Does every parent sometimes worry about what goes on in your kid’s smartphone? It is as
important to give them privacy and personal space, but it ‘equally, very important to let them use
a smartphone and the internet without any form of restrictions. As a parent, it is natural to worry
if you see your kid tapping the phone all day long. And for sure when you ask to check their
phone, they switch off tabs and delete some content. It is advisable to secretly install mSpy WhatsApp spy app on their phone so as to monitor their WhatsApp chats more closely and their
access to different social networking sites.

Keeping a check on your child,s WhatsApp chats is
quite a simple process, but if you’re new to this, here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Installing

mSPY comes with a lot of features that helps you to monitor calls, SMS, internet usage, GPS
location and much more. You need to select and buy a package that suits your purpose the
best. Once you’ve bought the app, you’ve got to physically install it on your child’s phone. I
know this one is the tricky bit but trust me, once you’ve got it done, it will all be worth it.

Step 2: Toggle WhatsApp On

You will be able to use the mSPY control panel once you have installed it. The app instantly
starts doing its work. Now you’ll be able to see all the features that you got in the package. But
we especially looking to spy and keep an eye on WhatsApp chats with the help of mSpy
WhatsApp spy app, so you need to make sure that the WhatsApp feature is toggled on. If the
toggle button is off, you will not be able to obtain data from your targeted phone.

Step 3: Using the WhatsApp Monitoring Feature

After the WattsApp feature has been toggled on, there is a lot that you can do. Basically, you
will be able to view
All the WhatsApp group chats
All the WhatsApp individual chats
All WhatsApp contacts
All WhatsApp photos
Getting all the chats can crowd and clutter your control panel. To save yourself from this crowd
you can do another thing unless you are truly looking to monitor every WhatsApp chat on your
kid’s. You can put certain contacts and words on your Watchlist to get an update of the same
instant. This helps you filter your control panel and reduces clutter. For example, if you think
your child’s friend Tom is not a good company, put Tom on your Watchlist. In this way, you’ll get
a notification any time your child has a WhatsApp conversation with Tom.
In the same way, if you also want to be notified and informed when your kids talk about certain
things, you can put your buzzwords on the Watchlist too. These words could be ‘club’ or ‘weed’
or ‘drunk’, or whatever makes you think your kid needs to stay away from.

Step 4: Be the Digital Parent

It is not just a one-time decision to monitor WhatsApp chats on your kid’s phone; it’s an ongoing
process for your child’s safety. You need to consistently and continuously keep an eye on what
your kids and what they are doing on their smartphones. If you sense some danger through the
WattsApp chat history, be available to help, guide, protect and counsel them. Installing is easy,

and it helps you be that responsible digital parent.

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