Best Tips For Getting More Success in Guest Posting

Digital Marketing is the most trending and hot field right now. It’s all going digital day by day. Maybe a day will come soon when we won’t have to buy or sell anything by having any kind of real conversation.

It can be all done virtually (All hail to Mother Technology…).

So let’s start with the very basics.

What is a guest post?

Guest Post is basically where you contribute to an another person’s website to improve your connections,links or increasing your network’s traffic. It’s like doing someone else’s homework and getting chocolates for doing it.

In this article we are going to see Why Guest Posting really works.

So you have to first find out the opportunities for guest posting and you can find them from a Famous guru called as “Google Baba”. You can get any information from him.

Know what you are, who you want to target

It is of course a metaphor. But it’s important that that know your goal. You have to make sure of the audience you want to target. And then write the content for websites which accepts guest posts. Be sure that content is very good.

Three goals are there when you think about guest posting and those are:

Increasing traffic of your website

If your content is very good and you are a good blogger you can get a name in the industry.

And then getting backlinks to improve your SEO.

If your content is right it’s really not hard to achieve this goals. But you have to work hard for it. And that is why Guest Posting really works.

Search for opportunities:

Opportunities never come to your door knocking. You have to get out and search for them. So you will have to search for opportunities for blogging. Now since you have your target look for sites which have relevant content to the field you chose. Choose the sites that have more traffic and as well as that have social media presence.

So that you can also get more following.

So now you might have a question that where to find these sites?

Don’t worry. I will tell you.


As I mentioned earlier Google Baba has solution for your each query. Just ask him and he will give you all the information about the websites that are relevant to your topic. And you can also get to know about the people visiting that website as well as it’s media presence.

Guest Bloggers:

Make good relationships with people who belong to the same industry as you do.s o search for guest Bloggers and see the sites they are posting to. You can increase your contacts by doing this process.


Analyze backlinks from other websites and analyze how they got it. It will help you to get information about the requirements of websites that you are going to post on or it will in general get you through with the procedure.

Social Search

Social media is again the most amazing place to search for guest posting. There are many websites which have are influencers on social media. And they put up the requirements for guest posts on social media. And it will also help you to get in contact with other guest Bloggers.

Search for Bloggers:

It’s always give and take. So search for Bloggers who will post on your website. And that is also one way that you can pitch your post on different websites.

What are the Advantages of guest posting?

So let’s get to business now. How it is beneficial for you to have a guest post on any website. Why you should do it?

You get to meet people having same interests

It is very important that you have contacts from the industry you are working in. It’s the same deal in each and every industry. So guest posting will help you meet all this new people who has just started as well as those who have experience of years in the field. You can get to know their thoughts and you can share your thoughts with them.

You can build relationships

Bloggers are always looking for quality content. If your content is impactful it will not only benefit their website but will also benefit your relationships with other bloggers. You can increase your effect on social media. And can increase the traffic of your website.

It will help increase the traffic of your website

If your post is on a website with very high ranking it will definitely increase your website ranking as well as it is really useful for SEO.


In conclusion, just be very clear about your target audience and be very clear about your goals. Work really hard to achieve them. Search for the platforms which can give your posts And you talent complete justice.

Do give the websites good content so that you can have good relationships with people in the industry. And be sure to not to make any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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