Guide to Change PLDT Fibr Admin Password and Why You Should Change it?

Are you PLDT Fibr WiFi subscriber? If yes, then I would suggest you to keep on reading this article. If you don’t know about the vulnerability of PLDT WiFi then let me tell you that PLDT WiFi can be easily hacked by PLDT Hacker. So, it is highly recommended to change your PLDT Fibr WiFi password just after installing it.

Keep in mind that PLDT Fibr Admin password is different from PLDT Wifi Password. Here we are talking about Admin password which is actually the router’s password. This password is needed when you log in to your PLDT router’s dashboard.

Why Do You need to Change PLDT Fibr admin password?

There are two main reasons to change your PLDT Fibr admin default password. We are enlisting them below:

  1. Security – It is always recommended to keep a strong password to enhance security your login. It’s not just for PLDT Fibr Admin password but also other sites like social media account etc. Keeping the default password is very risky as anyone can hack your PLDT WiFi and other than hacking, the person who has installed it know your password. Which is not right at all. If you change the password then you can be sure that you are the only one who knows the password. Let me tell you one more thing that PLDT generates exactly the same admin passwords for each router that has the same brand and model, respectively. SO changing password is more secure and safe.
  2. Make it Easy To Remember – If you keep default password and try to remember then it will be very difficult. Personalized passwords are always good and you can easily remember them because they are generated by you. You can add variations to your password according to your need. I will suggest you use a combination of alphabets, numeric and special characters.
  • Various Types of Home Fibr admin account & how to change each password

      1. Fibr Super admin password  – If you have this account on your PLDT Fibr then you won’t find an option to change the password of this superadmin account. This account has got very limited settings but crucial to our router’s accessibility.

how to change pldt fibr password

     2. Fibr Adminpldt account password – You can find an option to change the password on this account. This account allows you to add additional adminpldt user level account.

how to change pldt fibr password

If you want to change the password on Fibr adminpldt account you need to login into your router. Follow the below steps in order to change the password.

  • Open a browser in your PC and type the I.P address
  • Now go to Management Tab and then click on Maintenance.
  • Now type your Old password or default password.
  • Next, type new password and again type the new password to confirm it.
  • Now, click on Apply.

    3. Admin Password – This is the most common admin account and password. This is not only for Fibr but also available on DSL users. If you want to change the Fibr basic admin password you need to:

how to change pldt fibr password

  • At first, go to using your browser.
  • Now, enter your login details.
  • Now, go to the Management and then click on the User account.
  • Next, you need to enter your password and then click on Apply.
  • Voila, your password has been changed

So, this was our step by step guide to change PLDT Fibr Admin account password. In case, if you faced any problem or you have any query regarding this guide then you can ask us in the comment section.

Guide to Change PLDT Fibr Admin Password and Why You Should Change it?
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