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5 Simple Safety Tips When Using Pliers



If you handed a run-of-the-mill pair of pliers to a toddler, it wouldn’t take them long to figure out how they work. It is believed the first-ever pliers have invented thousands of years ago and were made of wood. That’s because we ingenious humans desperately needed a way to grip, hold, bend, pull, manipulate, tighten, loosen, cut and squeeze (and more), and this idea for a handy and hand-held tool with opposing jaws was simply perfect.

5 Simple Safety Tips When Using Pliers

Indeed, there are dozens of different types of pliers out there today, for an almost infinite number of often highly intricate and specific tasks and industries.


* Slip-joint pliers for everyday household and tool-shed tasks;
* Water-pump pliers for gripping pipes with impressive strength;
* Linesman’s pliers that an electrician uses to twist together wires;
* Locking pliers which are basically a hand-held vice;
* Needle-nose pliers for those fiddly, hard-to-reach jobs;
* And even circlip pliers, a highly specialized plier type designed to work with a particular type of fastener.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! However, we’re not here to gush over the versatility of one of the world’s handiest tools. We’re here to warn you that handing pliers to toddlers is a very bad idea.

As we mentioned, you can do an awful lot of squeezing, twisting, and cutting with formidable strength when using a pair of pliers – and most will have serrated jaws just to add to the horror story. Studies have even been done on plier safety, and it turns out that some particularly nasty crushing, lacerating, and even severe injuries have been suffered by those who didn’t read the safety precautions.

Tips When Using Pilers

So we’re here to help! Yes, pliers are super-handy, but yes again – you need to know the basics about using them safely:

1. Check your pliers

Before pressing ahead with your task, do your pliers appear to be in good working order? Any sign of damage, corrosion, or cracks? Are the jaws or cutting edges worn or damaged, or is the pivot lose?

2. Use them correctly

As we said earlier, pliers will get a huge range of jobs done with ease. But if you’re intending to use them to whack something because you can’t find the hammer – think again. If pliers are your tool of choice for tightening up a bolt, that’s a one-way ticket to a problem not too far down the line. And if you’re whipping a modification to the handle to increase the leverage power – don’t. A trip to the hardware store for the right pair is better than a trip to the hospital.

3. Protect your eyes

You only get one pair of them, so when you’re getting handy with just about any task that could be hazardous to your irreplaceable eyes – like snipping wire – then please put on some eye-protection as a sight-saving barrier. Another way to minimize all that flying snipped wire is to always cut at right angles.

4. Store those pliers

Over the years, stories have emerged about tradies or handymen and women keeping their pliers somewhere particularly hot – like in a steaming hot shed or warehouse or above some heat-generating equipment. The result? Over time, the tempering can soften, the pliers can break, and the user can get hurt.

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5. Beware of electricity

As we mentioned, pliers are one of every electrician’s best friends. But pliers and live electrical circuits definitely aren’t best friends – even if the handle appears to be insulated.

Bonus tip: Don’t get complacent!

Pliers may be handy, and they may not be as obviously angry as a chainsaw, but the overriding safety rule when using this versatile tool is as simple as it is crucial: always take your pliers seriously! Most manual labor injuries occur when the user is either complacent or impaired, so while always looking after your pliers, always look after yourself too!

When used correctly, pliers make life simpler and easier for a vast range of tasks and industries. So look after them, look after yourself, and enjoy a long, safe, and productive life and career with your toolbox of pliers.

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5 Best FirstOneTV Alternatives You Must Try



FirstOneTV has been one of the most popular and searched websites for a very long time. It was known to stream the latest movies and TV series which were for free. It was first launched in the year 2015 and it worked great till 2018 which is the reason for its popular name in the market. Somewhere in the middle, the developers of the streaming website claimed to have around 50,000 global users.

It was popular not only for its free streaming of movies and TV series but also that it could be watched from anywhere in the world and ignored the geotag. It had much fewer advertisements compared to the streaming devices now and was also quicker in loading.

But as of now, this streaming device website has been discontinued until further notice. We all know how important it is to watch movies and series and especially the importance of binge watch. This article here will name some of the other alternatives to FirstOneTV which are the same as this or even better.

FirstOneTV alternatives

Update on FirstOneTV:

This streaming device has discontinued its service. This was majorly closed due to copyright issues. The site could not provide free TV channels anymore due to the infringement of copyright laws. This service has been discontinued for almost 2 years. But this article will name some of the best sites like FirstOneTV which are available and the best in the year 2020.

List of FirstOneTV Alternatives:

  1. TkList:

This is a very popular streaming device to watch free and live TV channels. It can be accessed from different devices. It is just like the firstOneTV, where the user can watch any live channels from their desktop, tablets, mobile devices, smart TV, and much more.

This website is divided into three categories which are news, sports, and the UK. This streaming website seems to be working very smoothly and there are not many deficits in it. The channels in this device are all in high definition. It also offers TV channels without any ads or pop-ups. This is a worth trying streaming device for the user.

