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Torrents Vs Usenet – Detailed Comparison



Comparing Torrents and Usenet

What are torrents?

You may have heard people talking about downloading files on the internet using something called torrents. Torrenting has become the easiest and most efficient way to download nearly anything on the internet, so it’s quite popular. Almost anything can be downloaded using torrent software including movies, TV shows, books, software, games, and even music.

How do torrents work?

You’ll need a torrent client to use torrents correctly, and there are many available for free on the internet. uTorrentBitTorrent, and Vuze are three popular choices, but there are several others depending on your operating system of choice. Torrent clients read the torrent files you download from the internet and make sense of the data they contain.

When you download a torrent from a website, you’re not downloading the actual file you want from that website. You’re downloading a torrent file, which is only a few kilobytes in size. This torrent file acts like an index that tells your torrent program (uTorrent, BitTorrent) where to download that file on other people’s computers who are also sharing that specific torrent file.

It’s kind of like distributing copies of a digital key that tells the downloader where to find the correct files on the network. Torrenting is also faster than traditional downloads because it allows multiple download channels to be running simultaneously, each downloading an individual piece of the file from various users on the network.

Those who share their torrent files for others on the network to download are called seeders. A torrent file with lots of seeds means it is a healthy file with lots of sources that will allow you to download your content from multiple people to achieve a high download speed. Torrent files with only one or two seeders are tougher to download because they’re more dependent on fewer sources, so these torrents’ download speed can be severely limited.

Torrent age can also affect how healthy a torrent is for downloading. The older a torrent, the more likely it is to have fewer seeders available from which to download the content. Some older torrents may have no seeds, which is the digital equivalent of finding a key to a safe but not knowing where the safe is located.

Another issue with torrents is that you can see the IP address of the file host in most clients. This flaw in the torrent protocol has led to some copyright organizations setting up honeypots by uploading an illegal file and then recording all the IPs that download the torrent to access the files. For this reason, you should use a VPN service when you decide to download torrent files. VPN helps you to hide your IP while downloading.


  • Tons of content available on several websites for free
  • Easy to use once your torrent client is set up
  • Download from multiple sources for better speeds
  • Can be scheduled and automated with programs
  • Most torrent clients have scheduling built-in


  • Your IP address is exposed when torrenting
  • Requires a VPN to be safe
  • Torrent age and seeders can affect download availability & speeds
  • You have to share content you download, which can be a legal gray area

What is Usenet?

Usenet is an internet protocol that has been around since the foundation of the internet back in the ’70s. It was the pre-cursor to message boards and was housed across several de-centralized servers, making it easy to pass messages back and forth. However, in recent years, its use has shifted more to downloading content rather than sharing messages.

Usenet is less regulated than torrents and does not have the same negative media attention that torrenting has, so it’s easier to find content quickly and easier on the Usenet network than it is for peer-to-peer torrenting. It’s also worth noting that content often appears on Usenet before it’s available on many torrent sites.

How does Usenet work?

The files you download from Usenet are called binaries. These files are downloaded from Usenet’s decentralized servers, which are called newsgroups. There are tons of these newsgroups that are usually organized by categories under the alt binaries tag. You can find content related to just about any topic under the sun, including games, movies, tv shows, books, music, and software.

To browse the binary files available on Usenet, you’ll need a Usenet browser and to sign up for an account from a service provider. This fact is where torrents and Usenet start to diverge in how they operate. Whereas torrenting is free and relies on a peer-to-peer network of file hosters, Usenet services index the files on Usenet and charge a fee to anyone, who wants to access this content.

The price you’ll pay depends on which Usenet provider you select, but some of the more popular providers include Astraweb, Easynews, and Giganews. These services will usually sell you a chunk of bandwidth that you can then use to download content from Usenet using its servers. Once you have your provider lined out, you’ll need some additional software to make the most of Usenet.

To manage the files, you download on Usenet; you’ll want a program called SABnzbd. This program is a newsgroup handler that will use NZB files to let you download from Usenet and put the contents all back together into the actual file you wanted. To set it up, you’ll need to enter your the username and password provided by your Usenet service provider. It’s as configurable as any torrent downloader, but with more options available for granular control of the files you download.

SABnzbd downloads the hundreds of binaries that make up the file you want to download and then puts them back together on your computer. Think of it like that matter deconstructor machine from Willy Wonka, because that’s a bit how it works. Once the entire download is finished, SABnzbd goes to work moving the file where you specified in its new ready-to-use format.

