Bypass Samsung Pangu Guide || Pangu FRP Bypass Apk [2019 Update]

If you have any Samsung device which is stuck on FRP bypass lock and you are looking for a solution to unlock your device, so that you can get access back to your device then you are at the right place. It might be possible that you are facing FRP lock screen and you have forgotten your Google Account credentials. If yes, then you don’t need to worry because we have posted a detailed and step by step guide to FRP Bypass Apk Download. You just need to follow the steps carefully in order to bypass Samsung pangu download.

It might be possible that people around you suggest you reset your device. But there is no surety that you will get your device back after resetting. Most of the time, people get FRP locked screen even after resetting their device. So, it’s not a good move to do the hard reset on your Samsung device. Because you will lose your data and no surety that you will bypass Samsung FRP. So, instead of resetting your device you can try to download FRP Samsung Google Bypass apk, and it will get you to access back to your device for sure. In case, if it does not work for you then may give a try to Google Account Manager Android.

bypass samsung pangu

What is Bypass Samsung Pangu

Pangu bypass FRP apk is a tool which let you help bypass FRP security feature. Google released Google Account Affirmation as the second new security feature which they named as Factory reset Protection (FRP). In this, they added a security feature which does not let get access to your device other than you. If any person, other than you try to reset your device to get your data, then he will be asked to enter your Google account and password which he probably does not know. Thus, Google launched this security feature to enhance user’s security and privacy.

No doubt, that this feature is great and provides pretty much privacy and security to the user of Android but its also irritating when we forget our Google account credentials and stuck at FRP security screen. Or it might be possible that your Samsung device got theft and you got it back but now it’s reset and stuck at FRP security screen. In this situation, you can use the Samsung firmware pangu to back your device back to you. You just need to Samsung frp bypass apk download in order to Samsung bypass pangu. In case, if your custom binary is blocked then you should read our guide to Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock.

Features of Pangu Bypass FRP Apk

Bypass Samsung Pangu apk does not work only on Samsung device but also works smoothly for Motorola, Micromax, Lenovo, MTK, SPD devices and many more devices.

Download Bypass Samsung Pangu

To install bypass Samsung pangu apk follow steps:

  1. Download Realterm software to make a call.
  2. Install it and then open it.
  3. Now make a call.
  4. Here swipe dial pad and open chrome.
  5. Download bypass Samsung pangu apk from the download button.
  6. Now open this apk once the download is completed.
  7. Install pangu apk on your device’s storage.
  8. Now open Samsung FRP bypass tool.
  9. Here enter any google account in the browser.
  10. Now you need to just restart your device.
  11. Now you are ready to use your device.

Download Samsung Pangu

Pros of Samsung FRP Bypass Tool

As we have already mentioned that FRP Samsung Bypass Apk helps you to unlock FRP security.

  • Pangu FRP Bypass Apk works well for all Samsung device very well.

Cons of Bypass Samsung FRP Tool

No doubt that this FRP unlock tool is best for FRP security bypass, but also, it has one demerit which we are  mentioning below

  • If you want to use pangu FRP bypass apk Samsung, then you need to have an OTG cable with a pen drive and PC.  So, if you don’t have one OTG cable or PC then, you can’t use this apk.


We hope that this guide helped you unlocking bypass any Samsung google account lock apk download. If you are facing any problem regarding Samsung FRP lock remove then let us know in the comment section, we will try our best to solve your issue as soon as possible. In case, if this method does not work for you then you can Download Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk

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