How to Safely Buy and Sell Stocks through Your Mobile Phone

A stock market is a risky place, especially when you are getting in trading or buying and selling stocks. Managing the right time is very important in trading. If you are late for a bit of second, you can miss a big opportunity.

Good news is, there comes the mobile phone, you can be available for trading all the time whenever you are required. With the rising technologies and high-end performance smartphones, stock trading is now at your fingertips. Here are some steps through which you can you can start trading on your mobile phone safely and securely.

There are several apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store which are pretty awesome for trading through your smartphones.

Register on the app and fill out the application form

To get started with any trading app, firstly, you will have to register on that app. You can register on it via your existing email id or by manually creating an account. Many apps also require to fill out an application form which you can fill and submit via your phone or computer.

Link your bank account

After registering on the app, link your preferred bank account for the transaction purpose.

In order to start stock trading, you will be needing an online brokerage account. To know more about brokerage account and the steps involved to open it, visit Crediful and get a complete guide regarding brokerage account.

Spend time to learn the platform

To buy and sell stocks or to simply start stock trading, you will have to learn the trading app platform. You will have to spend some time to know the rules and regulation of trading. You can also watch YouTube tutorials of your preferred trading app to learn more and quickly. Be confident and trust yourself.

Make small but real money trades

Stock trading apps are very simple. If you have proper planning and strategy, then you can earn a good amount of money through it. If you want to remove your fear of losses, then you can buy and sell small stocks and earn real money through it. These small trades will allow you to not think much on the risk associated while investing your money in smaller stocks. In this way, you will be more focused on your trading and will be 100 percent engaged.


Mobile trading is comfortable but at the same time, it is risky too. It might happen that at the time of selling and buying stocks on mobile phones, your mobile signals get weak or you face issues with your internet connectivity. Be prepared for any circumstances if you are trading on your phone.

No doubt mobile trading is a fantastic and convenient way of buying and selling stocks and keeps you updated with the stock market at your fingertips. Now, that you have purchased and sold your first stock through your mobile phone, we hope that it is the beginning of your trading journey. Good luck!

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