NZB files function much like torrents do, in that they’re a small digital key pointing to the actual content of the file. You’ll need access to an NZB indexer like Binsearch to find these files. Once you add one to SABnzbd, you’ll see why Usenet is preferred over torrents. You should see blazing-fast download speeds that utilize most of your available internet connection. In fact, most people have to limit the amount of bandwidth SABnzbd can use to download to avoid killing their connection.

Once you have SABnzbd set up, you might look into content and media managers like Radarr and CouchPotato to find NZB files more easily than the sites that are listed above.

While Usenet takes some technical know-how and a bit more time to get set up compared to torrents, it’s much easier to automate and search for content. Once companion programs like SABnzbd and Radarr are set up to run on your computer, you can automate the process of downloading new files as they become available by setting up special search conditions for the content you want.


  • Blazing fast download speeds
  • Age of content doesn’t matter
  • Often gets content before torrents
  • Can be fully automated and scheduled with additional programs
  • Not as easily tracked as torrenting


  • Requires a paid subscription plus a Usenet reader
  • Setting up a Usenet reader for the first time can be daunting
  • Several different programs required to function well


So which service should you use to download your favorite files? That depends on your personal preference. If you don’t like having to manage a bunch of different programs or paying for access to content, then torrenting is probably your best option. However, you should keep in mind that your IP address is easily exposed while torrenting and using a VPN is recommended if you’ll be downloading sensitive content.

However, if the idea of an automated library of media content that auto-downloads and categorizes itself without you around sounding appealing to you, then you might consider learning how to set up a Usenet provider with programs like SABnzbd and Radarr to make the most of your downloading ventures. You’ll have to pay a bit for access to the alt binaries newsgroups to download files, but your download speeds will be blazing fast, and you’ll get your content before most torrent users.

Whichever option you decide on will probably have the content you’re looking for, but if you can’t find something on torrents, consider looking at Usenet and vice versa. It’s perfectly all right to use both methods in your hunt for the content you want to download.

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How to Use Chatbot with CRM to Increase Your Profitability?



Many CRM systems are integrated with a live chat feature to enable better communication with your customers. But that is the basic scope of the tool while the possibilities are endless.

You can use your Opensource AI Chatbot with CRM Integration to increase your revenue, generate new leads and establish a superior level of customer service.

The power of CRM lies in the amount of customer information it can manage, paired with a live tool, you can always get to know everything about a customer instantly. You can offer context-driven assistance and make the customer feel wanted.

Open source Chatbot can be integrated with any CRM solutions. You can even use open source free solutions- like SuiteCRM chat integration with the Live-helper chat tool & Live Chat CRM Profitability

chatbot with crm

Now let’s find out how you can use the Open Source Chatbot to generate leads and increase Relationship and Profitability with clients.

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The visitor to Customer:

You can successfully convert the visitors to your website to customers by using proactive Chatbot. For example, if someone has spent more than 5 minutes on a specific webpage, you send a pop-up chat saying, “Are you looking for something we can help with?”

Forrester survey reveals that 77% of customers want companies to value their time. You can jump right in and help out the visitor with better chances of conversion.

Successful Checkouts:

55% of American online shoppers are likely to cancel their purchase if they cannot get a quick answer to a query. You can use the Open Source Chatbot feature to catch the customer on the checkout page and answer all his questions. The chat window is also perfect for sharing files like brochures, manuals and so on. Solving the customer’s query in less time with CRM information, which will improve the chances of conversion and a successful purchase.

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Lead Generation:

The Open Source Chatbot tool can be made to work for you to generate and capture new leads. Using a pre-chat form to collect customer information is a good way to start. As in the Chatbot tool, all information will be stored in a centralized database ready to be accessed instantly.

Fynsis deliver hands-on training with lab sessions to ensure attendees complete understand and retain how to use SuiteCRM with real business scenarios. Open Source SuiteCRM Training material is consistently revised with every new release to make sure we deliver up-to-date SuiteCRM content. Participants retain more when they are practically involved in learning.

Hence, you can also engage a returning visitor or qualified lead; the moment they visit your website with Chatbot. Their details are stored in the CRM and you can start context-driven conversions based on their customer journey.

Engage from Anywhere:

Another plus point of the Open Source Chatbot is that you can even engage your customers using other devices. Be it a smartphone or tablet, you can use the Chatbot tool if the CRM solution is compatible, take a Free SuiteCRM Demo to understand the benefits, features, and functionalities of this CRM.

So distance doesn’t matter and you don’t need to be at your desk. You can communicate with your customers and leads from anywhere and keep up the productivity.

Apart from boosting sales and revenue, Open source Chatbot will improve customer engagement significantly. Better engagement means better service which leads to customer loyalty. And customer loyalty automatically means return customers who are willing to spend more than last time!

