Movavi Video Editor Plus vs. Windows Movie Maker Review

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most widely-used video editors, due to the fact that in the past it was built into most versions of Windows. While it is a useful video editor, it does have its limitations – which is why you may be looking into alternatives.


One of the most interesting alternatives to Windows Movie Maker would have to be Movavi Video Editor Plus. As a popular video editor in its own right, it has developed a solid reputation as a powerful yet easy-to-use editor.


If you’d like to know how both these editors stack up, here’s how they compare with one another:

  • User interface

Windows Movie Maker uses the traditional Microsoft ‘ribbon’ interface that many users are familiar with and is relatively intuitive as a result. Similarly Movavi Video Editor Plus has a clean and simple tab-based interface as well, that is easy to navigate and places features just a click or two away.

  • Input and output support

While both Windows Movie Maker and Movavi Video Editor Plus support a wide range of input media formats, the former is far more limited in terms of output and can only save videos in four formats. It does not support 4K videos, nor does it utilize Intel Media acceleration to encode videos more quickly. By comparison, Movavi Video Editor Plus supports dozens of output formats, 4K video, and Intel Media acceleration.

  • Capture options

If you intend to record additional audio or video footage, Windows Movie Maker will limit you to doing so via a webcam or microphone. On the other hand, Movavi Video Editor Plus will let you capture audio and video from many other sources, including AVCHD cameras, webcams, TV tuners, VHS players, and much more.

  • Editing features

The editing features in Windows Movie Maker aren’t that bad and will let you process video footage, adjust sound quality, pan, zoom, and perform various other edits. However Movavi Video Editor plus does outclass it in many ways, by providing more effects, transitions, and caption presets. It also has automated adjustment features, callouts, and a ‘Timeline’ mode to make editing easier.

  • Support

While support for Windows Movie Maker has never been great, it does have a large community of users on its forum and an option to email for assistance. On the other hand, Movavi Video Editor Plus has all that and also provides FAQs, how-to guides, video guides, and live chat support.

As you can see from this Movavi Video Editor Plus vs. Windows Movie Maker review, the former does trump the latter – which is to be expected considering it is free whereas Movavi Video Editor Plus will set you back $59.95. Still, if you want a more powerful editor, the value that you will get with the features it provides make it an attractive option nonetheless.

Movavi Video Editor Plus vs. Windows Movie Maker Review
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