Best Android Apps for Protecting Against Privacy Risk

Today, social media and online services have become so vast that one can complete any task just by sitting at 1 place. Along with the advantages, there are some advantages also disadvantages also. The major drawback of online services is the privacy risk. Privacy risk means another person or outsider can get nexus access to your social accounts hacking your security keys or passwords.

To get rid of this problem it is important to have some apps that can protect your see online. Here in this article, we are sharing details about best Android apps that can help your privacy to be protected. we suggest you take a look over the information carefully. The below-given apps help you in getting a secure online service experience without any privacy risk. So let us get into the posts which can help you, maintain your privacy and data being from stolen online.

Best Android Apps for Protecting Against Privacy Risk

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Best Android apps for protecting against privacy risk

  1. ExpressVPN

If your Android device does not have the virtual private network installed then this is high time you should get it installed. While searching you will get thousands of free VPNs. Out of all those, the express VPN is the best and is worth getting in your Android device. ExpressVPN protects your data and private information from hackers, prying surveillance organizations that are willing to spy.

  1. Signal Private Messenger

It is a messaging service this on your privacy. There are an open source code and an end to end encryption available for all the text. Due to its best privacy-protecting features, it is considered one of the best privacy apps.

  1. ProtonMail

There are many popular email providers that do not have the end to end encryption. Protonmail is one of the privacy apps that act as more secure than other popular email providers. ProtonMail is an open source. The best benefit of it to be open source is that the code used in it can be altered according to the requirement.

  1. LastPass

In order to avoid the burden of learning so many different passwords, can use the method of using one password for multiple accounts. Having one password for multiple apps helps us in avoiding the recovery process again and again. But there is a problem in this approach that it takes on your account at risk. In such a situation, LastPass helps a lot. This app doubles up as a password manager. It stores all the personal data in a world that is secured.

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  1. Find My Device

Find my device app is similar to the app called find my iPhone. In case if you lost your Android device then you can use this app to locate it even if it is disabled. In order to use this app, you need to set up the view location information. Furthermore, you can also use this app to get a call back number on your screen when your phone is lost.

Hence these are some of the apps you can use to save your private data from getting hacked. These apps are also easy to download from the play store. All you need to do is to search the apps by their name and then hit on the install option available.

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