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Best Pokevision Alternatives You must try Right Now



Best Pokevision Alternatives: When it comes to playing an interesting game, most of the people prefer choosing pokemon. Since Pokemon is considered among the most popular games, you would surely like to do something innovative with the same. This is the point where most of the people love unveiling the benefits of pokevision. Now, the question arises here what exactly a pokevision is? Actually, it is a pokemon locator or tracker for the renowned mobile game called Pokemon Go. This application is used to detect the location of every pokemon in and around your chosen location. This app uses the innovative Niantic API to find the location of working pokemon around your selected area, and thus show them on a given map. In short, you can know about real-time pokemon near you.


best pokevision alternatives

However, it is true that pokevision is a popular option to go with when it comes to tracking the location of pokemon near you, but there are various alternatives also available to go with. So, you can also unlock the features of top pokevision alternatives. Knowing about the alternatives of pokevision, you can easily be able to enhance the fun while playing pokemon go. Are you still confused? If your answer is a big yes, then you need to check out stated below top alternatives of pokevision online.

If you are a tru Pokemon Go lover then you must try Pokemon Go++ latest version too. Believe me, its an addiction <3

Poke Eye – Choose the Best Alternative of Pokevision

When it comes to choosing the best pokevision replacement online, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of poke eye. It is considered among the best replacement for pokevision on the internet. Do you know why it is so famous among masses? Yes, you are right because of its amazing and user-friendly functionality and features. If you want to detect pokemon near you in a pokemon go game, you need to unveil the power of Poke Eye. Whenever there is an active pokemon present near you, it can be marked with its exact location. The best part of choosing this app is that it comes incorporated with the most accurate mechanism of finding pokemon as the same location as highlighted on the given map.

Now, the question arises here how to use this pokevision alternative? For this, you just need to open the app. Here, you need to click on the given map; it would scan the selected location and complete the task for you. It means that you won’t need to worry about finding pokemon near you. This application is the best alternative to pokevision. Since it is an easy to use application, you will surely find things functioning.

Choose Go Tools for Pokemon Go

It is considered an interactive map to go with when it comes to searching pokemon near you. If you are looking for rare Pokestops and Pokemon, you need to choose this one of the best pokevision alternatives online. The best part of choosing this replacement of pokevision is that it can easily help you searching pokemon CP along with the assistance of its amazing evolution calculator and CP. If you are assuming that it is the only feature of this innovative alternative of pokevision, you need to change your perception. Remember, this app can also assist you in determining the perfection of your chosen pokemons. This application also has a specific filter that can help you find you nearby pokemon only.

You can also try iOSEmus for Pokemon Go. It’s the best app for Pokemon Go tweaks.

PokemonMap – A Choice of Innovative People

This amazing pokevision alternative is certainly a great option to go with. It is just like Go Tools for Pokemon Go especially in terms of its specific specs. If you want to search for a pokemon nearby on this internet app, you just need to set the latitudes as well as longitude right especially followed by a tap on showing me existing pokemon. It is among the top pokevision replacements that you are looking for. Here one point should be noted that you always need to keep a check on given date that the available server of Pokemon Go offers you with. If you are assuming that you can only track the location of a pokemon near you by using this app, you need to alter your perception. This app can also be used to detect the walking and driving directions to find the nearby Pokemon.

One of the most amazing specs of this internet application is that where you may search the available pokemon you want that could help you find the rarely found amazing pokemons such as Pikachu. Apart from that, you can also find out a few nearby pokegyms by simply enhancing the radius of given search.

Easily Find Pokemons with Pokehunter

Pokehunter is another useful alternative to pokevision online. One of the key reasons behind the increasing popularity and demand of Pokehunter is that it can effortlessly find the pokemons that can’t easily be found. It not only helps you find the rare pokemons near you but also helps you find the best results for the same. Apart from performing aforementioned tasks, this pokevision alternative can also highlight different species of rare Pokemons on the global map. So, if you are looking for a replacement for pokevision, you need to look at nowhere else but pokehunter.

PokeFinder – A Community with Map

If you are looking for the best replacement for pokevision, you need to consider PokeFinder. This alternative to pokevision is certainly different from all other alternatives of pokevision as it’s a big community with a solid map. With the help of this pokevision alternative, you can easily find out recently discovered pokemons at your chosen location. If you want to end up with the desired pokemon, you just need to double tap or click on given map to provide a new pokemon location. If you want to unlock all the amazing features of this one of the best pokevision alternatives, you need to log in with your Google ID and password.

What Are the other Top Pokevision Alternatives?

Apart from the aforementioned top alternatives to pokevision, there are various other pokevision replacements available to go with. Some of the top pokevision alternatives are PokeMesh, PokeVs, Poke Detector, PokeAlert, and Poke Radar.

