EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional Review

Gone are the days when you couldn’t recover your deleted important data from pen drives, Hard Disks, Mobile, etc. The technology has advanced and today we have excellent industry professionals like EaseUS who have made data recovery a child’s play. Many times, when people accidentally delete data or get their hard disk crashed, they sit down to blame them or their luck for the misfortune.

It sounds magical but what if we told you a way through which you can get your old deleted data back. If not all data, then maybe at least to some extent. Just remember, that something is always better than nothing!

In this article, we are going to review software which is an expert in recovering data like a pro! The software name is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional. Keep reading to know more.

The question which may be a big concern to you guys is that how do these guys actually retrieve the data which is no longer available? Wait, did I say it’s no longer available?

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Without making things much complicated, and speaking in layman language, let’s brief you from where they get back your data. Practically, your data may still be available in your system. When you delete a file, the device system just gets rid of the pointer and erases the location of the file’s starting point. In simpler words, the file you are looking for is still available it’s just that you can’t see it normally and you would require special tools like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional to access it. The file stays in your system and it gets deleted or removed permanently only after you have overwritten the file. Therefore, you would have seen people suggest to take action as soon as possible.

Data Recovery is not an easy task and very few people only know how to do it perfectly, EaseUS is one of them. They have been in the data recovery industry business since the last 14 years. EaseUS is not just any other ordinary data retrieve program that just performs some basic algorithms and generates a similar kind of output that we get to see in almost every other software.

The software has advanced and high level features like deep scan which lets you get back your deleted data in a matter of few minutes. It can easily process recovery of data from different places and situation like formatting, deletion, system crash, partition loss and much more. These all are just a few basic features of the program and if you want to go down deep and find out more then go ahead and perform Data recovery with EaseUS at your own pace.

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Guide To Recover Files Using EaseUS :

  • The first step in the process is very simple and this is something, which you would have done many times on different websites. It’s to just go to the official website and download the software on your Windows or Mac Device.

(Note: We will be using the Windows version for a simple demonstration)

  • The free version of the software will only allow recovery of up to 2GB data. We recommend you to go for the premium option, which is a one-time payment and this will ensure that you are safe from future data accidents also.
  • Once you have successfully installed the software on your Windows device, select the drive that you want to scan for recovery of data.
  • The quick scan will be performed and it will be done within a matter of a few seconds or minutes. Till you are hunting down for your files, the deep scan will carefully perform deep check of your drive. The different files are arranged in different folders which is good for quick search. There’s also filter option of file types which is another pretty awesome feature of this software. So, you see small things like this make a big difference in the long usage of the software.
  • Your deep scan would have been over by now! Sometime it may take a bit time depending upon the size of the driver. In our case, the deep scan was completed within 7 minutes and we had used a 64 GB partition for recovery.
  • The results of the deep search would be displayed on the left side of the screen from where you can also preview the files before you head to the recovering process. It’s a handy option when you have a lot of files and are confused about which one to choose.
  • Lastly, choose all the files that you wish to recover and hit the recover button at the down right!
  • All of your files would be saved on your mentioned folder as earlier! Enjoy!

Personal Experience :

We performed a deep analysis of the program and even tried to compare it with a few another same type of data recovery software. In almost all of the tests, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro performed the best and we were happy to see such great results. The part which makes EaseUS stand out from others is its small features like sorting of files which make the user experience delightful and the user falls in love with the process of data recovery!


We tried different kinds of tests so that we could examine the software in all kinds of situations and overall, it proved to be a decent program that can get your data recovered and again we repeat if not all, at least something would be recovered, which may be of importance to you.

There were also few areas where we tried to go a little rough and perform some deep testing and the software was able to retrieve data to some extent only. Of course, nobody is going to do some deep data deletion and recovery on purpose. We did because we had to review it! Keeping that factor aside, for normal situations and issues of common people related to data deletion, corrupted, etc this software is a must buy at affordable rates! Also, let us know your thoughts about the software in the comments section below.

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