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Know How to Make Selfies With Dorian Rossini?



How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini? If this is also your question, you need to look at nowhere else but the internet. Yes, the internet is overflowing with loads of information about how to make a great selfy with Rossini. But before you start learning how to make selfies with this famous French Singer and DJ, you first need to know a bit more about him. You need to know why he is so famous. You need to know the real profession of Dorian Rossini. Why Dorian Rossini is so famous throughout the internet. So, let’s keep reading this informative post on how to make selfies with singer Dorian Rossini.

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

Who Is This Guy?

It is certainly an important question that should be answered adequately. Actually, Dorian Rossini is a famous singer, musician, and DJ in France. However, he is not famous for his music but controversies. Usually, he sings religious songs. You can find Dorian Rossini’s music on iTunes. He became instantly famous when he claimed to be an incarnation of God. Yes, this is the statement that has made him very popular throughout France and other countries. He claimed to be an incarnation of God. Thus, he started posting posts on social media regarding the same. There are thousands of followers of this French musician cum singer around the internet.

Why Is Dorian Rossini So Popular?

Actually, Dorian Rossini created a roar when it claimed to be an incarnation of God. He kept posting posts, photos and other content on various social media networks to create controversies around him. For instance, once he posted a nude photo of himself quoting that he is the incarnation of Adam. On the auspicious day of Christmas, he claimed to be a God on this earth planet. Obviously, this statement created lots of issues for him. He was thrown out by his friend. He became homeless even when he was getting incredible attention from social media.

What Is the Reason Behind the Popularity of Phrase “How to Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini”?

It is surely a great question that may hit your mind when you start learning how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini. Actually, when Dorian was interviewed by a famous YouTuber, he said a word in the French language which was (comment Faire des selfies avec Dorian Rossini) that could be translated into English like this, “how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini”. This single sentence has made him really popular throughout the online world. Now, it can be observed that more than a million people have searched him on Google search engine. It is certainly a great point, which is making Dorian Rossini very popular around the world.

Can I Really Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini?

Yes, you can easily make selfies with Dorian Rossini provided that you can meet him personally. The actual way of making selfies with Dorian Rossini is to meet him in France. If you think that you can meet Dorian Rossini in France, you can hope to make real selfies with Dorian Rossini. Obviously, you can easily observe an increasing demand for making selfies with Dorian Rossini. The popularity of this French singer cum DJ can easily be guessed by checking the Google search data for the term “how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini”.

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

But I Can’t Meet Dorian Rossini in France?

There could be various reasons when you may not be able to meet Dorian Rossini in France. One of the key reasons is that you don’t live in France. Now, you may ask how you could be able to take selfies with singer Dorian Rossini. You can follow him on Twitter. If you really want to take selfies with DJ Dorian Rossini even with going to France, you need to use a photography trick. Yes, you can use trick photography in order to make selfies with Dorian Rossini. It is often seen that many individuals become famous just by posting fake photos with top celebrities.

So, whether you want to learn how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini or other celebrity, you need to unveil the benefits of Photoshop. It is certainly the best software that can help you editing your selfie photos to make them real photos with Dorian Rossini. So, it is quite easy to make selfies with Rossini with Photoshop.

Use Free Photo Editing Tools to Create Selfies with Dorian Rossini

If you are confused on how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini even without meeting him in reality, you need to look for top photo editing tools. Yes, there are different types of video and photo editing programs, software and tools available that can be used to make desired changes to a selfie. However, it is true that there are various photo editing tools or applications available online, but the problem arises when you get confused about making the right decision. Yes, due to the abundance of mobile video and photo editing programs, apps and tools, you may find it difficult to choose the right one.

If you want to get rid of this usual confusion, you need to take two things into consideration i.e. your budget and your requirements. Yes, you aren’t supposed to choose photo editing apps or tools that you really don’t need. It means that you would always like to choose video or photo editing software that can help you cater to your specific photos editing requirements.

The same rule also applies when it comes to paying for photo editing tools. Obviously, you won’t like to go with a paid option when it comes to simple editing and making selfies with Dorian Rossini online. So, you are highly advised that before choosing an editing tool whether for computer or Android, you first need to confirm whether it is free or paid.

DJ Dorian Rossini user manual on the YouTube

If you notice that the photo editing software is a paid one, you need to look for a free option. Here one point should be noted that a free photo editing program comes equipped with all basic photos and video editing requirements. So, you don’t need to pay big money on choosing a premium photo editing tool whether for your computer or android phone. Since you just need to edit and make selfies with Dorian Singer in France, you will surely find a free photo editing app a right option to go with.

