Washing Machine with 360-degree waterfall technology from Haier

Haier which is known for its new technology and innovations has now introduced a new Top Load washing machine in India with a 360-degree waterfall technology. It is not a long time when Haier introduced its IoT based smart laundry service in the previous summer. This new washing machine is priced at Rs 43,760 in India and you can check its further detailed specification by just searching the model no HWM100-678NZP in Google.

The most important feature which makes it the best washing machine in India is its 360-degree waterfall technology. This washing machine comes with a big smart screen and is very stable and noise free. If you look at its operation then it is one of the best steady operational. It can help you save at least 30 % of your time and energy because it is equipped with direct motion inverter motor.

It uses the Oceanus wave drum, used to create strong water flow for deep cleaning. The soft fall technology used in its lid allows smooth closure of its lid has even shock absorption feature designed to prevent any accidents. The body is curved and the edges are very smooth. Therefore, it is easily accessed and its Grey metallic color makes it look astonishing. The large screen provided for the smart user experience provided good user control.

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According to the Haier India’s president, Eric Braganza, the new 360-degree technology has revolutionized the Haier’s access to more customer base and now the company will look forward to getting its reach to most of its customers in India providing an amazing washing experience to its customers. Apart from this Eric Braganza also said that “They at Haier, continually take a gander attending to our client’s needs and present new advancements for extraordinary client encounter. To offer a healthy washing background to their clients, they have planned this model with cutting edge highlights to convey magnificent tidiness and additional consideration to their garments.”

Haier says that its customers would get an excellent customer service experience with a product with a lifetime warranty. The machine is also equipped with a filter having double layer lint which ensures complete cleaning. The innovative vertical flipping washing feature comes with a latest designed pulsator having an inner tub which is used to create a controlled and strong water flow in all directions and provides a uniform cleaning to all the clothes kept inside the machine. Designed with artistic motifs and having a sleek titanium grey color body this machine seems luxurious when kept in a home.

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This Haier’s HWM100-678NZP, 10 kg Machine is going to be available in India at a price of Rs 43,760. The best thing to being considered while buying this washing machine is the lifetime warranty on its motor. So we can say that the longevity of this product will certainly be at least 10 years, even used daily in a large family. And all its features make it a product that caters the needs of the Indian household.

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