Non-profit organizations and fundraising

Non-profit organizations and fundraising : Nonprofit organizations are the organizations which are working towards bringing a change in the society. These organizations strive day and night to bring about a revolution in the society.


There are different kinds of nonprofit organizations working towards solving different issues in the society.

One organization works for providing proper and affordable health care for cancer patients, whereas, another organization provides shelter for the kids as an orphanage.

A nonprofit’s main aim is to serve the society overall and to bring a change in it, one step at a time. Many underprivileged kids are now going to schools and getting educated, thanks to the selfless service of these nonprofit organizations.

A nonprofit organization’s main requirement to function efficiently is funding. Nonprofits and funds go hand in hand. There are never surplus funds in a nonprofit, hence, they keep requiring funds to do things.

Fundraising is an art, every nonprofit organization must know. It is the main pillar of the nonprofit. many people use different fundraising techniques to raise funds for their cause.

Startups employ various fundraising methods to bring their ideas to life. It can be angel funding or with the help of incubators. Similarly, many small businesses, take bank loans to help their business grow.

What should nonprofits do? What are the innovative fundraising techniques a nonprofit should apply?..etc

Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered.

Here are five unique ideas which a nonprofit can use to gain funds:

1) Membership campaigns:

When you want more people to know the cause your fighting for, and want their help, it’s simple! Make them your members. Conduct membership campaigns and allow more and more people to join hands and come together. It also helps in spreading the word about your organization among the crowd. Prospects get converted into regular donors and it helps in gathering more volunteers who can help in supporting your cause.

2) Special events:

There’s no doubt that special events are hard to conduct. Conducting a special event may require a lot of capital and if not capital, volunteers. Special events can be of any sort, ranging from a concert to a sports event or a dance competition.

Nonprofits can approach singers and make them aware of the cause. In a later stage, the nonprofit can team up with the singer to conduct concerts and raise money.

3) Earned income:

If your nonprofit involves kids, or it is an orphanage, then you can try this method of raising funds. Many kids have innovative creative skills if put to good use can give extraordinary results. Kids can make paper crafts, such as handmade wallets, decorative items.etc

Who doesn’t like handmade items?

These items can be then sold in the market for a good price and the amount of money raised from these sales can be used to fund the nonprofit’s cause. Not only crafts, the nonprofit can make everyday snacks like cookies.etc Not only this raises funds for the nonprofit, but it also enhances the creativity of the child.

4) Corporate support:

Corporate companies and other multinational companies are one of the key sources to raise funds. Nonprofits can approach corporates and explain them about the cause. If interested, the company can contribute a certain amount from their corpus or else, can provide volunteers who can help you in the cause. Many nonprofits team up with corporates and also help them in conducting CSR activities.

5) Crowdfunding:

Last but not the least, is the employing the method of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the process of raising funds from individuals by telling them about your cause/project. One can make use of different methods in crowdfunding. Crowdfunding can be done online as well as offline. A non-profit or an NGO can make use of crowdfunding sites like Milaap to raise funds for their cause.

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