How To find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie Using Google Dorks [Video Tutorial Added]

How To find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie : Hello guys, today we are back with a awesome trick for movie freaks. Most of the time we want to download any movie and start googling for that movie. But while searching for that movie usually we have to face very annoying ads on various websites. Its very difficult to find real downloading link of movie because there are many download links which confuse us in finding real download link of movie. So today we are posting  a cool trick by which you can find direct download link of any movie.

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How To find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie


Now first question may be arising in your mind that what is google dorks ? So let me tell you dork is just type of  footprint which we can use for finding specific file whether its pdf or mp4 or any other file. So we will tell you how to use google dorks for downloading movies.

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Steps to Use Google Dorks for Download Any Movie

  • At first open your browser from your pc or mobile.
  • Then open and put this below code in search box of google.

Movie Name -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

Note : Replace MOVIE NAME with your name of movie which you want to download.

  • For example , i have searched for Suicide Squad as a movie name, so i searched like thi

How To find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie

So in first link i found download link of Suicide Squad movie like below screenshot

How To find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie

  • Now just click on the link and your movie will automatically start downloading.

Still Confused ? Here is a video tutorial for you guys.



So by this method you can find direct link of  any hollywood or bollywood movie and start downloading your favorite movie without wasting any time on confusing ads or pop up ads. So just use this google dork and get the link of latest movies and download them. Best part of this dork is that you will get movie only in HD print and the quality of movies will be very good.

So that is the trick of How to find direct download link of any movie using google dorks. So from now dont waste your time on stupid ads and start finding direct download link of your desirable movie.

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