How to Become A Blockchain Developer?

One of the most difficult parts about scaling a technology is to find some proficient developers. This applies more to an emerging technology like Blockchain which is still in an infant stage. This is because there is a huge shortage of developers with knowledge in Blockchain. Blockchain application development company is working on great ideas to give this technology right direction.

This is substantiated by an article in TechCrunch which states that the shortage is so pervasive that there are 14 jobs available for each developer with Blockchain skills. The Blockchain space has seen an increase in “$/knowledge” ratio in the recent years but there is a flow of capital that outpaces the talent.

In this post, there are some guidelines on pursuing a career in Blockchain development. These are experienced developers who plan to make a career in Blockchain or novice developers who are making an entry into the marketplace. But before we go to the suggestions made by the experts, we must find out “Why to Become a Blockchain Developer?”.

Reasons for Becoming a Blockchain Developer?

When a developer pursues a career in Blockchain development, there are obviously certain advantages, and these are:

  • The role of the developer in Blockchain technology is similar to any other website developer and it has applications in all types of industries
  • Moreover, Jobs in cryptocurrency is fetching a median salary of $ 158,000 in Silicon Valley as stated by Computer World.
  • LinkedIn and UpWork have a surge in jobs related to cryptocurrency. The jobs in LinkedIn has increased 9.4 times in 2017 from what it was in 2014.
  • The blockchain is a technology that is hyped but it will have a revolutionary effect on various industries in the future and it cannot be underestimated

Next, we deal on  “What are the Skills and Knowledge?”.

What are the Skills and Knowledge?

As a Blockchain developer, you must acquire the following skills:

The Basics of the Blockchain Technology

First and foremost, you must concentrate on learning the basics. You must learn about the basic concepts on Blockchain and learn how it works. You must be introduced to the concepts of Blockchain and bitcoins.

Gain Knowledge of the Ethereum Platform

Ethereum is the most common of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Ethereum builds on the concepts of cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It is a distributed, fully decentralized developer network.

It becomes easier to master Ethereum if you know the similarities and the differences between Ethereum and the Blockchain. You must know how to start with Ethereum clients itself, the likes of Geth and Parity.

Learn Truffle and Solidity

In order to have a successful career in Blockchain development, you must be familiarized with both Truffle and Solidity. Truffle is an Ethereum framework and Solidity is the official Object-oriented programming language to write smart contracts in Ethereum. Truffle is CLI helper tool that makes developer’s life easier by adopting a faster development process.

Concentrate more on the Coding Skills for Dapps

If you want to develop decentralized apps (Dapps), it is better not to waste time behind Solidity. Solidity is not difficult to pick up. But, you must acquire knowledge on the other languages like C++, Python, and Java.

Front-end Development and Cryptography for Creating DApps

There are two parts to developing a decentralized app(DApp) – the front-end and the back-end. The front-end is developed with Java and HTML and is similar to that of building a website or a mobile app.

The back- end development is complex – requiring cryptographic functions. You need to be aware of cryptography, for developing the back-end. The most common languages used for back-end development are C # and C ++.

Distributed Ledger Protocols  

The most critical skills for the Blockchain developers is that of the distributed ledger protocols.

Now, we will find the resources from which we can gather the above skills.

Where to Learn From?

Networking enables the developer to exchanges ideas with fellow developers for the advancement of the above skills and searches for a job, through Slack, Reddit, and Gitter. You can attend some meetups to gather knowledge online.

You can learn the Ethereum concepts, taking help from GitHub, Lynda, and YouTube Videos. For the more recent training courses on Blockchain, you can explore Udemy, Coursera, and EdX. Coursera offers the Stanford course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course from Princeton.

The book on Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a good read for the developers to acquire knowledge on the Blockchain codes using C ++ and Python.


Companies can scout for Blockchain talents from private talent networks like Toptal – that make their work easier.

In the words of Vitalik Buterin, the Founder of Ethereum, there is a need to democratize the knowledge of the Blockchain developers and this can only be done with multiple companies employ the same talent. However, the easiest way to become a Blockchain developer is to work under the guidance of a buddy.


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