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Well, in this indisputable and the strangling world when rarely gets the chance to focus on their dreams, reading the daily important stuff is far beyond the race to be talked about. Where one has the pressure to reach the office in time to stop the raining wrath upon them, there thinking about reading the daily happenings of the world is far beyond the reach. Here in this article, I will be focussing on the best news app company that has revolutionized the excursive world of news.

best news app

So, let’s fly into.

  1. ESPN: – Well, if you are a true sports lover then definitely this app would be best for you. From the awesome sixes to the game-changing goalkeeping all you can view under one eye. Even if you have missed any of your favorite matches you can easily have a look at it when having this unique in your pocket. This app insists you watch the matches which you have been previously gone through with the awesome commentaries and a heart-pounding experience from which you never want to recover. Really the best app to be downloaded.


  1. CRICKBUZZ: – With the swiveling deliveries by the bowlers and the perfect counter-attack by the batsman is always fun to watch. The last game-changing super over and celebrating the victory which they have achieved the Cody works sometimes insist our soul to move inside the device and have a good celebrating time with them. Really this app would give the best finishing to your chase in search for the best cricket news app. Embedded with the mind-blowing commentaries by the renowned commentators keep our eyes wide open and can hardly let your fingers stop without scrolling down through its prodigious features.















  1. AWESUMMLY: – Now, I don’t have enough words to speak of its unique features which it offers to the users. The name is itself enough to enlighten the way for the other startups struggling to be on the way to success. When people hardly get the time reading the daily important stuff, this app allows you to read the news in just about 60 words. Wow! great. Didn’t it sound interesting? Definitely, this app can drive you off from your seat and trust me there is no other alternative for it. What not can you do with this app? Now, even if you are not willing to read the news, you can record it and listen in your leisure time. Really this app is a must downloaded one.



  1. AAJ TAK: – This app still haunts us when we are sitting and watching our favorite stuff and someone enters and change the channel to this particular stuff. Well, now shift our talk from this haunting stuff and look deep into its features. The app which covers the daily happenings across the world is what the topic to be talked about. It keeps us updated with the daily news and let us ahead of the race of the missing one. Now if I try to make out words for its appreciation, I would be definitely sorted out of it. So, download this app on your device and let the world know what strength you have.

















  1. UC NEWS: – Focussing on the news from each zone starting with the fights between the political leaders and the unique and the excursive world of the amazing things, this app is the best news app to be downloaded on the device. The app flies you high from the daily noises of the indisputable world and lands you into the silent world of news and only news. When you have this app with you, the news will itself walk towards you to update the daily happenings across the globe. Once downloaded you will hardly look for its alternatives.


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