turn off. Download the app from below button.

Screen Standby

28. GL Tools


If you are a hardcore gamer then you will love this app for sure. This app is very popular among rooted android users.  If you play heavy games on your device then you should try this app. Sometimes while playing heavy games, we face issue of graphics of slow rendering. In this situation GL tools app is best solution. You can render the graphics at a slower bit rate so that your CPU can withhold the same and due to this tweak, you can enjoy high-end games without any kind of lag. Also this app can boost gaming performance by  large margin.

Download GL Tools

29. Instwogram

rooted apps

If you want to run multiple instagram account on your device and want more feature along with official instagram in your device then this app if for you. This app also works in non rooted device too. In this app many advance features are available like share images/ videos, download images. Download the app from below button.


30. Fast Charger

This app work on both rooted and non rooted android devices. Some research says that this app charges the phone 6X faster. All you have to do is while you plug in for charging then just open the app and click on start button. This app kills background process of your phone and let your phone charge fast. Download the app from below button.

Download Fast Charger

31. Og Youtube Apk

best rooted apps

There are many apps available over the internet for downloading youtube videos and this is one of the best app for youtube video downloading. This app is mod apk of official youtube app which comes with lots of features. By using this app you can play youtube videos in background and play videos in multi window mode, download videos in one click. So download the app from below button.

Download Og Youtube Apk

32. Drony

best rooted apps

If you want to use custom proxy in your android device then you can use this app. This app works both in rooted and non rooted devices. This app also supports proxy with authentication. Download the app from below button.

Download Drony

33. WiFi Kill

best rooted apps

Sometimes you see lower internet speed because you and your friends are using same WiFi so you get lower speed on your android device. Then you can use this app and kill connection of your friend’s WiFi and get higher speed. To kill connection of WiFi you must have connected to that WiFi which you want to kill. Download app from below button.

Download WiFi Kill

34. GMD GestureControl Lite 

android root apps

If you are familiar with the term gesture then you can download this app. This app let you create some cool gestures to phone;s collection to save your time. Download the app from below button.

Download GMD GestureControl Lite

35. Set DNS

android root apps

Sometimes we face problem while connecting to the web due to DNS problem. By using Set DNS you can change name servers or your WiFi or mobile network connection. Set DNS also supports bunch of DNS by default too. Download the app from below button.

Download Set DNS

36. DataSync 

Do you want to transfer app data to your friend and dont know where it is located ? Then this app is very useful for you if you have rooted device. This app let you share application data wirelessly. Download the app from below button.

Download DataSync

37. Smart Booster

 This app helps you to clean your phone and make your phone super fast. By using this app, you will not find your device sluggish. This app let you clean your SD card, cache files, partition and much more. Download the app from below button.

Download Smart Booster

38. Hosts Editor

android root apps

Most of you are familiar with the host files on computer. The hosts files are those files which allows you to block the access to some particular websites. Hosts Editor do the same for android device. You can download this app from below button.

Download Hosts Editor

39. Better Battery Stats 

best apps for rooted android

If you are too serious about your battery consumption on your device then this app can help you. This app shows you various details about battery usage like time device were using data connection, WiFi etc. Also you can find the different percentage of battery usage of specific application. Download the app from below button.

Download Better Battery Stats

40. Disk Digger

This app works on both rooted and non rooted devices but on non rooted device this app can’t carry out an elaborated search to dig through all your deleted files. If you have rooted device this app can search everywhere for deleted pictures. Download the app from below button.

Download Disk Digger

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Conclusion :

So these are the best root apps 2017 for rooted android device. You can try these apps one by one and you will find that all the apps are very useful. If you have  any android root apps suggestions for adding in this list let us know in comments we will add them. If you found this article useful then please share this post on social media. Thanks for reading this article.

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Post-High-Impact Visuals to Inspire Audiences

Potential customers like to see images and videos before making a purchase decision so businesses who want to generate a large amount of traffic to their websites through social media should not ignore this opportunity. According to, 87% of online businesses use videos, and as many as 64% of consumers purchase products after watching branded social videos! When you consider that 95 million videos are uploaded daily just on Instagram, the level of competition can be pretty intense so you need to use very high-quality photos and videos that can engage customers.

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To drive traffic from social media to your website consistently from social media, you have to ensure that you consistently build the number of followers and elevate their level of engagement. Essentially, the role of social media should be to educate and entertain prospective customers for building brand awareness and loyalty and convert that into an actual transaction on the website.

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Know How to Make Selfies With Dorian Rossini?



