Download Rufus For Mac : How to Create A Bootable USB Drive on Mac

If you are looking to download Rufus for Mac then you are at the right place. In this article, I have mentioned a 100% working method by which you can download Rufus and create a bootable USB drive on Mac. Rufus is one of the free applications mostly available online and free to use for Mac. This application is initially developed by Pete Batard. This software is used to format and create various bootable USB flash drives.

It is one of the most advanced processes to make a bootable device to install various operating systems from ISO and work on a particular system, especially the one that hasn’t installed any firmware on DOS. This software mainly works on a short utility.

download rufus for mac

As it happens that when you are about to create a virtual space directly in Mac and you do not have any software, it gives several hicks, that often leads you in trouble and finally you decide to give up before turning to companies or service store. But there are the majority of people who are now using an advanced process to format and boot the process to create bootable USB flash drive or other external storage devices on the system. Though it is not very easy for those who are technically shorthand, one of the finest and easiest method for the frequent or normal user of Mac or other operating devices.

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It does not matter about the size of the Rufus download bootable USD utility. As it will directly give you everything whatever you demand or want, you just need to ensure your demand. This is one of the faster software for Mac than all other software. It is the one advanced version which doesn’t need you to guide the way for installation, so you are all free and can run this program directly.

Generally, Rufus independently supports various bootable .iso files including Linux distribution, raw disk image, and windows installation on the .iso file. If there is any need, it will also install other bootloaders on to flash drive.

So when it comes to ISO imaging, user, need to burn the DVD or CD. Also, it will not be very helpful if your computer does not have the facility of CD or DVD drives or it is dysfunctional.

The use of USB increased when users came to know that it is one the lightweight and smaller equipment which is unexpectedly easy to carry, unlike any other gadgets or equipment which gives you space to make up your mind for it.

Most people prefer these smaller gadgets because there is very less number of chances of damage or destruction of the system’s hardware and it is quite safe to use.

Similarly, Rufus is the free app which is used to format and create a bootable flash drive like pen drives, USB keys, and other external storage devices.

Soon after downloading the software on your Mac, you can run the program without any formality of installation. If you search, there you will find scores of methods to create a bootable USB with Rufus Download. But their user has to mention the requirement also.

The demand of the Rufus rose recently after the sale of Mac shot in India in the last two years. Majority of users don’t know the download process of Rufus and they even don’t know how to create the virtual space or how to format and create the bootable USB flash drives. Later after the launch of this application, people took the training from service centers of Mac and other OS.

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While searching for Rufus, beware of making the choice, as there majority of other platforms which may attract you for the easiest way to create a USB flash drive. But Rufus download is completely dedicated to Mac.

Creating a Bootable USB with Rufus

  • The user needs a Mac computer which has Windows latest versions like XP or later.
  • Download the Rufus, the .iso file which you are in need to install
  • A flash drive which has the minimum capacity of 8GB

A way to start it

  • Taking the first step towards with these requirements, begin the process of bootable USB creates by using the Rufus.
  • Coming to another step, download the advanced or latest version of Rufus on your Mac and connect the USB flash drive. It is also giving you an independent option for the flash drive you want to create that specific boot file.
  • There is a major feature in Rufus which Rufus is known for and it is that if you haven’t copied the files from the USB drive on your Mac, and then ensure to copy them first because this application will surely delete your data available on your USB.
  • Now taking a step advanced or next level, ensure to open the Rufus download bootable USB app and select your USB drive.
  • Now follow the further step to select the ISO image on your Mac, you are going to use with Rufus download.
  • After finishing the process of Rufus, you are ready to use your flash drive.

Thus you can get Rufus for Mac by following the above easy steps.

History of Rufus

This was initially released in December 2011 with the official version 1.0.3 with MS-DOS support. However, there were other simplified versions, which were used by early users of FreeDos and MS-DOS.

Available in various languages

Now there are lots of versions of Rufus available and one thing which is one of the most demanded of all time is the language bar. So you will find the Rufus in your own language. But when you start searching about Rufus, it will initially show you the Hebrew version, which is commonly and most downloaded and has been rated highly globally. This has been followed by the English language. People from various countries have downloaded this application to create bootable flash drives in English. The number of downloads in English stood on its second position with high grossing and rating worldwide.

As the application is free with amazing feature and troubleshoot, if anyone demands you the charge, you may directly ignore the words and move forward to install Rufus. Nowadays, people take tutorials for Rufus download online in order to make it simple. The tutorials are being provided by the company without taking any cost. You just need to own a Mac OS.

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