Why Native Writers Can Make Your Thesis and Dissertations Grand?

On the advertorials, or on a especially targeted social campaign on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+ and even Instagram, you might have come across advertisements demanding native writers. Writing is more or less the same; even a native writer will use the same alphabets, verb-agreement rules and sentence construction.

But, it is fascinating to see how native writers eat upon lucrative opportunities and some writers from “Third World” countries fail to get buyers for their research papers or content writing services.

In this blog, the writers will get to know how few of them are so much demanded in the market, whereas, there are other folks, who fail to impress the dissertation, thesis or research buyers.

Some Common Aspects Considered By Native Writers, That Make Their Research Papers So Much Saleable Are:

Careful Use of  Apostrophe

On the planet, Hitler massacred many men, in the world of English, the “Grammar Nazis” kill writer’s dream. In the west, folks are highly concerned about the grammar and sentence construction. Just a hypothetical situation, as a writer from East, if you happen to serve a research student from the United Kingdom, your erratic English will not make your research papers saleable.

They are looking for native writers and the best way to appear as one would be to “do-away-with-wrong-apostrophe-usage”. A few of the common mistakes with non-native English writers, primarily from the Netherland, Chile, India, China, Japan, and the Middle East.

Native writers are master of writing. They bring a natural touch to the thesis and PhD dissertations. On account of these traits, they have stupendous track records of their demand. To buy papers from native writers is on everyone’s mind and those who have the huge wallets, they get the best research for their majors and PhD.

 Wrong use of “The”

“The”, as per grammar, it is a definite article. The is used to denote something, like the United States of America, the United Kingdom. But, non-native speakers play along naively with the “The”. Here, even the use of “The” was apparent. Just, let’s substantiate with an example. In the morning, “ a typical American” will say that I will brush my teeth. On the contrary, “Third World” folks are often quoted over-using the “definite article” wrongly. I will brush “The Teeth”.  It is hard to comprehend this mess, as it was wonderful to imagine that the speaker had a long list of teeth to brush, and he/she chose a definite article “the” to specify that teeth that will be brushed shortly.

Such a fiasco won’t happen with a native writer. They are natural in their approach and can express things with a subtle touch, in this way, the research thesis and dissertations become more natural and enticing for the audience and reviewer.

Over-use of language: Fakeism

To begin with, how would you react if someone says, call me at 0.8 hours. Such is the essence of communication with the netizens. Notably, such traits appear in those people who are not having specific training and assessment with the language that they use. In usual conversational style, it is okay to say that call me at 8.30. But, with written communication, things become more refined and polished. The impact of half past 8, will be more explanatory than 8:30. These are fundamental differences that native writers do with their research and write-ups.

For young and budding writers from the non-native English speaking countries, it is as simple as defining your kinds of stuff in your mother tongue. In case, if you had to explain some explanatory paragraphs in Polish, German, French, Russian, Hindi, Chinese or Hebrew, the impact will be different. In the same manner, the person with the first language as English will have a different level of explanation for the use of the same word. Therefore, in this area as well, the native writers are preferred most for the research papers and dissertation writing.

The Language Conundrum

The language might be different with region and usage. Regular writers with English as the second language might use words differently, without even knowing that they have completely messed up. For example, my brief experience with a non-native speaker. A person without  English background is answering a call, Hi there, how is everything your side.

Now, if an American had to understand the conversation, he would be somewhat skeptical, what to answer and how to answer such lameness. But, the speaker wants to know that how is everything at his end. Or, merely saying, how he is. The same essence is used in writing, with such erratic use of language, to buy papers from a non-native English speaker will not serve the purpose of those who are from the west.  Even on this ground, the native writers will certainly help you to pass your majors with good grades.

For those who are in their final years of their PhD, or about to graduate shortly, thesis and research is going to take a major share of your hard work. Do not settle for the ordinary, a native writer might be somewhat costly, but best buy papers happen when you avail them.

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