How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini? If this is also your question, you need to look at nowhere else but the internet. Yes, the internet is overflowing with loads of information about how to make a great selfy with Rossini. But before you start learning how to make selfies with this famous French Singer and DJ, you first need to know a bit more about him. You need to know why he is so famous. You need to know the real profession of Dorian Rossini. Why Dorian Rossini is so famous throughout the internet. So, let’s keep reading this informative post on how to make selfies with singer Dorian Rossini.

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

Who Is This Guy?

It is certainly an important question that should be answered adequately. Actually, Dorian Rossini is a famous singer, musician, and DJ in France. However, he is not famous for his music but controversies. Usually, he sings religious songs. You can find Dorian Rossini’s music on iTunes. He became instantly famous when he claimed to be an incarnation of God. Yes, this is the statement that has made him very popular throughout France and other countries. He claimed to be an incarnation of God. Thus, he started posting posts on social media regarding the same. There are thousands of followers of this French musician cum singer around the internet.

Why Is Dorian Rossini So Popular?

Actually, Dorian Rossini created a roar when it claimed to be an incarnation of God. He kept posting posts, photos and other content on various social media networks to create controversies around him. For instance, once he posted a nude photo of himself quoting that he is the incarnation of Adam. On the auspicious day of Christmas, he claimed to be a God on this earth planet. Obviously, this statement created lots of issues for him. He was thrown out by his friend. He became homeless even when he was getting incredible attention from social media.

What Is the Reason Behind the Popularity of Phrase “How to Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini”?

It is surely a great question that may hit your mind when you start learning how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini. Actually, when Dorian was interviewed by a famous YouTuber, he said a word in the French language which was (comment Faire des selfies avec Dorian Rossini) that could be translated into English like this, “how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini”. This single sentence has made him really popular throughout the online world. Now, it can be observed that more than a million people have searched him on Google search engine. It is certainly a great point, which is making Dorian Rossini very popular around the world.

Can I Really Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini?

Yes, you can easily make selfies with Dorian Rossini provided that you can meet him personally. The actual way of making selfies with Dorian Rossini is to meet him in France. If you think that you can meet Dorian Rossini in France, you can hope to make real selfies with Dorian Rossini. Obviously, you can easily observe an increasing demand for making selfies with Dorian Rossini. The popularity of this French singer cum DJ can easily be guessed by checking the Google search data for the term “how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini”.

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

But I Can’t Meet Dorian Rossini in France?

There could be various reasons when you may not be able to meet Dorian Rossini in France. One of the key reasons is that you don’t live in France. Now, you may ask how you could be able to take selfies with singer Dorian Rossini. You can follow him on Twitter. If you really want to take selfies with DJ Dorian Rossini even with going to France, you need to use a photography trick. Yes, you can use trick photography in order to make selfies with Dorian Rossini. It is often seen that many individuals become famous just by posting fake photos with top celebrities.

So, whether you want to learn how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini or other celebrity, you need to unveil the benefits of Photoshop. It is certainly the best software that can help you editing your selfie photos to make them real photos with Dorian Rossini. So, it is quite easy to make selfies with Rossini with Photoshop.

Use Free Photo Editing Tools to Create Selfies with Dorian Rossini

If you are confused on how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini even without meeting him in reality, you need to look for top photo editing tools. Yes, there are different types of video and photo editing programs, software and tools available that can be used to make desired changes to a selfie. However, it is true that there are various photo editing tools or applications available online, but the problem arises when you get confused about making the right decision. Yes, due to the abundance of mobile video and photo editing programs, apps and tools, you may find it difficult to choose the right one.

If you want to get rid of this usual confusion, you need to take two things into consideration i.e. your budget and your requirements. Yes, you aren’t supposed to choose photo editing apps or tools that you really don’t need. It means that you would always like to choose video or photo editing software that can help you cater to your specific photos editing requirements.

The same rule also applies when it comes to paying for photo editing tools. Obviously, you won’t like to go with a paid option when it comes to simple editing and making selfies with Dorian Rossini online. So, you are highly advised that before choosing an editing tool whether for computer or Android, you first need to confirm whether it is free or paid.

DJ Dorian Rossini user manual on the YouTube

If you notice that the photo editing software is a paid one, you need to look for a free option. Here one point should be noted that a free photo editing program comes equipped with all basic photos and video editing requirements. So, you don’t need to pay big money on choosing a premium photo editing tool whether for your computer or android phone. Since you just need to edit and make selfies with Dorian Singer in France, you will surely find a free photo editing app a right option to go with.

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