Know How Much Does NetFlix Cost Per Month (August 2017 Updated)

Want to know How Much Does NetFlix Cost Per Month ? If yes, then read this article. If you are reading this article then you must know about Netflix or you must have heard about netflix. Netflix cost is different for each Netflix Plan. In this post we have shared all the plans of Netflix. In case if you dont know about of Netflix then no need to worry, we are going to give basic knowledge about Netflix.

How much does netflix cost

What Is NetFlix ?

Netflix is a paid streaming service which allows you to movies, TV shows, documentaries and many more on almost every internet connected device like Android phones, Smart TV, iPhone, iPad, PS4 etc. Netflix is the only streaming service which has loads of 4K content in their database. Netflix streams all shows and movies without any commercial advertisement. Also you can use your Netflix subscription to stream on more than 4 devices simultaneously. I hope now you know What is Netflix.

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Features Of Netflix 

  1. Advertisement Free : As i said above NetFlix does not stream any commercial advertisement. So your streaming experience will not be interrupted.
  2. Watch Entire Season In One Go : You can watch whole season without waiting for many days.
  3. Watch On Any Device : Netflix supports almost all devices so you can enjoy your favorite streaming anywhere on any device.
  4. Huge Collection : Netflix has huge database and collection of movies and TV shows from which you can watch your desirable show or movie.

You can get Netflix for free for 30 days by using their trial service and afterwards if you want to continue subscription then you have to buy premium plan of Netflix.

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How Much Does NetFlix Cost Per Month ?

Mainly Neflix has 3 plans which offers different features for different plans.

  1. Basic Plan : $7.99 per month: This is cheapest Netflix plan. Cons of this plan is that you can use this plan on only one screen at a time and no HD mode available.
  2. Standard Plan : $9.99 per month: This plan is most popular and quite affordable with HD movies and TV shows. If you are watching movies or TV shows on your room’s TV then its a suitable plan for you. But ultra HD mode is not available in this plan. In this plan you can stream on 2 screens at same time.
  3. Premium Plan : $11.99 per month : As price of this plan is highest among all the plans so this is the best plan in which you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in Ultra HD mode. Also you can use this plan for 4 screens at same time.


So this was all about How much does netflix cost per month. So least plan of Netflix is of $7.99. If you have any query related to Netflix you can ask in comment section.

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