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Easy Methods for Boosting Social Media Traffic to Your Website without Any Wait Period



While paid advertisements on social media can be very effective, it can also be quite expensive so you need to be able to generate a steady volume of social media traffic to your website. To be able to do this, you need to have a very large and vibrant presence on social media of your choice. This can only happen when you can engage users and build enduring relationships, and by being available to nurture potential buyers through the purchasing process. Some vital steps that can give results instantaneously:

Post-High-Impact Visuals to Inspire Audiences

Potential customers like to see images and videos before making a purchase decision so businesses who want to generate a large amount of traffic to their websites through social media should not ignore this opportunity. According to, 87% of online businesses use videos, and as many as 64% of consumers purchase products after watching branded social videos! When you consider that 95 million videos are uploaded daily just on Instagram, the level of competition can be pretty intense so you need to use very high-quality photos and videos that can engage customers.

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Make Content Sharing Easy

As an increasing number of people access social media on their mobile phones, the content you post must be easily readable even on the small screens. The very heavy use of social media on mobile phones is also a good opportunity for getting your website contents shared across more people, however, for this to happen, you must ensure that not only is your website mobile optimized but also the sharing buttons are displayed prominently throughout the pages. You do need to keep in mind the social media sharing button should not be distracting or obtrusive to spoil the user experience. You can use heat map plugins to find out which part of the blog content is being shared the most so that you can place the sharing buttons accordingly.

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Publish Consistently When Followers Are Most Active

The secret of increasing the number of your followers and their rate of engagement is the consistency of posting content. By following a consistent schedule, you become more predictable to your followers and the chances of being seen as an increase as do real Instagram likes. It is also very important that you post content at the times when your target audiences are most active as otherwise, your posts may never be seen by them, and you lose out big time on traffic generation. The frequency of your posts and the best time for posting can be arrived at by experimenting. Since it can vary quite a lot according to the network, you should use a content scheduling tool that can make your life simpler. Monitoring your competitor activity is also a very effective way to find out the best times to post.


To drive traffic from social media to your website consistently from social media, you have to ensure that you consistently build the number of followers and elevate their level of engagement. Essentially, the role of social media should be to educate and entertain prospective customers for building brand awareness and loyalty and convert that into an actual transaction on the website.

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How To Install Kodi On Apple TV [Step By Step Guide]



kodi on apple tv

Install Kodi On Apple TV: Kodi is a popular open source media centre which was started as XBMC (Xbox Media Center) but later on faced copyright issue. Which turned into a successful open source media centre. If you don’t know what Kodi is then let me tell you that Kodi is a popular open source media software which allows you to stream movies, sports, tv shows and much other entertainment stuff. To get the best out of Kodi, you need to use various Kodi addons. Kodi is available for almost every platform exists over the web like Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, Rasberry Pi and much more. No matter which device and operating system you have, you can install Kodi on it and get the best entertainment experience. If you are a mini milita player then you must check out mini militia mod by sahad ikr

kodi on apple tv


If you have an Apple TV and want to use Kodi on it but don’t know how to install Kodi on Apple TV, then this is a must-read guide for you. You can easily install Kodi on Roku, Kodi on Windows, Android and iPhone but installing Kodi On Apple TV is a little much pain in the ass.

But we are here to guide you so that you can install Kodi on Apple TV. You just need to follow below-given step by step guide, and you will get Kodi installed on your Apple tv by the end of this guide.

Install Kodi On Apple TV 4

Before installing Kodi On your Apple TV, you need to do some task which we have mentioned below.

Once you are done with downloading all above stuff, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, connect the Apple TV with MAC using USB type-C to USB type-A.
  2. Now, launch the Xcode and go to Accounts and click on the “+” icon. Now you need to log in with your Apple ID there. Now go to the Xcode and go to file and create a new project.
  3. Now, in this windows select Application under tvOS, and then select Single View Application.
  4. Now hit next.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  5. Now you need to enter Product Name, Organization Name etc. on the next screen. Once you are done with the felling details, then hit next.
  6. Now you need to save the application file on Mac. But before saving it, you would get an error stating “No Matching Provisioning Profile Found”. You don’t have to worry about this issue, just click on Fix issue. And it would be fixed. But make sure your Apple TV is connected to your Mac.
  7. Once you are done with saving file, open iOS app signer. Now at the Provisioning file, select that file which you just saved from Xcode. And input file, select Kodi.deb file which you downloaded earlier.                                           
  8. After that, click on Start button. Give a name to that file. It would take some time while saving this file.
  9. Once you are done with above steps, go back to Xcode and go to Windows from the above menu and click on devices. Make sure that your Apple TV is selected. If it is not selected, then it would not allow you to install Kodi on Apple TV.
  10. Now at the left corner, just click on icon and select that file which you have saved from iOS App Signer in the earlier step.
  11. It will take some time. Once this process is finished, you can check that you have got Kodi on Apple TV

So this was a step by step and easy guide to install Kodi on Apple TV 4. Now you can get all the Kodi stuff on your Apple TV if you install Kodi On your Apple TV.

Kodi Add-ons

If you are using Kodi without its add-ons, then you are missing most of the use of Kodi. Or I should say that Kodi is nothing without its add-ons. By using add-ons, you can enhance the power of Kodi, and for that, you need some good add-ons. There are many Kodi add-ons available over the web and among them, Exodus is pretty much popular. You can watch latest TV Shows, Movies on your Apple TV using Exodus add-on and you don’t have to pay anything for that.

