Best Devices To Convert Any Home To A Smart Home

Smart homes are no longer a thing of sci-fi movies. Thanks to the recent boost in iOT (Internet of Things) there are now more options for intelligent home control than ever before.

There are LED bulbs that can change its lighting as per your mood, there are refrigerators that can notify when you run out of items and there also are smart temperature control devices that can adjust the room temperature depending on how you prefer it during the particular time.

If you are looking for the best products to convert your home into a smart connected home, then today we bring you a list of the best devices to help you get started.

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Top Smart Home Devices For Every Household:

  • Amazon Cloud Cam

Home security is one of the key areas where smart devices have excelled a lot and the Amazon Cloud Cam is one of the best offering available right now.

The Amazon Cloud Cam costs $120 and offers Full-HD live feed with free storage for clippings up to 24 hours and also offers notifications when motion is detected, however, this feature is restricted to subscribers of Amazon cloud.

The performance of the Cloud Cam is reliable and the installation and usage are also very easy. The 24-hour storage is something that keeps the Cloud Cam unique and highly preferable.


  • SmartThings

SmartThings is the best starter kit for home automation. For a price tag of $300, users will receive a kit which includes different sensors. Just connect the sensors to any device of your and you will then be able to control them using the SmartThings iOS app.

The use of SmartThings hub is not restricted to the sensors, there are many other smart devices that are compatible with SmartThings and the application can be used as a hub to remotely control the connected devices and also to create a medium for connected devices to talk to one another.

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  • CURB

CURB is a $399 worth home energy monitoring system that needs to be connected to the circuit breaker panel of your home. Once connected, you will be able to monitor the energy consumption in real-time and also will be able to find the consumption per appliance with the help of the companion app, which supports both Android and iOS.

CURB is also solar-ready meaning the system can also calculate and find the amount of solar energy produced in your home. Not just that, CURB is also compatible with other smart home control devices like SmartThings so as to offer you more control over appliances in order to reduce electricity consumption.

Also, if you are a Tesla owner, then you can also find how much electricity is actually consumed for charging up your car.

Final Words

We have tried to cover smart home control devices that can be great for people trying to transform their regular home into a smart connected home.

If you are using some smart home control devices other than the ones mentioned here, then do share their reviews as comments below.

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