Best Computer Speakers Under $100

Listening music don’t have any other alternative. Music is the best source to release your stress. However, people, these days are preferring more headphones and earphones to listen to music because that gives you benefits of listening music without disturbing others. But what if you’re not a headphone person and you like to hear music through speakers.

best computer speakers

Listening to music through speakers seems very old fashioned these days, but I believe that listening music through speakers is the best way to listen music. And that is kind of dipping into a deep well because you don’t get any good quality speakers with a handful of money to enjoy music.

Speakers are very expensive and especially the ones with good sound quality. I know that your in-built speaker of your computer and laptop really sucks and doesn’t satisfies you at all

But, today in this article, I’m going to give you a solution of that problem by providing you some options of speakers which are great at quality, and are cheap too. The speakers I’m going to mention in this article will be priced below $100.

So let’s get started with the list of that best speakers under the price of $100. Here is the list.

Best computer speakers under $100 –

1. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers –

Bose Companion Series 2 comes from one of the most reputed speakers manufactures in the world. Bose is sealed with trust and great quality. Same goes to these speaker set. By using the auxiliary input, you can connect any device and enjoy the music. The auxiliary input is located at the front below the audio know using which you can control the volume of your music.

The speakers don’t support an in-built woofer, but the bass cover up the spot quite well. It’s mixed perfectly with mid-range and high-range sound quality. For the amazing quality and sound quality all you have to pay is $99.

2. Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II –

Creative is known for making high quality speakers at an affordable price. As you see in the picture the look of the speakers is unique, but trust me guys that this speaker set sounds great. The Creative speaker set is priced just $89. The controls are at the center of the right side speaker. Along with great sound quality and bass. This one was recently featured on

The sound which is produced by the speaker is crystal clear, and you will feel that you’re listening to the music from a high quality premium speakers. For a cheap price, good looks, and crystal clear sound, this speaker is a must buy.

3. AmazonBasics A100 –

These small sets of speakers are USB powered, and as the name suggests, the speakers are really basic and come at a price of just $14, yes you heard it right just $14. A basic on/off switch control and 3W of total power makes it a speaker with sound quality.

These speakers are not compatible for people who wants to big sound to break the glasses of your home, but it is actually made for people who are just looking for an alternative to in-built laptop or computer speakers and just mind their business with listening straight up music. For the cheap price buying, it will be a great choice.

4. GOgroove BassPULSE –

As you already saw in the picture, the USP of these speakers is the amazing blue colors look which makes it look really cool and simply beautiful.  These satellite speakers are capable of producing great quality of bass rich sound. It produces both high-range and mid-range sound quite successfully.

An affordable price makes these speakers a must buy. The robotic looking speakers steals people hearts by it’s looks only. Apart from blue, these speakers are also available in red and blue color. If you need a speaker for heart warming sound quality and of corse, for the looks you should definitely prefer GOgroove BassPULSE.

5. Logitech Speaker System Z313 –

Logitech Speaker Z313 comes to a super powered subwoofer and two sets of satellite speakers. The whole system comes with a power of 25 Watt which is more than enough to burst your ears with sound. The sound quality is impressive. Only one thing will bother you that the highest note of the speakers pitches flat which pretty much disappointing you.

And, the additional accessory which I loved so much personally is the control pod connected to the speaker which gives you full control over the speakers. That gives the speakers plus point as compared to others because at the time of any issue you don’t have to bend yourself to the subwoofer, but you can do all the things from the pod only.

6. Cyber acoustics sub woofer satellite system –

This speaker set is compatible with the people who need to have tremendous bass in their speaker and wants to kill it completely by the sound. It comes with a sub woofer cabinet and a 2 piece speaker set. These Speakers also has control pod as an accessory to control all the functions through the pod without bending towards the cabinet.

These speakers would be also very effective for watching movies or sports. To control the sound most for the speakers are equipped with knobs or buttons, but this one is equipped with as sound controlling wheel. So, to increase or decrease the volume you have to just use the wheel. Apart from that, the cabinet comes with an auxiliary input and headphone jack. And all of that you can get in just $50. For all the features and great sound quality, these speakers are a must buy.

Thus, was the list of top 6 speakers priced under $100.

Conclusion –

Finally, I have to say that you can choose any of those speakers to enjoy the unlimited entertainment of music. All of them have one thing in common that they are amazing terms of sound quality and performance, so, choose the speaker depending on your compatibility.


Best Computer Speakers Under $100
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