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How To Get Google Assistant On Any Android Device Without Root



Hey guys, today we are going to tell you how to get google assistant on any android device without root. There are many guides available over the web to get google assistant but all those guides require rooted device. In case you don’t want to root your device or you don’t have rooted device you can follow this step by step guide and get google assistant on your android device without rooting it.


What Is Google Assistant ?

Google Assistant is Google’s latest iteration of an assistant. It’s considered an upgrade or an extension of Google Now – designed to be personal – as well as an expansion of Google’s existing “OK Google” voice controls.

How to Get Google Assistant Without Root ?

  • At first click here and click on “Become a tester”.
  • Now click here and click on “Become a tester”.
  • Now click here and download google play service beta app.
  • Now you have to download google play beta app but before downloading google beta app, you must hav to know which version of google beta app will support your device,below we are sharing a picture in which you can see which version you have to download.

  • Now select your compatible android version and download google play beta app by clicking here 
  • After this, go to settings of your phone and change language to English United States.
  • Now install both the google play beta and google play service beta app which you have downloaded in the above steps.
  • Now just go to settings of the google play app and clear data of the app.
  • If you face any error, make sure you have downloaded and installed both beta app.
  • If you face any problem like app not installed then change version of google beta app from the above screenshot.
  • Now just reboot your device.
  • After reboot, just long press Home button and you will get google assistant on your screen.
  • Enjoy your virtual voice assistant.

So by this way you can get google assistant on any android device without rooting it. That was our article of How To Get Google Assistant On Any Android Device Without Root.

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Graphic Design Based Marketing Choices Available With Some Notes from Instagram



This might be the first time when you are actually claiming to get hands-on the best graphic designing jobs as asked for. You have already got hands on some of the best graphic designers’ Instagram profiles and have been following them as well. But, only following their profiles will not get you anywhere. There are some jobs that you might have to work on when it is associated with the graphic designing field. You have to take a quick look at the real jobs with some real employers, to get a grasp of the real-life graphic designing world. You are likely to see some of the real job career requirements for the employers, who are actively hiring people.

Graphic designing jobs that you have to focus at:

If you are planning to enter the graphic designing market for the first time then you don’t know what to expect and get. There are some of the top-notch graphics designing jobs available, which will help you to get a career start in this regard.

  • You can work as a marketing coordinator or graphics designer.
  • Another job option that is booming for the graphic designers right now is as the basic graphic designer.
  • You can even apply for the role of a senior graphic designer, in some of the major companies. For that, you need some years of experience to follow.

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Things graphic designers might have to follow:

Graphic designers are always known to create some visual concepts, with the help of computer software or by using their hands. The main aim over here is actually to communicate ideas, which will inspire, inform and even captivate customers. They are here to just develop one overall layout and even production design for so many applications like brochures, advertisements, magazines and eve corporate reports.  It is really important that you come to learn more about the duties of the graphic designers before you can finally make way for this segment. Come to learn more about the jobs from Gramista.

  • You actually get the chance to meet up with some of the clients or even the art director for determining the present scope of your project, you are assigned to.
  • You get the chance to use digital illustrations, photo editing software and even the layout software for creating designs.
  • Furthermore, the team gets the chance to just create visual elements like original images, logos, and illustrations that might help in delivering the desired message well.
  • The graphic designer is given the task to design layouts and even select colors, typefaces and images for you to use. You can further present design concepts to the art directors and clients.
  • If you are planning to become a graphic designer, you get the chance to add changes recommended by the art directors or clients into some of the final designs.
  • The designer will be the one to review the designs for some errors before just publishing or printing the same.

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More to learn about this session:

The graphic designers are the ones to have combined technology and art for communicating ideas through images and even layouts of the websites and the printed pages. They are known to have been using a variety of design elements for achieving decorative or artistic effects.

  • These graphic designers are the ones to have been working with both images and text. They are the one given responsibility to select the font, type, size color and even the length of the headlines, text, and headings.
  • It is always up to the graphic designers to decide on how the text and images might go together on webpage or print, which will include the amount of space that each might have.
  • While trying to use text in the layouts, the designers are the ones to work closely with the writers, who will be the one to choose words and then decide on whether the words should be put right into lists, paragraphs or tables.
  • Through the proficient use of the images, color, and even the text, the reputable graphic designers can easily transfer the statistical data right into diagrams and visual graphics, which will make some of the complex ideas to be more accessible in nature.
  • The field of graphic design is always major when it comes to selling and marketing products, and it can prove to be one a critical component of the logos and brochures. So, the designers are mainly referred to as graphic artists or communication designers, which can work quite closely with people in promotions and advertising, marketing, and public relations.
  • At a frequent rate, the designers will specialize in any particular category or even the client type. Some of the people might be able to create graphics as used on the retail product packaging, and others might work on the visual designs used on the book jackets.
  • Graphic designers are here to keep you updated with the latest software and even computer technologies, just to help you remain competitive in nature. There are some individuals with a proficient background in the graphic design, which can work as postsecondary teachers and then teach in colleges, design schools, and universities.
  • Some of the graphic designers might specialize in the current field of experiential graphic design. These designers will actually work with the industrial designers, architects, landscape architects, and even the interior designers. They are here to create some interactive design environments, like public art exhibits, museum exhibitions and some of the retail spaces.

