How To Change PLDT Home DSL WiFi Name and Password Easily

Have you ever faced slow speed in your slow internet connection and wondering what is the reason behind this? There are possibilities that you have already connected too many devices to your network or some neighbors have accessed to your network anyhow and they are downloading too much. There is only one solution to your problem. You need to change PLDT HOME DSL wifi password so that you can prevent any unauthorized access to your internet connection. If you are looking for How to change PLDT WiFi Password then you don’t need to look anymore. In this step by step guide, we have explained how you can change PLDT Wifi Password easily. If you want to break into your neighbor’s PLDT WiFi then you should try PLDT WiFi Hacker Apk

If you remember, after your PLDT Home DSL plan was approved, then some technician must have installed the modem, telephone, wires, and cables to your home. When they do this work, they make sure everything is working fine and internet connection and telephone is working properly. They give proper instructions how to change your PLDT wifi password. There are 2 boxes, one is the telephone box and the other is the modem box.

There is an instruction on the modem box on how to change PLDT wifi password but in case, if you can’t find your modem box then below we are providing easy step by step guide on how to change PLDT wifi password 2018. This is a hell easy guide which will not take more than 2 minutes of your precious time.

how to change pldt wifi password

How To Change PLDT Home DSL WiFi Password Step by Step

Step 1 Connect a PC to the PLDT Home DSL Modem

At first, you need to connect your computer to your PLDT home DSL Modem. To connect, we highly recommend using a LAN cable (use a yellow color cable which comes with the modem, if possible) because it’s very easier and comfortable. You can use your laptop or smartphone too if those are connected to your wifi network. In the following steps, we are taking the computer as a reference.

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Step 2 Login to PLDT Home DSL Modem’s Configuration Interface

Once you have connected your PLDT home DSL Modem to your PC, it’s time to log in to PLDT Home DSL Modem’s configuration. To do so, open browser on your PC and enter this URL:

Note: Remember you need to enter complete URL including http:// It might be possible that URL will not work if you just type in the URL. If your browser’s default search engine is Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. then it would display search results on the web for


Once you have entered right given URL, the PLDT modem/router configuration interface or the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Interface will appear on your screen and it will ask for the username and password. It might be possible that you see the different screen in the comparison of given screenshot. You don’t need to worry about this because PLDT uses different types of modem/router brands for their subscribers but functions and features are just same. You may see them as ZyXELBaudTecKasdaProlink, etc.

Usually, there are 2 by default username and password: Username: pldt and password: 1234 or Username: adminpldt and password: 1234567890

Step 3 Open Wireless Setup and Change WiFi Password

Once you have logged into PLDT Home Modem configuration, you will see the PLDT Home DSL modem dashboard. If you have the modem of ZyXEL brand, there will be Status, Network, Security, Advanced and Maintenance. In case, if your modem is BaudTec then also you will a lot of menus above like StatusQuick SetupSetupAdvanced and more. If you have any other modem, then also it will show similar menus and options.

Now you need to locate Pre-Shared Key option. Here you can see your current password and also you can change your password here. As  ZyXEL and Baudtec are the most popular brand, so we are taking them as an example and providing instruction below.

If you have ZyXEL and similar configuration dashboard then just click on the network on the sidebar. Now choose wireless Lan Submenu. Now, if you want to change PLDT WiFI password then put your desired new password in the Pre-Shared Key Textbox. After that click on apply changes to implement the new password.

In case, if you have BaudTec modem or similar to this one then you need to click on the Setup menu. Now, click on WLAN on your screen’s left sidebar and choose security submenu. Now you need to change the current PLDT WiFi password. You can enter your desired password in the Pre-Shared Key Textbox. After putting the new password, just click on the apply changes.  Now just wait for the WLAN to reset. Once WLAN has been reset, then you will see a red attention message box on the left sidebar saying “Attention, Config is modified to make it effective forever“, Now you need to click on save button. and it’s done. You have successfully changed PLDT WiFi password easily.

In case, if you do something wrong while changing password then you can simply reset all the modem’s setting by just pressing the black reset button in your modem. Press this button for approximately 10 seconds and your modem’s settings will be reset to default settings. If not, then maybe you pressed the wrong button and look for the right button to reset modem’s settings.


So these were the easy steps on How To Change PLDT WiFi Password. We hope this guide helped you in changing your PLDT WiFi password. In case, if you face any difficulties during the process of changing PLDT Home DSL password then you can always ask in the comment section. We will try our best to solve your issue.

How To Change PLDT Home DSL WiFi Name and Password Easily
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