PDF Readers: 4 Features That Make Them Stand Out Among Alternative Options

A PDF reader is a multitasking software that lets users create, edit, convert and modify documents. It is one solution software that eliminates the need for installing several software that offers individual solutions.

PDF readers come in handy for almost everyone, may they be business people, students or book nerds who want to read novels all day.

Here are 4 features that make them stand out among alternative options:

  1. Reading Modes

Different people may have different requirements when it comes to reading PDF documents. Thankfully, PDF readers have it covered for everyone.

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Read Out Loud Mode: People who are fond of listening to stories can turn on the read out loud mode option. It is also a treat for people with poor eyesight as they can listen to stories whenever they feel like. The feature can turn any document into an audiobook.

Night Mode: This mode is to be used when light conditions are unfavorable and very low. It adjusts the device’s light levels automatically and makes it easier for a person to read the document when the light is low.

Layouts: You can also switch to landscape, portrait or continuous modes to adjust the length and height of the documents for better readability.

  1. Top Notch Documentation Options For Students And Business People

Working on PDF documents is quite common for both students and corporate people. Here’s why they should use a PDF reader:

For Students: A student’s life incorporates lots of paperwork. They’ve to make assignments, generate reports, prepare proposals, write applications and even take notes. PDF reader can help them by neatly managing all assignments and taking care of formatting as well.

Writing essays and taking notes during a class becomes easy when you have a device with a PDF reader installed on it.

For Corporate People: Running a business is a difficult thing to do as there are loads of documents to handle. There are vendor contracts, client paperwork and many other kinds of needs to prepare PDF documents.

Soda PDF is a software that offers professional features that can help manage your business’s paperwork. It offers to generate new PDF files, editing, modifying and protecting them. Moreover, you can also convert other extensions into PDF extension with it.

  1. Security Options

PDF readers let you protect as many files as you want by imposing passwords on them. This keeps unauthorized personnel away from accessing documents that are confidential.

  1. Organizing Files

A PDF reader allows you to organize content properly. You can save and view files according to name, size, etc. This way you can easily find what you need.

Other than this, PDF readers also allow you to find a specific word or phrase on a document. This can help you save time as it removes the need to scan through the entire document to find something.

Look for a PDF reader that offers all these features so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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