Learn How to Change NAT Type On PS4 – Boost Network Speed [100% Working]

How To change NAt Type on ps4: Facing connectivity issues while playing while playing any multiplayer game on PS4 and looking for the solution then you are at the right place. If your gaming sessions are being disconnected frequently or facing high ping rate then you must be looking for its solution. First of all, you should check your network connection. If it’s fine and causing no issues then you need to check your PS4 NAT type setting. In most of the cases, changing NAT Type On PS4 solves all these problems. So, you may need to change NAT TYPE on PS4 to improve your PS4 network status.

How To change NAt Type on ps4

If you don’t know what NAT Type is and from where we can check it’s status then we are explaining in brief ahead.

What is NAT Type?

NAT is a short form of Network Address Translation.  It is the ability of a router which translate a public IP address to a private IP address. Your private IP address is hidden from the outside world by NAT and your network becomes more secure.

Types of NAT

Mainly there is three type of NAT:

  1. Type 1 (Open): As the name says. It is the totally open type. By this NAT type, you directly connect to the internet. Your PS4 has the least chance of disconnection and high gaming latency on this NAT type. And no matter, on which NAT type other user is connected, you can still connect with other users. Only the downside of this NAT type is that your connection can be insecure.
  2. Type 2 (Moderate): In this type, your ps4 connects to the internet with a router. You will have higher lag in the comparison of open type and face slow connection. On this type also, you can connect to the most of the other players easily.
  3. Type 3 (Strict): In this type too, your ps4 connects to the internet by the router. Chances of being disconnected are highest. You can not connect to any user like Type 1 and Type 2. You can connect to only Type 1 user. Also, some of your PS4 functions may not work on this NAT Type.

So, if you are in NAT Type 3, then it will be better you change it so that you can increase your PS4 network speed. So, if you are facing a lousy connection when playing multiplayer games on PS4 then you need to check NAT type of your PS4.

How to check in What NAT Type is PS4?

If you are not sure that in which NAT type is your PS4 then it’s very easy to check.

  1. On your PS4, go to settings and then network and then View connection status.
  2. Now it will test status and you can see the NAT Type at the bottom.
  3. From this screen, don’t forget to note down the IP Address and Default Gateway. You will need these in further steps.

How To change NAt Type on ps4

Now, after knowing NAT Type of your PS4, if you feel like that you need to change it and don’t know how to change NAT type on ps4 then read above steps to know. You can also check PS5 Release Date.

How To Change NAT Type On PS4?

If you want to change NAT Type on ps4, then you need to alter some settings on your router. You can’t just change NAT type directly. Settings can be different of the router which depends on the model of the router. So, before starting the process of changing NAT Type on PS4, you need to prepare a computer and router manual.

Below are the steps to change NAT Type on PS4:

  1. First of all, open any web browser on your PC and type Default Gateway IP address in the address box and then hit enter on your keyboard.
  2. Now, enter username and password to access your router.
  3. Once you have access to your router then go to the settings and enable UPnP*.                                                            
  4. Now, there are two ways by which you can change your PS4 nat type. First is put it to DMZ and the other is to open up some forwarding ports. First one is a dangerous method. You can choose any method from the below.

First Method (To Put your PS4 to the DMZ)

  1. Look for the DMZ settings on your router. You may need to check your router manually in order to check it.
  2. Now, enable DMZ and put IP address of your PS4 into the DMZ settings. Here, save and click on apply in order to get changes.                                                                                                                                                                          
  3. Now check if your PS4 NAT Type has been changed and you are having the smooth experience in the network connection.

Second Methos (To forward ports to your PS4) 

  1. First, go to settings of your router and where you can forward ports. You can see it as “Port Forwarding”, “Virtual Servers”, “applications”. You will need to check is manually.
  2. From here, add custom forwarding ports.We are mentioning number and types of port below.
    80(TCP), 443(TCP), 3478(TCP and UDP), 3479(TCP and UDP), 3480(TCP)

    Note: You need to give a name and assign PS4 IP address to each of these ports.

  3. Now click on apply to make changes.
  4. Now check if you NAT Type ON PS4 has been changed or not. If yes, then you will have much better experience while playing multiplayer games on your PS4.


So these are two working methods to change NAT type on your PS4. You can choose any method which you like. We hope that these methods worked for you. In case, if you face any issue regarding this article, then you can ask us in the comment section, we will try to help you.


Learn How to Change NAT Type On PS4 – Boost Network Speed [100% Working]
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