These 5 features of Shareit app will make you love it [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Features of the Shareit app

We all know about the Shareit app. And to be honest, it is the best and the fastest file sharing app ever developed for Android.

This infographic shows five simple yet amazing features of Shareit.


5 Amazing features of Shareit

Below is the transcript for the above infographic.

Super Fast

One of the major distinguishing features of the Shareit app is that it is very fast.

  • It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Under optimum conditions, a speed of 20 Mbps could be achieved

Cross Platform

Shareit is platform independent and can share files between

  • Android and Windows Phone
  • Android and iOS
  • Android and PC
  • PC and iOS

Supports all formats

The Shareit app supports almost all major file formats. Below is a list.

  • Apk files
  • Mp3 & Mp4 files
  • Doc or Pdf files

Can Connect PC and Phone

Another potential advantage of using the Shareit app is that it allows you to connect your PC with your Phone and vice versa.
Using this feature, you can even share files between two different types of devices.

You need shareit app for PC according to your OS. For example, if you have windows XP, then you will need Shareit for windows XP. For other operating systems, you need versions of Shareit.

No Network Restrictions

You need not be connected to the internet to share files through Shareit.
All you need is a Local Connection which can be made using inbuilt wifi of devices

That’s pretty much it. Do let me know if you want any other information in the comment section down below

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  1. Soham Technologies

    Share it App- It is very amazing application. we can share video, music and other file using it. I love it because it support iOS.


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