Simple Tips To Boost Your Wifi Signals At Your Home

If you have signed up for a cable plan of up to 300 Mbps of blistering internet speed but in reality, you are getting a different much lower speed which is bothering you then you need to boost your WiFi signals so that you can get the real speed of your plan. In this post, we are telling best ways to improve your WiFi speed in easy steps.

What actions do you need to take to increase your WiFi performance and get your internet real speed back? Follow the below methods and boost your WiFi signals easily.

Check the router

IP connection can get hung up between your device and the router or between the router and Internet. Just restart your router so that it can reboot its all systems including the network processor and wireless radios.

If rebooting does not work then make sure firmware of the router is updated. To check if it’s updated or not look for the update option under “System” in router software you have installed on your computer. If it is not updated then download router firmware updates from the manufacturer’s website.

Turn Off Eco Mode

Check if your router has power-saving or Eco mode. If it has then it might be on by default. Actually, eco mode slows down your WiFi speed and minimize power saving. Just turn it off. Also, check if your router has an Automatic transmission setting and make sure its 100 percent.

Move the router

Most of the routers have antennas which provide symmetrical ‘donut‘ of Wi-Fi coverage. So move your router into an open space which is centrally located in your house. Also, make sure that there are no obstructions, to do so place your router up high.

Check if your ISP is providing real speed

If you have completed all of the above actions then you need to check the speed of the service coming from your service provider. In most cases, ISPs oversubscribe and you get lower speed in the afternoon when everyone gets home. You can check the speed by running a speed test on Check it different times during the day. Overall speed should be at least 80 to 90 percent of what your service provider promises.

Run a Ping test

When you run a speed test then speed test gauges the speed possible based on available bandwidth from the service provider. But in the Ping test, it gauges latency. This shows the delay in communication between your computer and a particular website on the Internet. You can check your internet connection goodness by it too.

Upgrade to Mesh WiFi

If you have tried everything for improving WiFi signals and nothing is working for you then I will suggest you upgrade your WiFi to Mesh WiFi. If you upgrade to mesh WiFi then you will better coverage throughout your home for sure. Mesh WiFi is a network of nodes which work together which provides better overall coverage with less signal drop. If you’re wondering what’s the best mesh Wi-Fi system to buy, check this list and see the reviews and comparisons.



So these are best ways to improve your WiFi signals in your home effectively. I hope you will get good internet speed after doing these actions. You can do all the tasks still upgrading to mesh wifi is the smart move.

Simple Tips To Boost Your Wifi Signals At Your Home
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