mspy reviews: Why is it the Best Monitoring Software For Parental Control In 2019

Cyber threats and cyberbullying are some of the nasty side effects of being online. With the advent of social apps and smartphones, every individual now has some online presence. Hence, it becomes essential for a person to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from such dangers.

So this is where the ethical spying app, mspy, comes into the picture. mspy is mainly used to monitor and protect your loved ones from being the victims of online identity theft and other unknown risks of being online.

According to Whitedust’s mspy review article, here are some of the top features of mspy, also helping you in understanding they help avoid cyber threats.

mspy reviews

Top Features That Make mSpy Worth Installing:

#1. Manage and monitor calls

mSpy allows you to view all the incoming or outgoing calls on the device under surveillance, including durations and timestamps of the calls. It even allows you to block all the unwanted or spammy numbers from reaching out to your child.

Monitoring the calls is extremely useful because youngsters frequently become victims of unwanted sexual solicitations.

In a report shared by NY Times, there are hundreds of apps used by stalkers to monitor the activities of their loved ones or also call them as victims.

#2. Keep track of text messages

With the help of mSpy, you can easily track and review all the text messages and multimedia files being sent or received by the device under supervision. Additionally, if you think that your child might have deleted the messages, don’t worry because even those will be available to you in your personal dashboard.

Keeping an eye on text messages is helpful because today’s kids rarely make calls and instead text more. Hence, with the help of mSpy, you can make sure that your kids are not hanging out with unwanted people.

#3. Monitor social media messaging apps

mSpy lets you monitor the text messages and other multimedia files sent via various messaging apps as well. mSpy supports almost all of the social media apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder and more.

Today’s kids spend a majority of their time surfing social media apps, and hence they are extremely vulnerable to cyberbullying and identity thefts. Therefore, mSpy helps you check and monitor your child’s online social activity effortlessly.

#4. Track GPS Location and set-up Geo-Fencing

With the help of mspy, you can oversee your kid’s current whereabouts on a detailed map. You can also scrutinize their route history over a specific period and even view a complete list of locations visited with exact coordinates on the map.

Another noteworthy feature of mspy is the ability to set-up a virtual geo-fencing around your child. That is you can set-up an unlimited number of safe and forbidden zones for your child to visit. Later you will get notified on when and how often is each zone being visited. Hence, this feature makes mspy stand out of the competition.

#5. Monitor internet activity, control apps, view stored files, read emails, and much more

To sum it up, mspy lets you take charge of your child’s smartphone completely. The spying app allows you to analyze your child’s internet activity, and also to regulate the apps installed on the smartphone.

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It also gives you access to view all the saved content in the memory of the phone, and also to read all the emails being sent or received on particular email id.


Note that these were just a few notable features of a dozen other features available in mSpy software. Additionally, if you buy the complete package of mSpy, you will be assured of total control of your child’s online activity.

The main intention of this mspy reviews is to keep you informed about the latest technology available in the market. Note that we are not convincing you to spy on your children and your loved ones secretly.

While it is good to keep an eye on your child, it’s also necessary to not overdo it. There should always be a good understanding and an open relationship between the parents and their children. Only go for such steps if you feel that your child is vulnerable to cyber threats.

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