So Open Source Chatbot is a must if you want to grow your business and profits.

How to Use Chatbot with CRM to Increase Your Profitability?
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How to Buy Now and Pay Later On Flipkart



Flipkart has made shopping easier for you with its micro financing option, Flipkart pay later. If you have been a frequent Flipkart user, you must check out the Flipkart pay later option.

With this very user-centric option, you can buy products on credit for a month. You can transact multiple times, and a consolidated payment can be made at the beginning of the subsequent month. Depending on your eligibility, you can get a credit line of 5-10k every month. There are various benefits to using Flipkart pay later option.

  • Easy transactions

  • Interest-free credit

  • Flipkart assured products

  • Easy Returns/Exchange/Refund

  • Easy repayment for the entire month in a single deal

  • Hassle-free buying at a single click

  • Seamless checkout process

  • Try and buy

  • Easy repayment by credit cards, debit cards or net banking

  • No maintenance charges for this facility

Looking at the number of benefits that this option comes with, you should definitely give it a try. Here is a look at how this exactly works:

  1. Once you visit the website, you will be able to view this option on the Homepage if you are eligible for the same. This option is available to select customers. The Eligibility option can be seen under the ‘My Account’ section of the website or on your app.

2. Once you click on the ‘Know More’ tab, you can check your credit limit for the month.

3. Check out the terms and conditions, and the process given on the website for your reference. Go through the frequently asked questions as well to make sure that you have all the facts right.

4. You can then check out which products are eligible for the pay later option. You will see ‘Eligible for Flipkart Pay Later’ written at the bottom of the product. The products that are eligible for the pay later option are all Flipkart-assured. Add the relevant products to your shopping cart.

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5. Once the product is added to the cart, checkout and continue to the payment page. Here from amongst the listed payment methods choose ‘Flipkart Pay Later’ as your option.

6. This option enables you to complete the transaction in a single click, and your order gets placed instantly. You will then receive the details of the order.

7. You can track your purchases as well as usage of the Flipkart pay later account. The payment for your multiple purchases during the month is to be done before the due date. The amount due date is the 10th of the following month.

8. Your statement is sent to you on the 1st of every month. This will include all the transaction details of all your purchases for the previous month.

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Repayment is a seamless and straightforward process. Your payments can be cleared off by several payment modes such as credit card, debit card, or net banking. You receive the monthly statement on your registered email address. A reminder SMS is sent out as well. The Flipkart app users also receive a notification for the same.

Although the option is interest-free for you, you can be penalized for delayed payments. The payments are to be made before the 10th of the subsequent month. In case of delays beyond this due date, there is a particular penalty charge levied on the outstanding amount. You can find the details of the late payment penalties in the FAQs section on the app or website.

Here are the penalty slabs for your reference.

The outstanding amount of up to Rs 2,000: Rs 100-/

Outstanding between Rs. 2,001-4,001: Rs. 200/-

Rs. 4,001 and above: Rs. 400-/

Any delays beyond can lead to a suspension of your account.

Flipkart Pay Later is an absolutely user-focused initiative by Flipkart. By providing a small level of credit, this form of micro-finance can make your online shopping convenient and hassle-free for you. Most of the online shops extend services that make your shopping experience more affordable. These include options such as Debit Card or No cost EMI, Buyback Guarantee, etc. But the Flipkart Pay Later option makes your online shopping experience easier, hassle-free, and extremely convenient for you.

If you have been a loyal Flipkart customer, you will definitely be able to enjoy the perks of this service. This makes shopping as easy as merely selecting and dropping your product in your cart and confirming your order at the click of a button to finalize it.

So if you shop more than once every month on Flipkart, there is absolutely no need for you to get into long transaction processes. No need for OTPs and payments when Flipkart has made it so simple and easy for you!

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Benefits of Integrating Clover POS Technology Explained



Clover POS technology allows you to concentrate on merchants’ needs without the cost and time of compliance. The way customers are making the payment has changed dramatically in the past few years. 60% of payments today are EMV, and 70% of consumers have at least one chip card. EMV chargebacks are very real and happening faster than you can imagine. Integration of Clover POS tech will enable your merchants to take EMV payments without the high price of enabling chip-based payments.

Clover is not just an EMV solution; it’s a platform for payments-as-a-service.

Ensure Quick EMV Compliance

When you integrate with Clover, your POS attains almost instant EMV compliance. It initiates a request, Clover gets the request and processes the payment, then sends a response. Each step of the process is reported to the POS, and it can then act on it to modify the customer experience.

