How Will Technology Change Our Lives in Twenty Years?

Forecasts of technology development and its impact on our lives

Learn how technology will change our lives in twenty years. Use paper writing services and other different inventions to make your life easier.

Nowadays, technology permeates all human activities and living in general. This process is pretty impressing and threatening at the same time. The pace of technology development makes us think more and more often about our future. It makes us imagine the world as a fully automated system, where people only manage robots.

A lot of people are afraid of possible unemployment, which can arise due to production automation. But even more, people are happy that there are different technologies which make our lives easier. For example, we can use Amazon or eBay to purchase almost everything or order free term papers for research purpose. Moreover, we have an opportunity to buy a robot, which can clean the house instead of us. So, how can technology change our lives in the nearest future?

People Could Become Cyborgs

Elon Musk’s neural lace theory doesn’t sound so crazy now. Maybe scientists will connect the human brain to a computer. As a result, people will be able to become part-machines. It will give the chance to create an invincible army and create superhumans.  But it will most likely be illegal because it would be dangerous for governments and national security. 

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People Will Use Renewable Energy Only

Problems with fossil fuels become more and more obvious. Firstly, it is environmentally unsafe, and it makes the world more polluted. Secondly, it is a finite resource. When we run out of fossil fuels and petrol, it will be a disaster. But we can overcome it if we use only renewable energy such as:

  • solar power
  • wind power
  • wave power
  • hydropower

And it is not a full list of opportunities that we have. People can make the world cleaner and more conducive to living, only using renewable sources of energy.

Space Tourism Will Become Available (Mostly for Wealthy People)

Someone who will be able to pay about $10 billion per ticket, can visit Mars and chill out in the space. Yes, it is a huge amount of money, and very few people could afford it. Unfortunately, now it is not going to be cheap. It is still a very complicated and painstaking process.

Disease Prevention Will Be More Effective

Now we have different smartwatches and devices, which can help us to prevent different diseases. They control our heart rate and even the activities of all organ systems. For example, you can observe your digestive, respiratory or nervous systems at work.

It can prevent different dangerous illnesses, such as cancer.

Nowadays, we have already succeeded in curing cancer. But still, it is one of the most serious problems for the entire mankind. So, experts are sure that scientist would go a long way towards solving this issue using new technology.

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Machines Could Start Thinking like Humans

Sounds threatening, doesn’t it? But this fact is entirely true. Look at the famous robot Sophia, who can talk and behave like a real human. That’s why we can’t even imagine what can wait for us in twenty years.

Technology doesn’t stand still and develops more and more every day. It would not be surprising if someone would make a machine with consciousness in a couple of years. After that, they will destroy humans, and that’s it. Actually, I’m joking, but a robot with consciousness sounds threatening. On the other hand, they can help us to do hard work or support lonely people.

So, you see that technology can radically change our world. We wish to know whether those would be good changes. Nobody knows, so only time will be able to tell us that.

How Will Technology Change Our Lives in Twenty Years?
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