Go for the work schedules:

The schedules of the graphic designers might vary, depending on the deadlines and workloads. Those people who are self-employed might have to adjust the workday for matching clients in evenings or weekends. Along with that, they might spend some time looking for new projects or even competing with some of the designers for contracts.

If you are looking for the best marketing choices as associated with the graphic design then following these job profiles might serve you well. It can always offer you the best ideas that will help you to move forward with the graphic designing field.

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Top 17 Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind



Command Prompt Tricks: Have you ever used command prompt ? If yes, then you must be felt it like old fashioned thing. However you can easily work on windows without using run box but command prompt is that thing you can never run away from. Command prompt is underrated because of its UI and complex commands which anyone want to ignore because they can access to different settings or navigate to any location in your PC customize. But trust me, Command Prompt Tricks can make your most of work easily and you will enjoy working on command prompt tool with CMD Tricks. So in this article we are providing some excellent command prompt tricks and hacks that will make you forced to use command prompt tool.

command prompt tricks


Useful Command Prompt Tricks

1.Enable QuickEdit For Easy Copy/Paste

If you use command prompt then you must have known that you can not copy/paste in this tool and we always wanted this feature in command prompt tool. Normally user have to use the right-click context menu options to copy and paste text, but if you enable QuickEdit option then you dont have to use right-click context menu , rather than it you can do copy/paste by simply using shortcuts.

To enable QuickEdit mode, just right click on command prompt title bar select properties. There you will see option tab in the properties window. There enable quickedit mode. And its done. Now you can select text by dragging your mouse pointer. When you are done with selecting text then just press enter and your selected text will be copied and a simple left click will paste the copied text in the tool.

cmd tricks

2. Check IP Address Of Any Website

If you want to know IP address of your own website or any other website then you can do this thing in command prompt tool easily. You just have to enter command “nslookup website address“. For example if you want to find IP address of facebook then will need to write “nslookup” without quotes, and then hit enter. So by using this command you can find IP address of any website.

command prompt tricks

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3. Execute Multiple Commands

In case you want to execute one command after another and dont want to enter command again and again then you can execute multiple commands by using Command Prompt Tricks. You just have to put “&&” between each command. For example, you can enter “ipconfig && dir” to execute both the command one after another. That’s how you can execute multiple commands at one enter.

command prompt tricks

4. Get Help For Any Command

If you are a newbie to command prompt tool then this is one of the life saving Command Prompt Tricks. If you know any command but are not aware of its usage then you can know about this specific command by getting help for it by entering a suffix “/?” to that command. For example, you can enter “ipconfig/?” and hit enter, now you will get all info about this command on your command prompt tool’s screen.

command prompt tricks

5.  Create Undelete-able Folders

Many times we accidentally delete out important files or folder that we wish to not to delete. But you can make a undelete-able folder by CMD Tricks. To create such folder you just need to enter specific set of keywords. In the command prompt tool, just type name of the drive where you need to create the folder (it should not be that drive where windows is installed) and then type any of these keywords given ahead “md con\” or “md lpt1\” and then hit enter. Now you should see something like this “D: md con\”.

This process will make a folder with the same name that could not be deleted or renamed. If you need to delete this folder then replace “md con\” with “rd con\” or “md lpt1\” with “rd lpt1\”.

command prompt tricks

6. Save A Command To A File

In any case if you want to save any command’s result in the format of .txt then you can do this by using Command Prompt TricksAll you have to do is add “> (destination/file name with .txt extension)” at the end of that command where you are about to execute. For example, you can enter “ipconfig > c:\Networkdetails.txt”, now this command will create a .txt file in C drive of your system with name “NetworkDetails“.

command prompt tricks

7. Get Driver List Of PC

If you wish to see all the drivers installed on your PC then you can see them by just entering a command on command prompt tool. You just have to enter “driverquery” in the command prompt tool then it will show you c list of all the drivers installed in your PC.  You will see them in the format of Name, type and link date.



8. Change Command Prompt Tool’s Color

If you are bored working with old dull looking command prompt then you can change its color by using Command Prompt Tricks. To change color of the tool right click at the top corners of Command Prompt and then select Properties option from the menu. Then, in the properties, go to “Colors” tab and then you will find all the options there to change color of text and background both.

