iOSEmus For Android/iOS – iOSEmus Pokemon Go For Best Pokemon Go Tweaks

Are you looking for a solution by which you can run iOS apps on your Apple device which required jailbreak without actually jailbreaking your device? If yes, then you are at right place. iOSEmus app is a pretty much popular app which allows users to install free apps to their iOS device without jailbreaking or using any patched Date-Trick. Or we can simply say that you can install cracked apps and games on your iOS device without jailbreaking it.  Before proceeding to the guide of install iOSEmus on iOS device let me enlist feature of the iOSEmus app.

iosemus pokemon go

Features Of iOSEmus

  1. You can download and install iOS apps on your iOS device which require jailbroken of your device. Using the iOSEmus app, you can install and use those iOS apps on your iOS device without facing any problem.
  2. There are lots of apps and games are already available on the iOSEmus app itself, all these apps and games are neatly organized in the app. You can see a green line along with the app icon in the iOSEmus app which signifies which apps can be installed and used on your iOS device without the jailbreak.
  3. iOSEmus app has awesome and good looking different themes which match the current theme on your device.
  4. iOSEmus app works well on all iOS device, no matter what is screen size

Download iOSEmus App

There are two ways to install iOSEmus on an iOS device. We have mentioned both the ways below. You can follow one of them as per your choice.

Method 1

The first and easy method is you can directly download from official website of iOSEmus at and here you can click on your preferred icon and begin the installation of the iOSEmus app.

Method 2

The second method is for those people who are using apps like Appcake, vShare or Kuaiyong which are able to transfer to IPA files to an iOS device. You can download IPA file of the iOSEmus app and after downloading IPA file, just send it to your iOS device via USB cable. Once you have got the IPA file on your iOS device, follow steps to install IPA file of iOSEmus on your iOS device.

  • After transferring IPA file to your iOS device, tap on the file and click on install.
  • Here you will see a warning “Profile is not signet”, just tap on install and a new pop-up will come “Install Profile”, again tap install.
  • Now just head over to the Home screen and here you will see iOSEmus app icon on your homepage.
  • Now you can open the app and search for your required apps and games for your iOS device. You can see a green icon on the app list which indicates that app is available for the non-jailbreak device. Or if you see Red icon then that app can be installed only on the jailbroken device.

iosemous pokemon go

So these were two methods by which you install iOSEmus on your iOS device easily and install any app or game on your iOS device which require jailbreaking the iOS device.

When it comes to gaming related apps, iOSEmus offers an app named iOSEmus Tweaked Pokemon Go. By using iOSEmus Pokemon Go you can do lots of Pokemon go hacks and tweaks like bypassing jailbreak check, setting fake location, hiding your jailbreak status, unlimited poke balls, moving game anywhere without moving in real and many more tweaks are possible by Pokemon go iOSEmus. Actually, iOSEmus Pokemon go is a modified version of Pokemon Go but with some advanced features which literally breaks the game. We don’t recommend to use iOSEmus Pokemon Go on your personal account because there are possibilities that your account can be banned. Also using this app ruins the fun of real Pokemon Go game too. If you want to use TuTuapp and confused whether is tutuapp safe or not then you can check it for our honest review.


iOSEmus app is built by AiiR. This app has been tested on the latest iOS 10, iOS 9.3.2, as well as iOS 8 so it is safe to use iOSEmus Pokemon Go hack app whether your device is jailbroken or not. So go now try Pokemon go hack ios download. If you want to get iosemus Pokemon go update then you can follow the developer from his official account on twitter If you face any problem or iosemus Pokemon go not working for you then you can comment below, we will try to solve it. If you found this post useful, then share this post on social media sites.

iOSEmus For Android/iOS – iOSEmus Pokemon Go For Best Pokemon Go Tweaks
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