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Forex Day Trading Using Bollinger Bands



Day trading using Bollinger bands can be effective because this indicator can help a day-trader to predict the market, entry/exit points accurately. This is considered one of the best technical indicators for day traders. This indicator will create a channel in the graph, especially around the movement of the price of a currency. These channels are created based on the moving average and standard deviations. From these terms, it can be easily realized that understanding this indicator is hard.

Forex Day Trading Using Bollinger Bands

The Basics of Bollinger Bands

Bollinger bands will help investors to predict the direction of the trend, and he can also spot the possible turning points. As a result, traders in Hong Kong can make a wise decision following these guidelines and their strategies. The indicator will draw three lines – lower, middle, and upper. The middle one indicates the moving average of the currency’s price. Investors will choose the parameters to draw the moving average’s line.

The above (upper) and below (lower) lines are drawn on either side of the middle line, and the standard deviations (STDEVs) determine the exact interval between the two lines (the upper and lower). The currency exchange traders estimate the number of standard deviations, which the Bollinger band indicator sets, though some investors utilize two “standard deviations” from the moving average value. Remember that there are no magic numbers in this indicator. Futures trading is more like an art. You have to use all the tools in a very strategic way.

Use Bollinger bands for day-trading uptrends

Bollinger bands help traders estimate the strength of an uptrend, which means they can assess the sharpness of an upward moving market. In addition, they can also determine the strength of the downtrend (when the price of the market is falling). Thus, investors can make important trading decisions. One may follow these guidelines to use this indicator in day-trading –

  • During a strong uptrend, the graph will either touch or run with the upper line. If the graph doesn’t do this, you have to understand that the uptrend is losing momentum.
  • When there are pullbacks (during uptrends, the market fluctuates a few times), you may see that the lows of the pullback take place above or near the middle line.
  • When you observe that there is a strong upward movement of the market, it should not go through/touch the lower line. If it touches it, then that will be a warning that the market may make a reverse move.

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Use Bollinger Bands during downtrends

The Bollinger Band indicator also helps investors to determine the strength of the downward movement of a graph. It indicates how strongly the price of a currency is falling. A businessman can analyze and use this information to make decisions before there are a fatal crisis and losses. Follow these guidelines to use this indicator during a bearish movement of the market –

  • During a strong downtrend, the actual graph generally touches the lower band. If you see that the market is not going along with the line, it will indicate that the trend is losing momentum.
  • During the pullbacks in a downtrend, the price moves lower and the highs will occur below or near the middle line.
  • During a strong bearish movement, the graph shouldn’t come across or touch the upper line. If it does that, then it will be an indicator that the market may go into a reversal.

If you are into crypto trading then you must check out Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Spot the trend reversals with the indicator

  • During an uptrend, the graph shouldn’t touch the lower line. So, touching this line will indicate that there may be a reversal in the market.
  • During a bearish movement, the graph shouldn’t touch the upper band, and if it does so, the market may quickly take a reverse move.

By following this guide, a Forex trader can easily maintain the use of Bollinger bands to predict market reversals, the strength of an uptrend or downtrend, and so on. The three lines will help investors to spot a potential spot at which to enter or exit a trade.

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How Does One Go From Just Having An Idea To Creating An Eye-Catching Video?



Eureka! You’ve finally got it!

You have the ultimate idea that your brand can transform into an eye-catching video and get a revenue boost. You can almost picture it in your head. But now what?

How can you create the perfect video that can do justice to your amazing idea? What does it need to achieve this desired result? And most importantly, how can you realize your concept into a real-life opportunity?

If you are struggling with these questions, then you have come to the right place! In this post, we will explore how one goes from merely having an idea to executing it in the form of an eye-catching video. So without any further ado, let’s check out this step-by-step guide:

Create a Production Plan

Before you dive right into producing a video, it would be wise to formulate a production plan first. Having a structure in place will not only make it easier for you to shoot or create the video but also to edit it.

Start by identifying the mission and goal of producing this video. Is it to increase brand awareness? Do you want to get viral? Is it for self-promotion? Depending on this end-goal, you can formulate a production strategy.

Next, you need to decide the video content type. Video content ranges from Vlogs (Video Blogs) to Q&As – so decide on the video type based on your mission and the viewer preference.

Finally, get working on the script. Collect all the data in a single place and identify the key ideas that you wish to explore in your video, then collate this information to draft a compelling script. You may circulate this script between your team members and industry experts to gather their feedback.

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Choose a Video Maker

Now that you have the foundation in place, it is time to choose your tool. You can browse through the several video maker online and select an application or software that appeals to you the most.

Factor in your technical savviness and competence as a video creator and editor while choosing the platform. For basic video creation, you could turn to applications like PowerPoint, where you can dabble around with basic transitions and animations. On the other hand, platforms like Invideo that are packed with an array of features are also are known for having a user-friendly interface.

Let Your Brand Voice Echo

You are not making videos for leads and prospects; you are creating videos for other human beings.