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9. Customize Command Prompt Tool’s Title Bar

If you are tired of that old title bar’s text then you can change it easily by using CMD Tricks. Suppose your name is John Smith and you want to display your name on title bar of command prompt tool then you need to enter Title property of John Smith and after hitting enter command prompt tool’s title bar will be changed automatically.

This change will not be permanent, next time whenever you will open command prompt tool again then title bar of tool will remain in original state.

command prompt tricks

10. Open Command Prompt Tool From Any Location

If you are a regular user of command prompt tool then you must be know that it is very annoying executing the cd/chdir command  again and again to get to that directory which you want to open and work. But Command Prompt Tricks make this task super easy for you. You can open command prompt tool’s window from any location.

Once you are at the location where you want to work and open command prompt tool then hold down the Shift key while press right-click anywhere in the folder. Now a menu will pop up and you will see an entry that is not usually there: Open command window here.

Just click on that and you will start a new instance of the command prompt tool, ready and waiting at the right location.

command prompt tricks

11. Compare Two Files

If you want to compare two text files then you can do this task by CMD Tricks. For this, you need to type “FC” command and then type directories of both text files (Compared files must be in .txt format) and then hit enter, now you will get comparison of both files with answer such as, files are different or both the files are identical. For example, you can type “fc C:\nikhlesh\sample1.txt C:\nikhlesh\sample2.txt”. In this example “C:” is that drive where text file is located, “nikhlesh” is the name of folder in which text files are located and “sample1” is the name of compared text file. Both the compared files can be located anywhere in your PC, you just need to enter right directory.

Thus you can compare two text files in command prompt tool. However the results will not be good as third party file comparison tool available but it is worth trying and it would be fun to do.

command prompt tricks

12. Watch Star Wars Episode IV

This trick is one of the coolest Command Prompt Tricks . Although its not productive but is is damn fun to do. Have you watched Star Wars Movie ? You can watch it on command prompt tool by using CMD Tricks. However it will be an ASCII version so it would be better that you dont hope for HD movie 😛

To watch the movie you just have to enter a command in command promptcommand prompt tricks tool and then movie will start on tool’s screen. All you need to do is type “telnet” and then hit enter. Now the movie will be start automatically.

But make sure that Telnet is enabled in your PC. If its not enabled yet then you can get full information to install it on your PC from Microsoft Website


13. Drag and Drop Files To Change Path

If you are working in command prompt tool and you want to copy the exact path to any folder or any file to run the file or change the present working directory then you can simply drag and drop the file or folder in the command prompt tool.

After dropping path of the dropped file or folder will show up in quotes.

command prompt tricks

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14. Create WiFi Hotspot Using Command Prompt Tricks

If you want to share your PC’s internet then you dont need to install any third party apps, you can create WiFi hotspot using CMD Tricks. In the command prompt tool just enter the following command “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspotname key=password” now your WiFi hotspot is enabled. Now you will need to enter following command to start WiFi hotspot “netsh wlan start hostednetwork

To stop hotspot you will need to enter “netsh wlan stop hostednetwork“ command. Note that you will also need to share your internet connection to the hotspot so that everyone can use it. For it you will need to head to Network And Sharing Option from the control panel of system. After that click on Change adaptor settings in the left panel. Here you will need to right click on internet connection you are using and now click on Properties. In the properties option go to sharing tab and check the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection. Now your internet connection is available for sharing.command prompt tricks

15. Shut Down Or Restart Another Computer

This is also one of the cool Command Prompt Tricks that you can try. You can shut down or restart another computer remotely on your network from command prompt tool. All you need to enter a command shutdown /i which will open remote shutdown dialogue. You just need to enter name of the remote computer which you can get by running hostname command on other PC. Now choose what you want to do with another computer and then click OK.

So by this trick you can easily shutdown or restart another computer remotely.

command prompt tricks

16. Take Backup By Using Robocopy

If you want to take backup of your software and applications then you dont need to install any other third party app. You can do this task easily by CMD Tricks. All you need to execute  command  robocopy c:\users\ellen\documents f:\mybackup\documents /copyall /e /r:0 /dcopy:t /mir In this command replace the source and destination folders with you want to take backup and where. So this command will make a backup on your desired location.

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command prompt tricks

17. Access Previously Used Commands with the Arrow Keys

You can access last used command with the arrow keys. This might be sound weird but sometimes arrow keys can be life saver. Suppose you are writing a command of 70 characters and you hit enter and then you realize that you forgot to add an option at the very end. Then you need to type whole command again but you can just press up arrow and entire command will be entered in tool and you can make edits to it now.

command prompt tricks


So all are these Command Prompt Tricks those can make your work easy and productive on command prompt tool. If you are working on command prompt tool for years and know any other CMD Tricks  then share it in comment section. If we like it then we will add it in our list.

