Tor VS VPN: Which is better for Deep Web Users

Everyone surfing the internet wants some privacy, the privacy from parents and privacy from all the intruders trying to access your network. It can be your DNS, any government agency, surveillance department, or any hacker trying to steal your information. We all know the fact that our online identity can be hidden. But, what are the tools to do so? Yes, of course, you can a proxy server, but there are few better alternatives as well.

tor vs vpn

Tor and VPN can be the best tools to browse the internet with complete freedom. Which one to go with? Whether to choose Tor, or go with a VPN? So, we have come across a brief comparison that will help you decide which tool is best for you to access the deep web links or dark web websites. Go through this tor vs VPN comparison and come to a conclusion.


Tor is a decentralized system that lets the users to connect to the desired servers through relay servers. The user traffic is routed through various nodes and each node is aware about the IP of adjacent nodes. No one can track the complete path.

VPN establishes s point to point connection virtually. VPN connection is established using dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, and traffic encryption. The user appears to be coming from the IP address that belongs to a network. The user can easily browse anonymously without revealing the actual identity.

Geo Restrictions

Using Tor, a user will be able to access the desired websites only when the exit node is located in the country where those websites are not restricted. The access to all the websites can be achieved for the nations like UK, USA, and few renowned countries. It cannot bypass the geo-restrictions completely.

VPN can easily bypass the geo-restrictions. All you have to do is get connected to the server other desired country and access any restricted website or content sitting at your home.


As the data is routed through various nodes and relays, latency is added by each node/relay. This makes the speed of Tor much slower. Tor is worst for P2P sharing and streaming of the media.

There is a myth that the VPN kills internet speed. The technology has made advancements and modifications making the VPN a better tool to use while accessing the internet anonymously. The modern-day VPNs have no impact on speed.


Tor is available for free. You need not pay anything to get a Tor. It can be downloaded from the official website and can be used on different platforms to browse the internet anonymously.

But when you choose a free VPN, it comes with certain limitations. You always have to go with premium VPNs to ensure that you get all the features and are able to access the internet flawlessly without having any impact on the speed of the network.

The End Note

Both Tor and VON have their advantages and disadvantages. But, I will still prefer VPN over Tor if you are certainly not looking for a free tool to navigate through the internet anonymously.

Tor VS VPN: Which is better for Deep Web Users
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