Learn How To Install Kodi On Roku (Jailbreak Roku)

Learn How To Install Kodi On Roku – If you love to stream your favorite movies and TV shows all day then Kodi is just for you. But that is not the only reason why Kodi is the best application for entertainment. Kodi works smoothly on every device and OS whether its Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, PS4 or even Roku.

In this step by step guide, we will tell you How To Install Kodi On Roku and watch your all favorite Tv shows and movies for free. But before going ahead let me tell you in brief what is Kodi and Roku? After the installation process a lot of Kodi users face olpair pairing issue while connecting to the third party add-ons. Do check out this detailed article on olpair pairing.

What are Roku and Kodi?

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Roku is just a set-top box that helps you in streaming videos and playing music on your smart TV. And Kodi is an open source and free media player. This application helps the user by allowing him/her to play and view many streaming media like music, videos, and podcasts from the internet. I hope you got a rough idea of what is Roku and Kodi, now let’s move ahead to our guide on How to Install Kodi On Roku.

Why is it Difficult to install Kodi on Roku?

Now you know the use of both Kodi and Roku. Now let us tell you the installation of Kodi On Roku. Installation of Kodi On Roku is not so simple. The reason behind it is that Kodi is not compatible with Roku. So you cant use officially Kodi for RokuSo its really difficult when it comes to installing Kodi on Roku stick. But you don’t have to worry because we are here to tell you how to install Kodi on Roku without any difficulty so that you can enjoy your favorite free  Tv shows and movies on your smart Tv or any type of device and OS. You can also install Best Apps For Android TV Box.

Guide to Install Kodi on Roku? (JailBreak Roku)

To install Kodi On Roku you must have mirror features. And for it, you must have an Android phone or at least a windows PC. Now just follow the steps given below to install Kodi On Roku.

  1. Press on the home button of the Roku remote.
  2. Now go to settings. Click on system update and check if your latest software. Update your system if it’s not on version 5.2 which is required to install Kodi On Roku.
  3. After updating the Roku, go to the home screen again and then go to the settings menu. From here you need to select screen mirroring.
  4. After selecting this option just click the OK button. This will let you get Kodi On Roku.

How to get Mirroring for Windows PC to get Roku?

To get mirroring for windows, you must have Windows 8.1 or higher version on your PC. To get mirroring for windows follow given steps below.

  1. Just click on the window button or press window button to open the start menu.
  2. Find the way to reach the settings menus of the device and then search for the search box or head to the search box.
  3. Now following screen that will appear, just click on Add Device Option.
  4. Now there will be a list containing Roku device, just select or choose this device.
  5. Now this will turn your screen of Roku into purple.
  6. Now you will see that your PC is mirrored with Roku. Now Kodi is compatible with the window operating system. Now, this will allow you to run Kodi on your computer and the same will also get displayed on the Roku device as well.

How to mirror Kodi Roku on your Android device?

To mirror Roku on your android device, you must have at least 4.4.2 or higher of Android version on your Android device. You can check your android version by going to settings on your phone and then open section and here you can check the android version. Before start using Kodi On Roku, just make sure that your android phone is connected to the Roku device. Which means your both device should be connected to the same network. If you want to check which network your Roku device is connected then you can follow steps –

  • Go to the settings menu of your Roku device.
  • Now just go to the network section to check the connected network.
  • After ensuring that both Roku and android device is connected to the same network, you can start the mirroring procedure by following given steps-
  1. In your Android device just go to the settings menu.
  2. Now go to the display option from the settings menu.
  3. Now open the cast screen/mirroring option.
  4. Here you have to check which option is available on your device for mirroring, different devices have different option and layouts. Now find the checkbox that has been as “Enable Wireless Display”.
  5. Now here you can see the Roku device on the cast screen.

Best Kodi Addons On Roku

After installing Kodi On Roku, you need to install best Kodi add-ons to enhance your streaming experience.

  • Phoenix
  • USTV Now
  • Navi-X
  • Vdubt25
  • Stream Engine
  • SportsDevil
  • BBC iPlayer
  • cloud TV
  • Sanctuary
  • Pro Sport
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Rave Player
  • Studio Beats
  • House Mixes


As soon as you have got Kodi for Roku, you will need to install these add-ons through their respective repositories before you can actually use them to watch all your favorite Kodi content on Roku.

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That is our full guide on How To Install Kodi On Roku. After following the entire process, you can start mirroring your Android device’s screen onto the Roku device. Even officially it’s not possible for you to get the installation done by Kodi On Roku stick or any other Kodi device but by our method you can enjoy the same on Roku. If you have an Apple TV then you must check out this guide on Install Kodi on Apple TV.

That’s all for this article, we hope that you will not face any issue in mirroring your Android device with Roku and in the installation of Kodi On Roku. In case you face any issue or having a problem then you can ask in the comment section, we will try our best to solve your problem. If you found this article helpful then please share this article on social media with your friends.

Learn How To Install Kodi On Roku (Jailbreak Roku)
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