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Learn How To Install Kodi On Roku (Jailbreak Roku)



Learn How To Install Kodi On Roku – If you love to stream your favorite movies and TV shows all day then Kodi is just for you. But that is not the only reason why Kodi is the best application for entertainment. Kodi works smoothly on every device and OS whether its Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, PS4 or even Roku.

In this step by step guide, we will tell you How To Install Kodi On Roku and watch your all favorite Tv shows and movies for free. But before going ahead let me tell you in brief what is Kodi and Roku? After the installation process a lot of Kodi users face olpair pairing issue while connecting to the third party add-ons. Do check out this detailed article on olpair pairing.

What are Roku and Kodi?

kodi on roku

Roku is just a set-top box that helps you in streaming videos and playing music on your smart TV. And Kodi is an open source and free media player. This application helps the user by allowing him/her to play and view many streaming media like music, videos, and podcasts from the internet. I hope you got a rough idea of what is Roku and Kodi, now let’s move ahead to our guide on How to Install Kodi On Roku.

Why is it Difficult to install Kodi on Roku?

Now you know the use of both Kodi and Roku. Now let us tell you the installation of Kodi On Roku. Installation of Kodi On Roku is not so simple. The reason behind it is that Kodi is not compatible with Roku. So you cant use officially Kodi for RokuSo its really difficult when it comes to installing Kodi on Roku stick. But you don’t have to worry because we are here to tell you how to install Kodi on Roku without any difficulty so that you can enjoy your favorite free  Tv shows and movies on your smart Tv or any type of device and OS. You can also install Best Apps For Android TV Box.

Guide to Install Kodi on Roku? (JailBreak Roku)

To install Kodi On Roku you must have mirror features. And for it, you must have an Android phone or at least a windows PC. Now just follow the steps given below to install Kodi On Roku.

  1. Press on the home button of the Roku remote.
  2. Now go to settings. Click on system update and check if your latest software. Update your system if it’s not on version 5.2 which is required to install Kodi On Roku.
  3. After updating the Roku, go to the home screen again and then go to the settings menu. From here you need to select screen mirroring.
  4. After selecting this option just click the OK button. This will let you get Kodi On Roku.

How to get Mirroring for Windows PC to get Roku?

To get mirroring for windows, you must have Windows 8.1 or higher version on your PC. To get mirroring for windows follow given steps below.

  1. Just click on the window button or press window button to open the start menu.
  2. Find the way to reach the settings menus of the device and then search for the search box or head to the search box.
  3. Now following screen that will appear, just click on Add Device Option.
  4. Now there will be a list containing Roku device, just select or choose this device.
  5. Now this will turn your screen of Roku into purple.
  6. Now you will see that your PC is mirrored with Roku. Now Kodi is compatible with the window operating system. Now, this will allow you to run Kodi on your computer and the same will also get displayed on the Roku device as well.

How to mirror Kodi Roku on your Android device?

To mirror Roku on your android device, you must have at least 4.4.2 or higher of Android version on your Android device. You can check your android version by going to settings on your phone and then open section and here you can check the android version. Before start using Kodi On Roku, just make sure that your android phone is connected to the Roku device. Which means your both device should be connected to the same network. If you want to check which network your Roku device is connected then you can follow steps –

  • Go to the settings menu of your Roku device.
  • Now just go to the network section to check the connected network.
  • After ensuring that both Roku and android device is connected to the same network, you can start the mirroring procedure by following given steps-
  1. In your Android device just go to the settings menu.
  2. Now go to the display option from the settings menu.
  3. Now open the cast screen/mirroring option.
  4. Here you have to check which option is available on your device for mirroring, different devices have different option and layouts. Now find the checkbox that has been as “Enable Wireless Display”.
  5. Now here you can see the Roku device on the cast screen.

Best Kodi Addons On Roku

After installing Kodi On Roku, you need to install best Kodi add-ons to enhance your streaming experience.

TV Sports Music
  • Phoenix
  • USTV Now
  • Navi-X
  • Vdubt25
  • Stream Engine
  • SportsDevil
  • BBC iPlayer
  • cloud TV
  • Sanctuary
  • Pro Sport
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Rave Player
  • Studio Beats
  • House Mixes


As soon as you have got Kodi for Roku, you will need to install these add-ons through their respective repositories before you can actually use them to watch all your favorite Kodi content on Roku.

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That is our full guide on How To Install Kodi On Roku. After following the entire process, you can start mirroring your Android device’s screen onto the Roku device. Even officially it’s not possible for you to get the installation done by Kodi On Roku stick or any other Kodi device but by our method you can enjoy the same on Roku. If you have an Apple TV then you must check out this guide on Install Kodi on Apple TV.

That’s all for this article, we hope that you will not face any issue in mirroring your Android device with Roku and in the installation of Kodi On Roku. In case you face any issue or having a problem then you can ask in the comment section, we will try our best to solve your problem. If you found this article helpful then please share this article on social media with your friends.

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