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5 Best FirstOneTV Alternatives You Must Try



FirstOneTV has been one of the most popular and searched websites for a very long time. It was known to stream the latest movies and TV series which were for free. It was first launched in the year 2015 and it worked great till 2018 which is the reason for its popular name in the market. Somewhere in the middle, the developers of the streaming website claimed to have around 50,000 global users.

It was popular not only for its free streaming of movies and TV series but also that it could be watched from anywhere in the world and ignored the geotag. It had much fewer advertisements compared to the streaming devices now and was also quicker in loading.

But as of now, this streaming device website has been discontinued until further notice. We all know how important it is to watch movies and series and especially the importance of binge watch. This article here will name some of the other alternatives to FirstOneTV which are the same as this or even better.

FirstOneTV alternatives

Update on FirstOneTV:

This streaming device has discontinued its service. This was majorly closed due to copyright issues. The site could not provide free TV channels anymore due to the infringement of copyright laws. This service has been discontinued for almost 2 years. But this article will name some of the best sites like FirstOneTV which are available and the best in the year 2020.

List of FirstOneTV Alternatives:

  1. TkList:

This is a very popular streaming device to watch free and live TV channels. It can be accessed from different devices. It is just like the firstOneTV, where the user can watch any live channels from their desktop, tablets, mobile devices, smart TV, and much more.

This website is divided into three categories which are news, sports, and the UK. This streaming website seems to be working very smoothly and there are not many deficits in it. The channels in this device are all in high definition. It also offers TV channels without any ads or pop-ups. This is a worth trying streaming device for the user.

To visit the website, click on the link mentioned below:

TKlist website:

  1. Freeintertv:

After FirstOneTV shut down, people had a quick shift to Freeintertv. It was very similar to the later in its uses and looks. There is a list of about 2800 Channels on its homepage. This website is completely free of cost and it has no limitation as to the need for any sort of installations from any third-party device or plugin. The individual to streamline their choices and narrow it down can choose the category they wish to watch.

You should also checkout Sites like Rainiertamayo to Watch Movies/TV Shows Free.

They can choose the genre and country form and easily find it from the search. It works perfectly in all sorts of devices. Although, there is one negative factor which is that it does not have much of a modern website design. It is made of old templates which are not very user- friendly. It does not work in all the countries as well so a VPN is suggested to be installed.

To visit the website click on the link mentioned below:

Freeintertv Website:

  1. Stream2Watch:

This is one of the best alternatives to the mentioned FirstOneTV. This is just like the latter where TV shows are streamed for free and it has multiple channels. It can be viewed from multiple sources. It has several packs from different countries such as the US, Canada, UK, German, Spain, and several other countries. This is one of the most recommended sports streaming channels. It is completely free and has no limitations as well. The only negative factors are that it has some advertisements in between and some broken links.

To visit the site, click on the link mentioned below:

Stream2Watch Website:

  1. USTVGO:

This is one of the most common streaming services that researched in the search engine for the year 2020. This website is very much similar to the one mentioned, which is FirstOneTV.This website has a variety of TV serials and movies which are mentioned on the homepage. It can be streamed free when watched online also. It has a huge quantity of shows which is worth binge-watching.

Or you might be interested in knowing How To Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks

This live TV Channel offers shows in HD quality and gives a great experience to the user. It is very compatible and user friendly for people. It can be visited from different devices by the user. If any individual is looking for any US TV Channel similarity this is the best option.

To visit this site, click on the link mentioned below:

USTVGO Website:

  1. TVPC.US:

This has been rated as one of the best alternatives to FirstOneTV. It is the best option as well since it has a vast variety and options from different channels from different countries which are available at no cost worldwide. There are some websites that offer streaming websites but some of them will have links that are broken.

But this is not the case coming to this streaming device as none of the links are broken and all of them work. It has a huge TV channel ranging from United Kingdom TV to United States TV. The interface is very simple and it is at the right of the bottom page. The right of the bottom page has many TV channels which can be filtered at the option of the user.

The user can limit their search by choosing the type of genre they would like to watch. The website is broadly divided into three main categories such as Live TV, Sports Portal, and TV Guide.

To visit this site, click on the link mentioned below:

TVPC Website:


This article hopes to help the readers who are looking for other alternatives to FirstOneTV which was free of cost and loaded with lots of channels and working links. There are several sites which are available but half of them don’t seem to be true or working.

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5 Simple Safety Tips When Using Pliers



If you handed a run-of-the-mill pair of pliers to a toddler, it wouldn’t take them long to figure out how they work. It is believed the first-ever pliers have invented thousands of years ago and were made of wood. That’s because we ingenious humans desperately needed a way to grip, hold, bend, pull, manipulate, tighten, loosen, cut and squeeze (and more), and this idea for a handy and hand-held tool with opposing jaws was simply perfect.

