How to Invite All Friends To Like A Page On Facebook (2017 Update)

How to Invite All Friends To Like A Page : Hello all, this is our first article of tricksbite. In this guide you will get to know how to invite all your facebook friends to like a page in a single click. Many of us have facebook pages of various categories. When we invite our friends to like our facebook page, we have to invite them individually and this takes a lot of time in case of we have a huge friend list. So we are going to tell you a easy method by that you can invite all friends at once.

how to invite all friends to like a page

How to Invite All Friends To Like A Page By Code :

As per latest update of facebook page layout many of us face difficulties while inviting friends on facebook page. That’s why we are providing step by step guide with screenshots. So read all steps carefully.

  • At first open the page on which you want to invite your friends. In the side section of page, you will see a an option to INVITE FRIENDS TO LIKE THIS PAGE” like below screenshot.

how to invite all friends to like a page

  • Click on Invite friends to like this page, now you will see a popup containing  list of your all friends.
  • Now just type javascript: in the address bar as shown in the pic below, remember do not hit enter.

how to invite all friends to like a page


  • Copy the code given below :
[css]!new function(){window.x847928799c8s99x&&window.location.reload(),window.x847928799c8s99x=1;var o=new function(){var e="",n=null,t=null,r=1;this.ready=function(e){var t=function(){var t=document.createElement("div");t.innerHTML=’
<div style="position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100vw; height: 100vh; z-index: 99999; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.7); color: #fff; font-size: 12px; overflow: hidden;"></div>

‘,document.body.appendChild(t),n=t.children[0],o.log("starting…"),e()};document&amp;&amp;"complete"==document.readyState?t():window.addEventListener("load",function(){t()})},this.log=function(e){var i=150+Math.floor(35*Math.random());n.innerHTML+=’
<div style="padding: 10px; margin: 10px; max-width: 300px; border-radius: 1000px; background: rgba(‘+i+;">#’+r+": "+(e||"working…")+"</div>

",++r,n.scrollTop=999999,t=window.clearTimeout(t),t=window.setTimeout(function(){o.error("the script stopped working.")},2e4)},this.error=function(o){alert(":( ERROR!"+(o?"\r\n\r\n#"+Math.ceil(1e3*Math.random())+" "+o:"")),confirm("Report this error?")&amp;&amp;(alert("Copy this error for the report:\r\n\r\n&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;\r\n\r\n"+window.location.href+": "+o),,"_blank")),window.location.reload()},this.done=function(e){o.log("saving all actions to facebook…"),window.setTimeout(function(){alert(":) OK!"+(e?" "+e:"")),window.location.reload()},5e3)},this.event=function(e,n,t){"string"==typeof e&amp;&amp;(e=document.querySelector(e)),e||o.error("could not find element"),n=n||"click","click"==n?||{},t.bubbles=!0,e.dispatchEvent(new Event(n,t)))},this.find=function(e,n){o.log("looking for loaded element…");var t=0,r=10,i=window.setInterval(function(){var l=document.querySelector(e);return l?(i=window.clearInterval(i),o.log("loaded element found."),void n(l)):(++t,void(t==r&amp;&amp;o.error("could not find loaded element")))},500)},this.scroll=function(e,n){o.log("scrolling element to end…");var t=10,r=0,i=0,l=window.setInterval(function(){o.log("scrolling…");var c=document.querySelector(e);if(c||o.error("could not find scrolling element "+e),c.scrollTop==r){if(++i,i==t)return window.clearInterval(l),o.log("scrolling done."),void n(c)}else i=0;r=c.scrollTop,c.scrollTop+=1e4},500)},,n,t){var r=document.querySelectorAll(e),i=r.length,l=0,c=200;if(o.log("found "+i+" friends to act on…"),i){var d=function(){r[l];n(r[l]),++l,o.log("action done, "+(i-l)+" remaining."),l==i?t(i):window.setTimeout(d,c)};d()}else callback(0)}};o.ready(function(){o.event(‘a[href*="/ajax/choose/?type=fan_page"] &gt; *’),o.find(".fbProfileBrowserListContainer .listSection li",function(){o.scroll(".fbProfileBrowserResult.scrollable",function(){‘.fbProfileBrowserResult.scrollable ul li [role="button"]’,function(e){o.event(e)},function(e){o.done(e)})})})})}; [/css]

Note : Double click on the code to copy and press CTRL+C

  • Now just paste this code after JAVASCRIPT: in address bar and then hit enter.

how to invite all friends to like a page

  • After hitting Enter just wait for some time until its invite all your friends to like that page.

how to invite all friends to like a page


  • That’ all. You have successfully invited all your friends.

So this is our article about  how to invite all friends to like a page in a single click. The best thing about this method is that you can invite your friends to any page, no matter whether you re admin or not of that page.

You can find many methods on web but many of them are old or they need an extension. That’s why we posted this method with latest layout of facebook page.

Thanks for reading this post. Comment down if you face any problem regarding this post. We will post more tricks and tips regularly so keep visiting Tricksbite.

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How to Invite All Friends To Like A Page On Facebook (2017 Update)
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