To visit the website, click on the link mentioned below:

TKlist website:

  1. Freeintertv:

After FirstOneTV shut down, people had a quick shift to Freeintertv. It was very similar to the later in its uses and looks. There is a list of about 2800 Channels on its homepage. This website is completely free of cost and it has no limitation as to the need for any sort of installations from any third-party device or plugin. The individual to streamline their choices and narrow it down can choose the category they wish to watch.

You should also checkout Sites like Rainiertamayo to Watch Movies/TV Shows Free.

They can choose the genre and country form and easily find it from the search. It works perfectly in all sorts of devices. Although, there is one negative factor which is that it does not have much of a modern website design. It is made of old templates which are not very user- friendly. It does not work in all the countries as well so a VPN is suggested to be installed.

To visit the website click on the link mentioned below:

Freeintertv Website:

  1. Stream2Watch:

This is one of the best alternatives to the mentioned FirstOneTV. This is just like the latter where TV shows are streamed for free and it has multiple channels. It can be viewed from multiple sources. It has several packs from different countries such as the US, Canada, UK, German, Spain, and several other countries. This is one of the most recommended sports streaming channels. It is completely free and has no limitations as well. The only negative factors are that it has some advertisements in between and some broken links.

To visit the site, click on the link mentioned below:

Stream2Watch Website:

  1. USTVGO:

This is one of the most common streaming services that researched in the search engine for the year 2020. This website is very much similar to the one mentioned, which is FirstOneTV.This website has a variety of TV serials and movies which are mentioned on the homepage. It can be streamed free when watched online also. It has a huge quantity of shows which is worth binge-watching.

Or you might be interested in knowing How To Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

This live TV Channel offers shows in HD quality and gives a great experience to the user. It is very compatible and user friendly for people. It can be visited from different devices by the user. If any individual is looking for any US TV Channel similarity this is the best option.

To visit this site, click on the link mentioned below:

USTVGO Website:

  1. TVPC.US:

This has been rated as one of the best alternatives to FirstOneTV. It is the best option as well since it has a vast variety and options from different channels from different countries which are available at no cost worldwide. There are some websites that offer streaming websites but some of them will have links that are broken.

But this is not the case coming to this streaming device as none of the links are broken and all of them work. It has a huge TV channel ranging from United Kingdom TV to United States TV. The interface is very simple and it is at the right of the bottom page. The right of the bottom page has many TV channels which can be filtered at the option of the user.

The user can limit their search by choosing the type of genre they would like to watch. The website is broadly divided into three main categories such as Live TV, Sports Portal, and TV Guide.

To visit this site, click on the link mentioned below:

TVPC Website:


This article hopes to help the readers who are looking for other alternatives to FirstOneTV which was free of cost and loaded with lots of channels and working links. There are several sites which are available but half of them don’t seem to be true or working.

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Best Pokevision Alternatives You must try Right Now



Best Pokevision Alternatives: When it comes to playing an interesting game, most of the people prefer choosing pokemon. Since Pokemon is considered among the most popular games, you would surely like to do something innovative with the same. This is the point where most of the people love unveiling the benefits of pokevision. Now, the question arises here what exactly a pokevision is? Actually, it is a pokemon locator or tracker for the renowned mobile game called Pokemon Go. This application is used to detect the location of every pokemon in and around your chosen location. This app uses the innovative Niantic API to find the location of working pokemon around your selected area, and thus show them on a given map. In short, you can know about real-time pokemon near you.


best pokevision alternatives

However, it is true that pokevision is a popular option to go with when it comes to tracking the location of pokemon near you, but there are various alternatives also available to go with. So, you can also unlock the features of top pokevision alternatives. Knowing about the alternatives of pokevision, you can easily be able to enhance the fun while playing pokemon go. Are you still confused? If your answer is a big yes, then you need to check out stated below top alternatives of pokevision online.

If you are a tru Pokemon Go lover then you must try Pokemon Go++ latest version too. Believe me, its an addiction <3

Poke Eye – Choose the Best Alternative of Pokevision

When it comes to choosing the best pokevision replacement online, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of poke eye. It is considered among the best replacement for pokevision on the internet. Do you know why it is so famous among masses? Yes, you are right because of its amazing and user-friendly functionality and features. If you want to detect pokemon near you in a pokemon go game, you need to unveil the power of Poke Eye. Whenever there is an active pokemon present near you, it can be marked with its exact location. The best part of choosing this app is that it comes incorporated with the most accurate mechanism of finding pokemon as the same location as highlighted on the given map.

Now, the question arises here how to use this pokevision alternative? For this, you just need to open the app. Here, you need to click on the given map; it would scan the selected location and complete the task for you. It means that you won’t need to worry about finding pokemon near you. This application is the best alternative to pokevision. Since it is an easy to use application, you will surely find things functioning.

