Here’s What All You Need To Know Before Installing A Solar-Powered Home System

There is no denial when it comes to the fact that electricity from renewable energy sources is the future. One of the best renewable energy sources that are available in abundance in most parts of the world is solar energy and moving forward, it will definitely become a much feasible electricity source than traditional power systems that we use at our homes.

But before you install a home solar-powered system, there are a few things you need to know which will not only help you save up during the initial installation, but will also help in the long run.

Today we have compiled a list of important points that you should know before installing a solar-powered system at your home.

So, what all should I know before I install a solar-powered system in my home?


  1. Installing a solar-powered system does not cost a fortune

It is thought that solar-powered home systems cost a lot when it comes to initial installation and that it will take up to 10 years or more to get ROI.

Well, this was true a few years ago. Today, you can find government giving incentives to homeowners who opt for solar power, there are also different agencies that provide solar-powered home systems for lease and there also is community-owned solar-powered systems which will help in reducing the initial investment required.

To help you analyze the cost, the average household power consumption is rated at about 900kWh/month in the US. Considering all the government incentives and reduced price of solar components, the installation of a solar-powered system in a regular household will cost utmost $10,000.

Even at this cost, the return on the amount spent will take only a maximum of 6 years.


  1. Not every home can have an efficient solar-powered setup

The Photovoltaic technology that converts sunlight into electricity can make use of both direct as well as scattered sunlight. This is the reason why solar-powered home systems are recommended in most places around the world when it comes to going green.

However, for an efficient solar-powered system, there are other things to think about. Like the size of the area where you wish to have the solar system installed if there are any trees or other obstacles that can cover the panels once installed and so on.

All these factors are important because it ultimately decides the type of solar system installation that you would require and also how much power the system can generate.


  1. A look at the present and future electricity consumption can save you a lot

When you are opting for a solar-powered home system, it is also important that you make sure it can suffice all your present and future electricity requirements.

Analyze your previous electricity bills to get an insight into your peak annual electricity consumption and make sure that the solar setup you install can match the requirement.

Also, if you have plans to include more electric powered additions to your home, say an electric vehicle, you may also want to consider those before installing a solar setup so that no additional customizations are required in the near future.


  1. Always make sure that the components and installer you choose are the best

Solar panels have a lifetime of about 25 years or even more as there are no moving components. However, the lifetime generally depends on the pieces of equipment and installation. So always choose the best components and pieces of equipment like battery while installing the solar system.

Also, make sure that the installer you choose is certified. Find multiple installers in your area, review their works and quotes and if possible get in touch with others who have taken service from the installer.

You can also make use of online sources in order to find the best solar-powered system installer in your area.

Final Words

If you are interested in setting up a solar-powered system in your home, then the above-listed points are really important to you.

Apart from those, if you have any specific questions related to solar-powered home systems, then do feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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