So, allow your brand persona or individual personality to shine through the video. Whether you are creating videos in a B2B environment or sharing a step-by-step guide on how to make a mouth-watering egg roast, audiences are looking for a human connection.

However, in order to be successful, you and your audience have to literally and figuratively speak the same language. You cannot expect to attract middle-aged individuals or seniors with words like “YOLO” and “LOL,” and neither can you appeal to Millennials by blaming them for ruining the economy!

The above reason is why you must carefully choose a brand voice. Do you want to appear professional and authoritative? Or do you want to keep things fun and casual?

Factor in your audience and corresponding demographics to market yourself or your products through the video.

Explain Your Product or Service

Nobody knows you or your product/service better than yourself! However, this knowledge may result in you assuming that everyone else knows it too.

Conceptualize your video as the first point of contact between you or your brand and the audience. Then walk them through the entire process of what your product is and how it can benefit them.

But here comes the dicey bit – you need to balance out the information with entertainment. If your audience had the chance to choose between “5 features of XYZ” and cute cat or dog videos, they would, unfortunately, go for the latter. More so, if your video just drones on and on about product specifications and features.

Hence, make an attempt to make the video more engaging by weaving in a story or adding value to it. When you compare “5 features of XYZ” versus “5 ways in which XYZ changed my life,” the former appears to be more impactful. Thus, incorporate such techniques to make your videos more engaging.

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Snip, Snap, and Edit

Once you have produced the first raw draft of the video, it is time to edit it! Remember the production map that you created when you conceived the idea for the video? Bring that up again and recollect the goal.

With this objective in mind, start working towards creating a story. Delete any extra or irrelevant footage and add more aesthetically pleasing elements. Make use of video editor Chromebook tools to carry out color correction and color grading to give your video a polished look.

If there is narration involved, test and superimpose a voiceover clip for more clarity. On the other hand, you can make effective use of music to evoke emotions and influence the viewers.

Publish and Promote the Video

Finally, now that everything is done, it is time to show the world your awesome creation!

First, select an appropriate title and incorporate the keywords that will make it easier for audiences to locate your video. It may seem insignificant and is often overlooked, but put in thought while selecting a thumbnail for your video.

Once everything is in order, publish the video over multiple platforms and start promoting it with all your might!

Post your video on YouTube, Facebook, and the landing pages of your website. Make use of hashtags and include more keywords in the video description for greater visibility.


Creating an eye-catching video does not necessarily involve high production value. You can achieve the same effect by making smart use of readily available video creation tools. Most importantly, focus on the content of the video as it is the heart and soul of the video that will get it noticed!

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Tips for choosing a WordPress Template and Why You Need Template Monster



The quality of a WordPress site is often determined by the choice of template or theme. So as not to be wrong and get started in the right way by creating your site, here are some tips to follow to choose the best WordPress template of a WordPress site is often determined by the choice of theme.

Given the many WordPress themes including WordPress templates for business, some are free, some are paid, it’s hard to make choices. So as not to be wrong and get started in the right way by creating your site, here are some tips to follow to choose the best WordPress template.

1. Make your choice in the right place

In the same way you will not shop anywhere, you will not choose a WordPress template from any site. By going to a reputable and trusted library you will reduce the risk of choosing a bad WordPress template. You will find paid by clicking on “Commercial Themes” but a large selection of free templates awaits you, we are talking here in thousands.

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2. Decide between free templates or paid ones

This is a question that is often asked.

If I usually recommend paid templates, free templates shouldn’t be ignored. They can be used for the following reasons:

You want to create a personal blog
You prefer to familiarize yourself with WordPress first
You don’t need advanced features
You want a simple design for your site.

3. Value the template’s popularity level

If you rely on comments and ratings left by previous customers when making a purchase, these good habits must be maintained when choosing a WordPress template.

Popularity can be assessed using the following criteria:

– Overall note: a good template must have at least 4.5 / 5, if not more. Clearly, a record is relevant if there is a large number of voters.
– Comments: just because there are lots of comments doesn’t mean that the theme is of poor quality. Try to take a closer look at the contents of the last remaining message.
– Number of sales or downloads: I personally prefer to go to templates that have been bought by several thousand (or even hundreds of thousands) of people, this is a sign of quality.
– Date of last update: if the previous criteria directed you to choose a template, don’t forget to see this date. The latest updates show that the owner of the theme maintains it and makes improvements.

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Maybe Template Monster is your answer!

Template Monster is the best WordPress template provider. It provides you with a variety of professional templates for various purposes; e-commerce templates, CMS templates, HTML templates, and others. Whatever your WordPress site is, you will get the most appropriate portfolio website themes. You can take advantage of the Template Monster service now for only $ 16.60 / month. You can get the following features;

  • WordPress and CMS Themes
  • E-commerce Themes Powerful Plugins
  • Presentation Templates
  • Diverse Graphics
  • Unlimited Installations
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Now…what are you waiting for?

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