You can begin taking payments in less than a day by fully or semi-integrating or by integrating your mobile POS. With Clover, you bypass complex commerce operations for multi-location merchants. Clover Mini brings seamless, safe EMV technology to market fast. The option to update the Mini with functionality as customers’ businesses evolve is a must in today’s rapidly changing commerce-scape.

Build Apps on the Platform

You can also build apps that do not take payments on the platform. Examples include loyalty apps, customer feedback apps, and gift card apps.

Development Basics

Clover’s safe semi-integration solution allows your existing point-of-sale software to accept EMV-ready, PCI-compliant payments. The platform’s customer-oriented experience enhances the POS and takes care of all payment acceptance tasks so you don’t have to.

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Semi-integration integrates your software and hardware with Clover’s, making your point-of-sale EMV compliant quickly and easily.

Clover Connector

The CloverConnector interface provides external POS systems access to the same payment functions as PaymentConnector, as well as Android activities, custom receipts, and other features. The interface is available for Android, .NET, iOS, and JavaScript.

Payment Connector

The Java-based PaymentConnector interface lists all of the features your app needs to make a sale, perform other payment functions, even issue a refund. This API is an excellent choice if you are building a point of sale directly on a Clover device.

Clover’s Benefits

  • Award-winning, patented hardware design
  • The ability to tap into a sales force of over 4,000 people
  • Unlimited batch capacity
  • All receipts and customer signatures are stored forever and retrievable through a single web call
  • Simple integration (get a basic sale function up and running in less than a day)
  • Integrated camera/barcode scanner

What you get from integration:

  • Support for peripherals using our patented hub for weight scales, barcode scanners, and more
  • High-level, transparent CloverConnector API
  • Open-source SDK
  • Other Clover features
  • Takes all payments types (magnetic stripe swipe, EMV dip, NFC contactless, and manual entry)
  • PCI compliant
  • Authentications, pre-auths, and sale transactions
  • Partial authentications
  • Voids, payment refunds, manual refunds (detached credits)
  • Store & Forward (take offline payments)
  • Integrated printer with thermal paper (Clover Flex and Clover Mini)
  • 3G/4G connectivity (optional)
  • 4 standard USB ports
  • Detects and prevents duplicate transactions
  • Payments-as-a-Service Integration Options
  • Cashback
  • Manual card entry
  • Customizable tip options
  • Settings can be configured per merchant
  • Payment Interfaces

Clover offers different payment interfaces depending on the combination of merchant- and customer-facing devices you require. If you develop a registered app for a merchant, the app will use Clover’s PaymentConnector for sale processing. The interface is used to pass information about the transaction to the Clover payment app and return confirmation of the transaction.

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The CloverConnector is used to establish the USB connection and transfer transaction data to the Clover Mini for customer review. In addition, it is used to do the following:

  • Receive the customer choices for a tip and a receipt
  • Initiate the payment flow on the Mini
  • If required, receive the signature for verification
  • Return confirmation of the transaction to the POS

We already discussed the option of semi-integration, which is viable if you have an existing POS with a strong merchant base and are searching for the fastest way to achieve EMV compliance. It’s also a good option if you have a strong brand your merchants identify with, a complex system that’s difficult to move away from, and if your POS system requires specialized hardware. If none of these apply to you, your best bet is native integration. Here is some more info about that.

Native Integration

In this integration, your POS runs directly as an app on Clover hardware. Merchants can find your app seamlessly within the Clover system just by looking for it in the provider’s App Market. They handle the payments, and you handle the merchant experience. If you’re developing a new POS or want to give your merchants an all-in-one solution, this may be an attractive option.

Clover Go BYOD (Beta)

The next option is Clover Go, the BYOD (bring your own device) solution. This EMV-capable device attaches to a tablet or smartphone, enabling native iOS and Android mobile apps to accept NFC, or EMV transactions swipes fast with no EMV certification required on your end. This integration option is ideal for merchants who are always on-the-go and who want their iOS and Android apps to be able to accept payments everywhere. Clover Go integration leverages a cost-effective and highly secure EMV-capable device with a streamlined set of functions.

Clover Go Integration Procedure

The Clover Go SDK is embedded in your mobile POS application. The calling app interacts with an asynchronous call model. Once the SDK is initialized, the calling application can launch a payment request. The request will activate the card reader linked to the mobile device. The customer can then use any of the following mechanisms for payment: card-not-present transactions, card-present transactions, and cash transactions.

The SDK will interact with the payment gateway to provide a callback with the payment response after processing the transaction. The calling app can capture the signature.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many benefits of integrating Clover POS tech, and many integration options. We hope this article has been helpful!

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