5 Simple Safety Tips When Using Pliers

Indeed, there are dozens of different types of pliers out there today, for an almost infinite number of often highly intricate and specific tasks and industries.


* Slip-joint pliers for everyday household and tool-shed tasks;
* Water-pump pliers for gripping pipes with impressive strength;
* Linesman’s pliers that an electrician uses to twist together wires;
* Locking pliers which are basically a hand-held vice;
* Needle-nose pliers for those fiddly, hard-to-reach jobs;
* And even circlip pliers, a highly specialized plier type designed to work with a particular type of fastener.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! However, we’re not here to gush over the versatility of one of the world’s handiest tools. We’re here to warn you that handing pliers to toddlers is a very bad idea.

As we mentioned, you can do an awful lot of squeezing, twisting, and cutting with formidable strength when using a pair of pliers – and most will have serrated jaws just to add to the horror story. Studies have even been done on plier safety, and it turns out that some particularly nasty crushing, lacerating, and even severe injuries have been suffered by those who didn’t read the safety precautions.

Tips When Using Pilers

So we’re here to help! Yes, pliers are super-handy, but yes again – you need to know the basics about using them safely:

1. Check your pliers

Before pressing ahead with your task, do your pliers appear to be in good working order? Any sign of damage, corrosion, or cracks? Are the jaws or cutting edges worn or damaged, or is the pivot lose?

2. Use them correctly

As we said earlier, pliers will get a huge range of jobs done with ease. But if you’re intending to use them to whack something because you can’t find the hammer – think again. If pliers are your tool of choice for tightening up a bolt, that’s a one-way ticket to a problem not too far down the line. And if you’re whipping a modification to the handle to increase the leverage power – don’t. A trip to the hardware store for the right pair is better than a trip to the hospital.

3. Protect your eyes

You only get one pair of them, so when you’re getting handy with just about any task that could be hazardous to your irreplaceable eyes – like snipping wire – then please put on some eye-protection as a sight-saving barrier. Another way to minimize all that flying snipped wire is to always cut at right angles.

4. Store those pliers

Over the years, stories have emerged about tradies or handymen and women keeping their pliers somewhere particularly hot – like in a steaming hot shed or warehouse or above some heat-generating equipment. The result? Over time, the tempering can soften, the pliers can break, and the user can get hurt.

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5. Beware of electricity

As we mentioned, pliers are one of every electrician’s best friends. But pliers and live electrical circuits definitely aren’t best friends – even if the handle appears to be insulated.

Bonus tip: Don’t get complacent!

Pliers may be handy, and they may not be as obviously angry as a chainsaw, but the overriding safety rule when using this versatile tool is as simple as it is crucial: always take your pliers seriously! Most manual labor injuries occur when the user is either complacent or impaired, so while always looking after your pliers, always look after yourself too!

When used correctly, pliers make life simpler and easier for a vast range of tasks and industries. So look after them, look after yourself, and enjoy a long, safe, and productive life and career with your toolbox of pliers.

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How Does One Go From Just Having An Idea To Creating An Eye-Catching Video?



Eureka! You’ve finally got it!

You have the ultimate idea that your brand can transform into an eye-catching video and get a revenue boost. You can almost picture it in your head. But now what?

How can you create the perfect video that can do justice to your amazing idea? What does it need to achieve this desired result? And most importantly, how can you realize your concept into a real-life opportunity?

If you are struggling with these questions, then you have come to the right place! In this post, we will explore how one goes from merely having an idea to executing it in the form of an eye-catching video. So without any further ado, let’s check out this step-by-step guide:

Create a Production Plan

Before you dive right into producing a video, it would be wise to formulate a production plan first. Having a structure in place will not only make it easier for you to shoot or create the video but also to edit it.

Start by identifying the mission and goal of producing this video. Is it to increase brand awareness? Do you want to get viral? Is it for self-promotion? Depending on this end-goal, you can formulate a production strategy.

Next, you need to decide the video content type. Video content ranges from Vlogs (Video Blogs) to Q&As – so decide on the video type based on your mission and the viewer preference.

Finally, get working on the script. Collect all the data in a single place and identify the key ideas that you wish to explore in your video, then collate this information to draft a compelling script. You may circulate this script between your team members and industry experts to gather their feedback.

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Choose a Video Maker

Now that you have the foundation in place, it is time to choose your tool. You can browse through the several video maker online and select an application or software that appeals to you the most.

Factor in your technical savviness and competence as a video creator and editor while choosing the platform. For basic video creation, you could turn to applications like PowerPoint, where you can dabble around with basic transitions and animations. On the other hand, platforms like Invideo that are packed with an array of features are also are known for having a user-friendly interface.

Let Your Brand Voice Echo

You are not making videos for leads and prospects; you are creating videos for other human beings.

