Creative Uses for Caster Wheels in Home, Office and School

When you think about caster wheels, you probably imagine desk chairs and food carts, but they can be used for much more. Not only can you purchase items which are already mobile in this way, you can also buy replacement wheels or add some to items you already have. Whether you are trying to improve the flow of movement in your home, office or school, there are a variety of wheel assemblies available to meet your needs.

Creative Uses for Caster Wheels in Home, Office and School


Just about anything that you need to be mobile around the house can be fitted with phenolic caster wheels. You will want to check the weight of the item and what each type of casters are rated to handle, but you can put these wheels on furniture, carts and totes to make vacuuming and organizing easier. Wheels on toy bins can also make it easier to store items out of sight and yet easily accessible for when the kids want to play with them.

It is also useful to have casters for those odd pieces of furniture that you do not know what to do with. For example, if you have a tv stand which is too small for your current unit, then you can put it on wheels and turn it into a cart or kitchen island.

If you like to watch TV while eating in your living room, it would be great to make your chairs and tables more mobile with caster wheels so that you can move them easily as per your comfortness.

If you have pet in your home then you can easily make movable bed for pets using caster wheels. Apart from it, you can make a suitcase with blankets or pillows added to the bottom. That’s how you can make a comfortable bed for your pets.

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Almost all people use trash can on daily basis. These trash can get quite heavy when you pile them with trash and debris. If you add caster wheel to the bottom of those tash can then you can easily move around those trash cans.


Making office furniture and accessories more mobile can help you set up presentations, booths at trade shows and much more. Just having a simple wheeled cart can help maintenance teams gain access to panels and plugs easier, turning what is normally a team job into one that a single person can handle. It is a good idea to have a stock of these items, and their various parts, to help with repairs around the office as well. Its great to have office chairs movable so that office workers can move around without having to stand up. If you install caster wheels on those chairs then it will give freedom to put that chair in the side of the room so that there is more space in the office at the end of the day.


Schools of all types need to be flexible with tools and equipment so that every inch of space can be used or modified for a variety of purposes. Attaching caster wheels to organizational items like bookcases or dramatic play furniture can help transform a classroom into a stage or vice versa. You can even find casters with locking mechanisms to keep them in place more securely around rambunctious children.

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Having the ability to change the flow of traffic through your space is very important whether you are talking about your home, your office or your school. With caster wheels, you can make these changes more easily and as needed instead of trying to find enough people to help with the heavy lifting.


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