What is a Short Throw Projector and How is it Better than a TV?

If you know what a projector is but you have no idea what the short throw projector is, this is for you. Here, we are going to dissect the grey areas in the short throw projectors and how they are increasingly becoming better than the regular TV. You may also check this article from Gadget Lounge to choose a good Short throw projector.

Short Throw Projector

A short throw projector, unlike the standard projector, is capable of displaying images and videos at a much shorter distance. For instance, ordinary projectors need a distance of about 10 feet from the screen to project a clear 100-inch image.  However, the Sony short throw projector only needs 6 inches from the screen to beam an ultra high-definition 147-inch image onto the wall or screen.

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Enhanced Viewer Experience

With these larger-than-life images, you will find yourself straining to watch just anything from your standard TV. Projectors have the tendency of bringing life, emotions, and pulse in the movies. From the images displayed, you are sure to feel every scene, see every drop of sweat, blood, and tears.

If you are into gaming, you should check out the short throw projectors. For a long time, gamers shunned the projectors because they had to be placed further away from screens or on top of platforms. Not anymore. Now, you can conveniently plug in your gaming consoles to the short throw projector and have a spectacular gaming experience.

More control in your hands

Because this new breed of projectors is unique, you may need to know how to use a short throw projector so as to maximize your entertainment experience. This way, you get to understand how the various controls work and the image adjustment options to produce high-quality presentations and images.

The short throw projectors ordinarily have higher ANSI lumens to ensure visible images are displayed even in venues with brighter lighting like offices, lecture halls or living rooms. This quality makes this projector a potent substitute for TV.

New versions of the short throw projectors come fitted with powerful sensors which enable you to swipe images and adjust settings right on the screen or wall! Similarly, short throw projectors eliminate chances of interruptions by people walking right past the screen. The reduced projection distance ensures this irritant popularly associated with long throw projectors is done away with.

So, what are the available types of Short throw projectors?

Types of Short throw projectors

The short throw projectors come with varied features, resolutions, and sizes. Additionally, these projectors retail at different prices. We take a look at the categories of short throw projectors below.

  • Hi-Def Short throw projector

HD short throw projectors are capable of displaying sharper images at shorter distances. They are also compatible with most external output and input devices like the home theater system and USB flash drives.

  • The 1080p short throw projector

Projectors in this category produce higher quality images and videos at a resolution of 1920 x 1080. A great example is the Optoma GT5000+ which at only 30cm away from the screen is capable of projecting 100-inch images. These projectors also are also compatible with integrated speakers to maximize your entertainment experience.

  • The 4K short throw projector

Projectors in this category produce more vivid images than the 1080p projectors. Here, the 3480 x 180-resolution projector incorporates about 8 million pixels to bring out more lively images and videos. It also features a superbly synced sound system to accompany the images.

  • The Laser short throw projector

These are the top quality short throw projectors in the market. These projectors produce some of the clearest images at short distances. They also feature a wide range of color intensity to produce absolutely stunning images on your wall or screen.

From the wide range of choices to choose from to the durability associated with these projectors, the TV is steadily fading away as the projector market makes entry into the home entertainment scene.  The projectors give the viewer more quality and size compared to the TV which is rigid and boxed in a frame.

What is a Short Throw Projector and How is it Better than a TV?
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