So, allow your brand persona or individual personality to shine through the video. Whether you are creating videos in a B2B environment or sharing a step-by-step guide on how to make a mouth-watering egg roast, audiences are looking for a human connection.

However, in order to be successful, you and your audience have to literally and figuratively speak the same language. You cannot expect to attract middle-aged individuals or seniors with words like “YOLO” and “LOL,” and neither can you appeal to Millennials by blaming them for ruining the economy!

The above reason is why you must carefully choose a brand voice. Do you want to appear professional and authoritative? Or do you want to keep things fun and casual?

Factor in your audience and corresponding demographics to market yourself or your products through the video.

Explain Your Product or Service

Nobody knows you or your product/service better than yourself! However, this knowledge may result in you assuming that everyone else knows it too.

Conceptualize your video as the first point of contact between you or your brand and the audience. Then walk them through the entire process of what your product is and how it can benefit them.

But here comes the dicey bit – you need to balance out the information with entertainment. If your audience had the chance to choose between “5 features of XYZ” and cute cat or dog videos, they would, unfortunately, go for the latter. More so, if your video just drones on and on about product specifications and features.

Hence, make an attempt to make the video more engaging by weaving in a story or adding value to it. When you compare “5 features of XYZ” versus “5 ways in which XYZ changed my life,” the former appears to be more impactful. Thus, incorporate such techniques to make your videos more engaging.

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Snip, Snap, and Edit

Once you have produced the first raw draft of the video, it is time to edit it! Remember the production map that you created when you conceived the idea for the video? Bring that up again and recollect the goal.

With this objective in mind, start working towards creating a story. Delete any extra or irrelevant footage and add more aesthetically pleasing elements. Make use of video editor Chromebook tools to carry out color correction and color grading to give your video a polished look.

If there is narration involved, test and superimpose a voiceover clip for more clarity. On the other hand, you can make effective use of music to evoke emotions and influence the viewers.

Publish and Promote the Video

Finally, now that everything is done, it is time to show the world your awesome creation!

First, select an appropriate title and incorporate the keywords that will make it easier for audiences to locate your video. It may seem insignificant and is often overlooked, but put in thought while selecting a thumbnail for your video.

Once everything is in order, publish the video over multiple platforms and start promoting it with all your might!

Post your video on YouTube, Facebook, and the landing pages of your website. Make use of hashtags and include more keywords in the video description for greater visibility.


Creating an eye-catching video does not necessarily involve high production value. You can achieve the same effect by making smart use of readily available video creation tools. Most importantly, focus on the content of the video as it is the heart and soul of the video that will get it noticed!

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Tips for choosing a WordPress Template and Why You Need Template Monster



The quality of a WordPress site is often determined by the choice of template or theme. So as not to be wrong and get started in the right way by creating your site, here are some tips to follow to choose the best WordPress template of a WordPress site is often determined by the choice of theme.

Given the many WordPress themes including WordPress templates for business, some are free, some are paid, it’s hard to make choices. So as not to be wrong and get started in the right way by creating your site, here are some tips to follow to choose the best WordPress template.

1. Make your choice in the right place

In the same way you will not shop anywhere, you will not choose a WordPress template from any site. By going to a reputable and trusted library you will reduce the risk of choosing a bad WordPress template. You will find paid by clicking on “Commercial Themes” but a large selection of free templates awaits you, we are talking here in thousands.

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2. Decide between free templates or paid ones

This is a question that is often asked.

If I usually recommend paid templates, free templates shouldn’t be ignored. They can be used for the following reasons:

You want to create a personal blog
You prefer to familiarize yourself with WordPress first
You don’t need advanced features
You want a simple design for your site.

3. Value the template’s popularity level

If you rely on comments and ratings left by previous customers when making a purchase, these good habits must be maintained when choosing a WordPress template.

Popularity can be assessed using the following criteria:

– Overall note: a good template must have at least 4.5 / 5, if not more. Clearly, a record is relevant if there is a large number of voters.
– Comments: just because there are lots of comments doesn’t mean that the theme is of poor quality. Try to take a closer look at the contents of the last remaining message.
– Number of sales or downloads: I personally prefer to go to templates that have been bought by several thousand (or even hundreds of thousands) of people, this is a sign of quality.
– Date of last update: if the previous criteria directed you to choose a template, don’t forget to see this date. The latest updates show that the owner of the theme maintains it and makes improvements.

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Maybe Template Monster is your answer!

Template Monster is the best WordPress template provider. It provides you with a variety of professional templates for various purposes; e-commerce templates, CMS templates, HTML templates, and others. Whatever your WordPress site is, you will get the most appropriate portfolio website themes. You can take advantage of the Template Monster service now for only $ 16.60 / month. You can get the following features;

  • WordPress and CMS Themes
  • E-commerce Themes Powerful Plugins
  • Presentation Templates
  • Diverse Graphics
  • Unlimited Installations
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Now…what are you waiting for?

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