If you have Apple TV and don’t have Mac, then we have another way to install Kodi on Apple TV, but we don’t recommend you to use this method because some users who have installed Kodi on their Apple TV through this method, they claim hackers can steal your Apple ID.

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Install Kodi On Apple TV [Not Recommended]

Note: We are not responsible if any of your Apple data got hacked. That is all your responsibility. We do not recommend to use this method.

  1. First of all, download Cydia Impactor from here.  You can download this Cydia impactor for mac and windows both.
  2. If you are using Mac, then double click on Cydia impactor file to open it and now drag the app icon to the folder. And if you are using windows then you need to extract the Zip file using Winrar and just locate the Impactor.exe file. Now just open it. You don’t need to install it.
  3. Now you have to download latest Kodi. You can download latest Kodi build by clicking here.
  4. Once you are done with downloading Kodi, you need to connect your Apple TV to your Windows or Mac machine. You can do that by using a Type-C to USB 3.0 cable.
  5. Now you can connect the Apple TV to your machine by using cable and run Cydia impactor. There you can see Apple TV in the bar in Cydia impactor.
  6. Now you just need to drag and drop the Kodi file onto the Cydia Impactor. Now you will be asked Apple ID, just enter that and installation process of Kodi on Apple TV will be started. It will take some time.

Enjoy Kodi On Apple TV

So, now you have Kodi on Apple Tv, and you can enjoy all the Kodi content on your Apple TV. Now you can set up your Kodi on Apple TV by adding your desirable Kodi add-ons. If you face any issue while installing Kodi on Apple TV, then you can comment in the comment section.


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How to Download Themes in WhatsApp



If you are customization lover, then I am sure you have ever wished to change Theme in WhatsApp. The default look of WhatsApp is not much pretty, as it appears just green. But what if you are allowed to change WhatsApp themes? Let you know it is a very simple process to customize your whole interface, and you will get a new look on your WhatsApp.

whatsapp themes download

Android phone has many themes available on their official store, from there you can download your desired theme for your device. Well, WhatsApp doesn’t have any feature like this. But there is a trick, with it, you will get rid of WhatsApp’s default green version. You have to install a third party WhatsApp Apk on your mobile to access this feature. Official WhatsApp app doesn’t have any option to change its look, but there are so many MODs are developed which have many cool features. If you want to run more than one WhatsApp on your smartphone then you can download GBWhatsapp apk

GBWhatsApp is one of the most popular MOD Apk of WhatsApp. I am sure you have already tried it on your device before, but if not then no need to worry. It is the best time to install this application on your phone and access lots of amazing features which are not available on your WhatsApp which you are using right now. It also has an option to change Theme. There is a huge collection of different WhatsApp themes in this app, from there you can download any of your desired look themes for your WhatsApp.

There is no need to share this tutorial for this simple task. After installing GBWhatsApp app on your Android, you will automatically start exploring it’s all features which it offers. Theme changer is the best feature available in this app. Every people who are interested in changing their WhatsApp’s default look can try this application once on their device. Let me tell you to step by step that from where and how you can change a theme on WhatsApp.
Requirements to Change WhatsApp Theme

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First of all, you should check the required things which are so compulsory to make this trick run. Don’t worry; there is nothing special in this list. You can easily manage all of the required items with the help of internet.

  • Android Phone
  • GBWhatsApp Apk
  • Internet Connection

These three things are enough for changing the theme on your WhatsApp. Whenever you are ready with all the required things, you can proceed to the main steps of this tutorial.

How to Change Theme on WhatsApp?

I hope you have already checked required section which I discussed in above section. If not yet, then you should check it first. Okay, so when you are ready with all items you can start below-given steps.
1) At first, you have to uninstall your old WhatsApp app from your Android device.
2) It is time to download & install GBWhatsApp Apk on your mobile – Download GBWhatsApp

3) After successful installation, Open the app and Enter your mobile number.
4) Verify your number via OTP, set your DP and Name and proceed to next.
5) Now, your WhatsApp account is ready for use. It is time to change the theme of WhatsApp.
6) Click on the top Right corner and click “GB Settings” option from it.

7) You will see “Download Themes” option on your screen; you can WhatsApp themes download and apply your desired theme from there.

That’s it, guys. Isn’t it so simple trick? According to me, it is a very easy task to change the theme in WhatsApp. You can follow this tutorial on any Android phone. One of the best things of this trick is that you don’t have to root your phone for doing this. As most of the Android Tricks need root access but this doesn’t.

Final Words

This is the best way to change the whatsapp themes. But you have to uninstall old WhatsApp app for this because you need to install another MOD Apk which is GBWhatsApp. This mod contains hundreds of cool themes collection. You can select your desired theme from there and enjoy the new look of your WhatsApp. If you have any doubt or query in this whole process, feel free to ask in the comment section.


How to Download Themes in WhatsApp
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