Choose Go Tools for Pokemon Go

It is considered an interactive map to go with when it comes to searching pokemon near you. If you are looking for rare Pokestops and Pokemon, you need to choose this one of the best pokevision alternatives online. The best part of choosing this replacement of pokevision is that it can easily help you searching pokemon CP along with the assistance of its amazing evolution calculator and CP. If you are assuming that it is the only feature of this innovative alternative of pokevision, you need to change your perception. Remember, this app can also assist you in determining the perfection of your chosen pokemons. This application also has a specific filter that can help you find you nearby pokemon only.

You can also try iOSEmus for Pokemon Go. It’s the best app for Pokemon Go tweaks.

PokemonMap – A Choice of Innovative People

This amazing pokevision alternative is certainly a great option to go with. It is just like Go Tools for Pokemon Go especially in terms of its specific specs. If you want to search for a pokemon nearby on this internet app, you just need to set the latitudes as well as longitude right especially followed by a tap on showing me existing pokemon. It is among the top pokevision replacements that you are looking for. Here one point should be noted that you always need to keep a check on given date that the available server of Pokemon Go offers you with. If you are assuming that you can only track the location of a pokemon near you by using this app, you need to alter your perception. This app can also be used to detect the walking and driving directions to find the nearby Pokemon.

One of the most amazing specs of this internet application is that where you may search the available pokemon you want that could help you find the rarely found amazing pokemons such as Pikachu. Apart from that, you can also find out a few nearby pokegyms by simply enhancing the radius of given search.

Easily Find Pokemons with Pokehunter

Pokehunter is another useful alternative to pokevision online. One of the key reasons behind the increasing popularity and demand of Pokehunter is that it can effortlessly find the pokemons that can’t easily be found. It not only helps you find the rare pokemons near you but also helps you find the best results for the same. Apart from performing aforementioned tasks, this pokevision alternative can also highlight different species of rare Pokemons on the global map. So, if you are looking for a replacement for pokevision, you need to look at nowhere else but pokehunter.

PokeFinder – A Community with Map

If you are looking for the best replacement for pokevision, you need to consider PokeFinder. This alternative to pokevision is certainly different from all other alternatives of pokevision as it’s a big community with a solid map. With the help of this pokevision alternative, you can easily find out recently discovered pokemons at your chosen location. If you want to end up with the desired pokemon, you just need to double tap or click on given map to provide a new pokemon location. If you want to unlock all the amazing features of this one of the best pokevision alternatives, you need to log in with your Google ID and password.

What Are the other Top Pokevision Alternatives?

Apart from the aforementioned top alternatives to pokevision, there are various other pokevision replacements available to go with. Some of the top pokevision alternatives are PokeMesh, PokeVs, Poke Detector, PokeAlert, and Poke Radar.

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3 Important Reasons Why Musicians Wear Earbuds on Stage



For a better stage experience, every musician should wear earbuds.  There are various types of earbuds available for musicians. But one must identify the best quality in order to enjoy their live performance. To help you choose the best, a list of musician earbuds reviewed by can help you. There are many factors you should consider when choosing earbuds. They include sound clarity, sensitivity, comfort, and price among other considerations. Some of the best earbuds available online include Shure, Westone, and Mee Audio which is the most affordable of them all. There are many reasons why musicians wear earbuds during live performances.


Here are 3 Important Reasons Why Musicians Wear Earbuds on Stage:

They are easy to carry to all the venues. This is convenient for musicians especially if there are no wedge monitors at the venue they are performing. Secondly, during the live performance, the musician is not limited to certain spots on stage. They can mingle with the audience and move from one point on stage to another. This improves their performance. The audience concentration is also maintained and proper interaction with the audience is possible if the mobility of the musician is not limited to certain spots. They are also preferred informal functions such as weddings instead of the irritating wedge monitors that are best suited for concerts.

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  • Hearing health

Constant exposure to high sounds may damage your ears in the long run. Using earplugs may help but the best option for musicians is the earbuds. One can control what sounds they hear as well as hear the sound that is required during the performance. The best part is that musicians can control the volume of what is safe for their ears. The cheering crowds, music instruments, amplifiers, and other external sources of sounds while on stage may not only distract the musician but can also affect their hearing health. That is why earbuds are highly recommended to help protect the musician’s ears from extreme sounds. They also help to reduce the vocal strain that is not good for the musician’s voice.

  • Personal control

Through earbuds, a musician can monitor the band’s actions, the volume, and control the mix. This is done with ease without having to signal the sound engineer. In order for the musician to be in sync with the band and vocalists, earbuds are a necessity. This will enhance the performance since they all coordinate for a good performance. This will enable the musician to blend well with the audience and in the long run, the musician is able to maintain a big fan base. Through the knobs on the bodypack, a musician is able to choose the mix of his preference and also control the volume.

Using earbuds is the latest trend by successful musicians. They choose the best quality earbuds form the best brands in order to reap all the benefits mentioned above and many more. The singers and the entire band should also invest in high-quality earbuds. This will enhance the entire band performance and with successful performances, a musician is able to grow their career fast.

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