Apps of the future you need to install

We are used to waking up, having breakfast, spending every minute of the day and going to sleep with smartphones in our hands, and for all of these activities, we use different apps. Alarm clock in the morning, food apps for tasty recipes, schedule planning, and fitness-tracking apps – all of this is modern life. But what’s next? What is going to be in the future? Read below to find out the most incredible apps that will prove that the future is now and decide for yourself whether they make our life easier or developers already begin to run out of ideas about how to amaze the publicity.

apps of future

Best Apps You Need to Install Right Now


  • Baby cries translator


With an accuracy of 92%, the Infant Crying Translator application defines 4 reasons why a newborn baby cries: hunger, pain, feeling sleepy, or wet diapers. Over time, the accuracy decreases, but even when a baby is only 4 months old, it is still 77%. For the development of the application, the creators analyzed 200,000 records with the cries of newborns.


  • Immediate makeup for a selfie


YouCam Makeup application offers several options for instant makeup. The program easily recognizes facial features, adjusts to them, corrects minor skin imperfections, evens your skin tone, and tints eyes and lips.

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  • Bodo


With a holiday season approaching, the problem of finding last minute gifts for a girlfriend is crucial. This app has something for everyone; it cooperates with different companies and provides various amazing gift options such as a Thai massage, street racing, a trip to another city, or a tattoo certificate. It is about presenting emotions and making your loved one remember this gift for the rest of her life.


  • The League


One of the most secure dating apps. The process of approving your application (yes, you can be rejected here, which is a common thing) can take from several hours to days and months. The system has to verify your profile info. Yet when you become a full-fledged member of this closed society, you get access to tons of other intelligent people’s profiles. This is the future of dating.


  • How many steps are there in one cookie?


The Movesum application will mercilessly translate every cake we eat into the number of steps that we need to walk in order to get rid of the calories it had. On the other hand, measuring miles in cookies is quite funny. In the pedometer, you can also set a goal, for instance, a certain number of steps you need to walk per day.


  • Feeld


It describes itself as a place to “meet open-minded couples and singles near you,” making it the premiere app for so-called “unicorns.” In other words, it is a service for those who prefer open relationships. Feeld provides full data protection and guarantees an interesting experience.

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  • Good habits tracker


The Streaks app helps you form good habits and get rid of bad ones. Some of them, such as “drinking more water” or “spending time in the fresh air,” are already in the app; everything you need to do is add your own, for example, learn Japanese or walk your pet more often.


  • Moving the furniture in your room for you


Yes, augmented reality can be used not only in games but also for much more practical purposes. The IKEA application allows you to arrange the furniture in your virtual apartment.


  • Calories tracker


The Eat This Much – Meal Planner app will successfully replace your personal nutritionist. It will offer a daily, weekly, or monthly meal plan, depending on your personal parameters and the number of calories you want to consume, and will suggest specific recipes and portion sizes.

The service allows you to adjust food preferences. For example, if you do not like a product, suppose eggs, mark it, and the application will no longer offer you egg dishes.


  • No more asking what song was that


SoundHound can instantly recognize melodies played around. To identify the song and read the text, you need to press just one button. Unlike Shazam, this app does not need the music to sound professional; you can sing the motive yourself.


  • An app telling you when and what to do in cinema


Funny application RunPee will help you not to miss the important moments of the film if you suddenly need to visit the restroom. Or buy popcorn. Or urgently call. The program is synchronized with the beginning of the session, and the vibration signals tell you when you can exit without missing something as nothing important will happen in these few minutes anyway.


  • A spy-app that encrypts your messages


It is unlikely that the government is interested in you at the moment, but it is not a very pleasant thing to realize that your private correspondence can be read at any time without much effort. The Signal application is used by politicians and businessmen, it is recommended by special agent Edward Snowden and Time magazine.

As you can see, the future is now, so stay tuned and download the apps that amazed you the most!

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