Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Video Marketing

The use of fun, catchy product videos is a proven effective sales method and according to SupplyGem, It has now become a mainstream marketing strategy. However, its benefits for E-Commerce sites are still understated.

Though you see many product commercials on TV and the internet, it’s uncommon for E-Commerce sites to spread videos of their products. This is because video marketing is still viewed as TV commercial domain, not E-Commerce domain.

Now that consumers are shifting to online shopping, you should take advantage of video marketing in promoting your brand. When done right, product videos can effectively boost sales and increase customer retention.


The key to effective video marketing is to create videos that your customers will find helpful or interesting. No one would like to watch a product video that doesn’t give anything valuable to them. If you want to create the right video, then you have to learn first what your customers like to know about your products. You can start by knowing the types of videos and what or where you can use them for.

Types of Videos and How They Can Help With Your Business

  • Introductory Videos

The purpose of introductory videos is to let customers know about what your business or brand is all about. This type of video introduces your company, what you do, and how you can help them.

Catchy introductions work better at creating impact and spreading brand awareness. Introductory videos are best placed on your website’s About Us page and Homepage, where site visitors expect to learn about your brand.

  • Explainer Videos

Explainer videos focus on explaining what you do to serve your customers. This type of video should explain your business ideas and workflow in a quick yet comprehensive manner.

You can create different explainer videos for different areas of your business. This strategy works better for service providers rather than product sellers.

  • Product Features and Demos

Product features and demos focus on showing customers how your products can help them. For businesses that manufacture or sell home products and gadgets, creating product demos is a must.

Customers are more likely to buy your products if they know how easy it is to use them. If you explain the benefits and features of your products, it will help deepen brand recognition.

Product demos should be included on your site’s product pages. Creating separate landing pages for the demos will also allow you to share them via social media and other channels.

  • Tutorials and How-to’s

Customers don’t usually have the time to go through pages of product manuals to learn how things work. If you create tutorials and how-to videos for them, it’ll show that you care for them and they’ll like your brand even more.

How-to videos can be about anything. You can produce videos on how to clean the product, how to fix common problems, or how to replace parts. These videos can be featured on your site’s technical support page or a product page. Hardware and appliance suppliers will benefit more from this strategy.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

This type of video marketing involves the endorsement of your products by a third-party (past customers or field critics). Reviews focus on an honest evaluation of your product’s performance. It is best for products that are used for their material and functional performances, like sports gears and home appliances.

Testimonials, on the other hand, focus on proving that your products really work. It is best for products that are used for their effects on the user, like skincare products and health supplements.

This process can be tricky, but if it turns out well, it’ll help increase your product sales. You should feature these videos on your site’s dedicated testimonials page and product pages.

  • Comparisons

Comparison videos show and compare the features of two or more different products. The goal of this type of video marketing is to demonstrate how your product is better than those of your competitors. This is a bold move to make, but if your product has what it takes, then it’s worth comparing with other brands.

You can also use comparison videos for your own products. If you compare products within your brand, it’ll help customers decide which model suits them better. Many websites are now doing this, particularly gadget and appliance stores.

Whenever appropriate, you can produce as many product videos as necessary. Video marketing has just started to take root in E-Commerce, but it’s undeniably effective in driving sales. If you are eager to secure your business’ future, video marketing can help you beat the competition.

Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Video Marketing
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